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    Save Our Souls

    Dear Outland guilds,

    We are a pve guild of Outland.
    We raided for few months with a roster of about 30 people. We progressed through hyjal and BT until the council.

    Now a few people had stop...
  2. [H] >High pressure< recruits new italian players

    >High pressure<
    Outland - Horde

    We are a group of italian players working together our way to Illidan.
    We are looking for active players to strengthen our roster for T6 progress.

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    with an overgeared group you can bl + nuke the...

    with an overgeared group you can bl + nuke the boss. Not much skill required, almost no need to heal...

    with less equipped toons, you need to focus on adds and kill them at each spawn before...
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    Ehi thanks for tour answer. Let me abuse a...

    Ehi thanks for tour answer.

    Let me abuse a little bit of your availability: can you confirm also timing and day of the eventi?

    Thanks again!
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    Fishing race

    Hei dudes.

    I was wandering whether or not the fishing extravaganza in Booty Bay was working...

    In case, it should be from 2 to 4 PM every Sunday according to google. Is it confirmed?

    I love...
  6. (H) feral druid Lf casual PVE guild (EU based)

    Dear Guild Recruiters,

    I am an old TBC player; I am very social, mature (maybe a little bit too mature) and talkative.

    I hit the 70 in a small guild which just exploded, and managed to collect...
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