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    So after posting this, loot windows did start...

    So after posting this, loot windows did start opening but were empty...except! Once in Swamp of Sorrows I got fragments once on a dig.
    After that one loot, I tried for probably a couple of hours all...
  2. It used to work, I have several characters from a...

    It used to work, I have several characters from a couple years ago all up around 500 in Arch. Some patch or "fix" they applied broke Arch I guess. Great functionality here...
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    Is Archaeology broken?

    I'm coming back after a year plus hiatus and have several toons with 500+ Arch, when I survey and find the object and go to loot it, the loot window doesn't pop up and the item dissapears.
    It used...
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    PVP Vs PVE gear

    I'm trying to expand my knowledge of higher level gear, and read a fine piece on PVP gear explaining the power & resilience mechanics.
    I have a tailor and LW that I've crafted sets of armor for my...
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    Exp rates are all at 1?!

    I just started Arch on a toon and noticed skill is only going up 1 at a time.
    Not sure whats going on, according to announcements exp was dropping from x5 to x3 which seems to have happened a while...
  6. "Unknown unit" when trying to follow people

    Quite frequently when I try to follow a party member it says "Unknown unit". A friend of mine I group with on occasion gets this error also and does not allow following. Usually it's him following...
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