1. November 2, 2011

    Warmane: Frequently Asked Questions

    It seems people are asking more and more questions every now and then. These questions are often repeated and most of them had already been discussed and answered. Therefore, I felt the need to make a single thread to address all the major/minor issues that players encounter on a daily basis. Now, instead of posting the same old question again and again, people just have to come on this thread, go to the appropriate section of the thread and see if the issue has already been discussed on the forum or not. I will try my best to keep this thread updated and add any new Questions/Resolutions in this thread as we go on. Thanks.


    1. Connection Issues
    2. In-Game Issues
    3. Website Issues
    4. Forum Issues
    5. Donation Issues
    6. General Issues

    Note: Please use your browser "Search" feature to search for keywords related to specific problems.

    Connection Issues

    [1.1] - I need to install World Of Warcraft so I can play on Molten realms. What to do?
    Follow the instructions mentioned below:
    • Get a Torrent downloader. This works great.
    • After you've downloaded the Torrent software, download this torrent and wait for it to complete. It's almost 16Gb.
    • Unpack the archive and change the contents in the file named "Realmlist.wtf". It should contain only this line: set realmlist logon.molten-wow.com
    • Once you've changed the realmlist, make an account on Molten Website and log in the game.
    • Make sure you use "WoW.exe" to start the game, instead of "Launcher.exe". Never use your email to log in game. Use your Molten account instead.
    • If you are still facing problems, make sure your game is patched up to 3.3.5a, since Molten only supports this patch.

    [1.2] - Why can't I log in to Molten-WoW server?

    Check the following before you try to login:
    • Make sure your realmlist.wtf contains only this line: set realmlist logon.molten-wow.com
    • Make sure the server isn't already down for maintenance. You can do that by inspecting the "Realm Status Bars" here.
    • Also see that your game is on patch 3.3.5a and you are starting the game with "WoW.exe" instead of "Launcher.exe".
    • Make sure your internet is working fine and isn't acting up.
    • Make sure your firewall isn't blocking your access to Molten-WoW servers.

    [1.3] - Why does my game ask for patch when I try to log in game?
    If you start the game using "Launcher.exe", your game will automatically go online and try to patch itself to patch 4.x.x. Since Molten servers only support patch 3.3.5a, it is advised that you don't update your game any further. Please use "WoW.exe" to start the game. Also, make sure you are not using your email to log in to Molten servers. Always use the Molten account information, to log in to Molten servers.

    [1.4] - Why does my WoW freeze at the loading screen?
    Sometimes, your World Of Warcraft acts up and keeps you from connecting to Molten servers. If you get stuck at the loading screen frequently, check some of the things mentioned below:
    • Make sure your internet connection isn't lagging and is good enough to play wow on it.
    • Also, check if there are any heavy programs running in the background, which may hog up the PC and destabilize your game.
    • Clear your cache by deleting everything in the "WTF" folder and try to log in again.
    • Use the website's "Unstuck Tool" to unstuck your character and try to log in again.
    • If nothing works, run the "Repair.exe" tool and log in afterwards.

    [1.5] - Why can't I find my characters in the character list?
    Check if your realmlist.wtf file has this line in it: set realmlist logon.molten-wow.com. Also note that a Database Cleanup recently wiped obsolete characters and accounts. Account's that were abandoned and weren't being logged in were targeted. Premium Accounts were not affected by this cleanup though. Remember, the accounts and characters that were deleted in this cleanup are not recoverable so, don't ask the Staff to recover them for you.

    [1.6] - Why does the server disconnects me when I am in queue or when I am logged in?
    The server is not responsible for all the disconnections. Sometimes, lag spike created by your own internet connection is the culprit. Timeout of a couple of seconds can kick you out of the game and remove you from the queue. Molten Staff cannot do anything regarding this issue so don't ask them. It's just a random thing that occurs sometimes.

    [1.7] - Why does my game say that my account is banned and why can't I log in?
    If you get a message that your account is suspended, please log in to the "Account Control Panel" on Molten Website and check the reason for the account suspension. Please do not appeal for ban's cause they are not appeal-able. However, you can use Molten Points to unban your banned character or opt to wait for the suspended duration.

    [1.8] - I can't connect to Molten servers. It says my password is incorrect. What now?
    You have to use this link to help you, reset your password.

    [1.9] - Besides the torrent, is there any other location from where I can download World Of Warcraft?.
    Yes there is. Use the links mentioned below to download World Of Warcraft 3.3.5a:
    Note: Make sure you scan the files for any viruses before you install the game, since the installer hasn't been tested. Also, make sure you change the realmlist.wtf to set realmlist logon.molten-wow.com


    In-Game Issues

    [2.1] - Why does my game lag?
    Your game could be lagging for a number of reasons. Some of which are being mentioned below:
    • Your internet connection is not up to speed and internet spikes could be causing that lag.
    • You have installed an addon that isn't supported by 3.3.5a. Always install compatible addons on WoW.
    • Connection timeout's can cause huge lag spikes.
    • You are downloading in parallel while playing World Of Warcraft. This unnecessary usage of bandwidth can also add to game lag.
    • In some cases, when people try to hack the server's mechanics, the server starts lagging and sometimes it crashes.
    • Sometimes, population load on the server's can also cause the game to lag. Molten Staff always takes server performance into consideration and tends to improve game server performance regularly.

    [2.2] - Why am I experiencing high latency?
    You could be experiencing high latency due to server load, connection timeouts or internet lag spikes. It is also possible that the server is experiencing some issues and it's not performing as intended. In such cases, please refrain from posting complain threads on the forum. Molten Staff always know about the servers performance and they try to keep the servers as stable as possible. Molten does have top of the class hardware and internet connection.

    [2.3] - My character is not running at its normal speed. Its very slow. Why?
    Sometimes when the player get a debuff from mobs or bosses, it sticks to the player for a while but cannot be seen. To get it fixed, try to kill your character and resurrect again. It's highly likely that your character would be fixed after that.

    [2.4] - I cannot see my chat. My Guild Chat\Party Chat\Raid Chat\Channels\Whispers are bugged. How to fix it?
    In order to fix channel problems, please make sure that you have already joined the channel. If you are not joined, use "/channelname" to join that channel.(Replace the channelname with the name of the channel eg Global, Lookingforgroup, Trade etc). If you raid/guild/party chat is bugged, use the "/reload" command. Or relog. It's highly likely that your chat will be fixed. If your chat still isn't foxed, remove any addons that might involve chat.

    [2.5] - I have made a ticket in-game for GameMaster's to read but no one's attending to it. Why?
    It is highly likely that your playing time, differs to the time when the GameMaster's come online. Since you need to be online in order for the GameMaster's to read your tickets, sometimes it takes a while to get your ticket's serviced. You can always PM a GameMaster on the forum to get some support. Also note that there are several tickets for the GameMaster's to service. It could take a while for a GameMaster to get to your ticket since the ticket's are serviced on a "First Come, First Serve" basis.

    [2.6] - I have joined a raid and I cannot see anyone in my raid. Why?
    It is possible that you are already saved to that instance and both you and other people do not share the same "Instance ID".

    [2.7] - When I try to login, I see that my account has been suspended. What happened?
    If you get an "Account Suspended" message when you try to login, please go to the "Account Control Panel" on the website and see the details of your Account suspension. Since you cannot appeal for any ban's, you can spend your "Molten Points" to get your account unbanned again. If you think your account was banned unjustly, I suggest you scan your computer with a good antivirus and clean any Virus, Trojan, Malware, Worm or other infestations out of your PC. I would also suggest to change your password every once in a while to keep your account safe from hackers.

    [2.8] - I was scammed off my gold and items by a player in-game. What should I do?
    I suggest to use this thread here for reporting in-game scammers. Make sure you don't trust people in-game too much. If you want to buy/sell anything in-game, do it through "Auction House" or "Cash On Delivery" mail system. Trade only with people you can trust.

    [2.9] - I just saw a hacker in-game. What should I do?
    Report hackers and people who exploit the game mechanics, here. Help Molten Staff get rid of this nuisance and make Molten realms a fun and safe place to play on

    [2.10] - I was in-game and a player just abused me/someone. What should I do?
    Report such activities and incidents to Molten Staff, on the forum. Make sure you have sufficient proof to verify your claim. A set of screenshot's should suffice.

    [2.11] - I cannot enter doors in-game and I am not mounted either. What should I do?
    You have mounted off apparently, but in the game you are still mounted. Please relog to fix this issue.

    [2.12] - I died in-game and now I cannot find the spirit healer. What should I do?
    Please use the website's "Unstuck Tool" to unstuck and revive your character to life. Log in the game after that

    [2.13] - Someone has hacked my account and I cant seem to login. What to do?
    Account security is your own responsibility. Please make sure you keep your accounts safe from lurking peers and never share your account credentials with anyone. Molten Staff cannot do anything about your account if it gets compromised due to your negligence.

    [2.14] - I was to get exalted with the "Sons Of Hodir" reputation. How do I do that?
    Simply follow this guide to get yourself exalted with the "Sons Of Hodir".

    [2.15] - I cannot make a DeathKnight on the realm. Why?
    In order to roll a Death Knight on a realm, you need to have at least "1" lvl 55 character in your account for that realm. You cannot make your first character as a Death Knight.

    [2.16] - Where can I find Add-On's for 3.3.5a?
    You can find a very splendid listing of addons for 3.3.5a here.

    [2.17] - I cant seem to see some channels like LookingForGroup, Global or Trade. What to do?
    If you can't seem to see any of the channels, use the following commands to join those channels.
    • /join global
    • /join lookingforgroup

    Also, if you still can't see that channel, please quit your game and clear your cache by deleting the contents of "WTF" folder.

    [2.18] - I can't see my chat. It seems that it is bugged. What to do?
    If you can't see your own chat in global,guild etc, you need to relog and if that does not work for you; please clear your cache and try disabling any chat addons, you may have installed previously. If you still can't see your chat follow the instructions given below:
    • Right click the "General" tab above the Chat pane, in-game and select "Reset Chat Windows".
    • Type /console reloadui.

    [2.19] - I experience lag ingame. What's the problem and what is Molten doing about that?
    You can read this thread from Kaer, for information about lag and the efforts done my Molten-Team regarding this issue.

    [2.20] - I like to MultiBox. I want to know, is it legal to multibox on Molten Servers?
    Yes. It is perfectly legal to multibox on Molten servers. You can multibox on any of the molten servers.

    [2.21] - I am experiencing lag ingame. What are the reasons behind the lag and what can I do to help it?

    Some of the reasons for in game lag may include:
    • Downloads running in parallel with the game and consuming a chunk of your total bandwidth.
    • An internet router that's not properly configured and is over buffering.
    • Using a low bandwidth internet which isn't suitable to play online games.
    • Using a wireless router with below standard transfer rates and poor performance.
    • Improperly configured operating system.

    If you experience lag regularly everyday, at the same time then; this might be a result of throttling. This means that your ISP adjusts bandwidth allowances to control and limit network strain. But since they are limiting bandwidth for specific type of data movement, you might not experience degraded internet speed, when you are browsing the internet. This does not mean that your ISP isn't limiting your bandwidth.

    People say that they can play fine on retail servers without any lag and when they switch to Molten, they start to lag. The reason is that Blizzard's retail realms are hosted on multiple servers, which are located in different parts of the world. When you connect to retail, the server nearest to you gets connected and you merely feel any lag. Additionally, ISP do have the tendency to throttle traffic for specific clients and for specific type of data. Whereas on Molten, our servers reside at a specific location which might be closer to one person and farther from another. It's not anyone's fault that you aren't close enough. Molten always tries to choose the best route possible, so majority of our players can benefit from it.

    When we talk about things you can do to help it, we can surely try out some of the fix's and workarounds i.e.:
    • Make sure there isn't an issue regarding a recent performance upgrade or fix. When this happens, Molten-Staff keeps the community and all the players updates about the status of the servers. Also, make sure it isn't server lag. For instance, when it's time for "Arena Flush" or "Raid Lockout Reset", the server tends to lag for everyone. You can find out if the server is lagging for everyone by observing the global channel. Usually, you will see people mentioning the lag in the global channel. If it is server lag, try to bear with everyone.
    • Try using a wired connection, instead of using a wireless one. Sometimes, even though you are getting 100% signal reception on your PC, wireless connections often tend to loss packets due to interference in the air which causes lag spikes.
    • Make sure nothing else is running in parallel to "World Of Warcraft" and consuming chunks of precious bandwidth. Watch for Torrents,Windows Updates and also check out the activity of peers who share your router.
    • You can try resetting your modem and your router. Follow the instructions to do that:
      • Unplug both your router and your modem. Leave them for 5 minutes for reset.
      • Reboot your PC.
      • Plug in your modem and wait for the connection to establish.
      • Plug in your router.

    • You can also try and delete the "WTF" & the "Cache" folder, which is located at "C:\Program Files\World Of Warcraft\" folder; by default. Additionally, you can try disabling your addons and see it the lag disappears. Enable your addons one by one after that to catch the addon that's messing up your game.Please note that if you are mostly lagging in the Northerend region, try disabling the QuestHelper addon. It sometimes acts up and causes the game to lag.
    • You can try scanning your PC for viruses, trojans and malware. You can get a pretty awesome tool at www.malwarebytes.org and run a deep system scan from it. Often, you don't know what's running in the background and eating up your bandwidth. Observe what comes up and remove any infestations.
    • You can also try and update your drivers, if you cant seem to find the root cause of the lag. Please note that sometimes, older drivers tend to work more efficiently than the new ones. In that case, you might need to roll back to your older drivers.

    We just read what we can do to fix lag. Now, we will learn what we shouldn't be doing when we experience lag:
    • Under no circumtances, should you disrespect the Molten-Staff. They tend to provide us with optimum support and best services. It's not their fault you are lagging. Instead, you should just inform them about their issue via a PM on the forums or via an ingame ticket. They will take care of the rest. Make sure you don't make a post regarding lag and disconnections because it will be deleted.
    • You shouldn't spam on the forum or in the global channel. Others shouldn't be suffering along with you, if you start to lag for what ever reasons. Try to stay calm and figure out whats the root cause of the problem.
    • If you see that an announcement has been made by the Molten-Staff regarding game performance issues, you shouldn't flame or troll in that topic. Just read what's being said and wait till the issue has been resolved. Always remember, Molten-Staff work for free. They provide support services, to the best of their abilities. You cannot force them to do anything and you cannot command them. They always work for the betterment and for the improvement of our gaming experience.

    Credits: [2.21] Contributed By PwnBoxed.

    [2.22] - What is the gold cap for a player, on Molten-WoW?
    The gold cap or the maximum amount of gold a person can hold in a character is "214k".

    [2.23] - Does Sentinel-Anticheat also bans IP's?
    Sentinel-Anticheat rarely bans IP's. IP bans are carried out manually by GameMaster's and Administrators when needed.


    Website Issues

    [3.1] - I cannot seem to find the "Teleport Tool" on the website. Where is it?
    The "Teleport Tool" has been removed from the "User Control Panel" indefinitely. It wont be returning cause it was being exploited massively. Use the "Unstuck" tool but be informed, it has a cool down

    [3.2] - I want to spend Molten Coins\Vote Points but I can't find my character in the character list. Where did it go?
    People mistakenly select the wrong server tab from above, whilst in the Donation Shop\Vote Shop. Make sure you have selected the right realm before you select the character from the character list.

    [3.3] - I have logged in on the website but I cannot see any of the tabs on the UCP. What should I do?
    Refresh your webpage and try relogging. If it does not work, reinstall Flash Player. That might fix your problem.

    [3.4] - Apparently, I used my VotePoints to buy the wrong item. Can I undo what I did?
    Unfortunately not. You cannot get a refund for your misbuy. Additionally, Molten does not provide any sort of support for the VoteShop. Be careful next time, when you purchase item's from the VoteShop

    [3.5] - I bought an item from the VoteShop but it didn't arrive in my mail. What gives?
    Since Molten does not provide any sort of support for the VoteShop, unfortunately that item is lost if it does not come in your mail within an hour. Molten staff apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

    [3.6] - I cannot search for "2 Handed Weapons" in the Molten VoteShop. What to do?
    The filters for 2anded weapons is not set up yet. If you want to search for them, goto www.openwow.com and search for 2Handed Weapons, which drop in Ulduar. Once you get the name of the weapon, search that name here in Molten VoteShop.


    Forum Issues

    [4.1] - I want to change my forum name. How can I do that?
    You can change your forum name, once every "3 Months". Log in the Molten Site and use this link to change your forum name, when you are eligible to do it.

    [4.2] - I need to upload my avatar. How to do that?
    Follow this guide here to upload your forum avatar.

    [4.3] - How do I upload a picture as my signature?. What should I know about forum signatures?
    Go to the "User CP" and click on "Signatures", from the left. Make sure you are respecting the size limits of your forum signature. According to the Molten Forum Regulations, you should not exceed the size limit of "500x200" pixels for your signature. Read this thread from Leona, for more information on signature sizes.

    [4.4] - I am facing some problems on the forum. Who can assist me?
    The Molten Forum Moderators are always online and often help people on the forum. Please PM a Moderator and ask for help. They will surely come forth to help you to every extent.

    [4.5] - Someone is violating the Forum Rules. What should I do?
    Click on the triangle with the "!" mark, just below the posters avatar. It will open up a new page where you can report the player and his post.

    [4.6] - I don't see the logout button on the website. How Do I log out?
    See the image below. The circled icon is the logout icon

    [4.7] - I have found a bug in game. Whom should I tell?
    Report each bug discovered ingame, in the Bug Tracker. Make sure the bug hasn't already been reported. Molten Staff will get the bug fixed in due time.

    [4.8] - I was told that my signature violates the forum signature guidelines. What to do?
    You can follow this guide by Leona, for information about signatures.


    Donation Issues

    [5.1] - I need to transfer my Molten Coins to another account. How can I do that?
    You cannot transfer coins from one account to another. Please don't PM any Staff regarding this issue

    [5.2] - Where did AlertPay go?
    AlertPay has some issues it needed to resolve. Molten has discontinued services from AlertPay, until all issues in AlertPay have been resolved.

    [5.3] - MoneyBookers is not accepting my credit card when I fill in the form. What to do?
    Sometimes, Moneybookers tends to act up for no obvious reason. Wait if it's not accepting your credit card and instead of making an account on Moneybookers, please use the "One Time Payment" method to donate and get over with it. Its much convenient that way.

    [5.4] - Moneybooker has banned my account and blacklisted my credit card. What to do?
    Sometimes, Moneybooker's blacklists credit cards in suspicion of fraud. E-Mail the support team from Moneybooker's and tell them what happened. If you can't donate through Moneybooker's, there is nothing Molten Staff can do to help you out. You, yourself will have to resolve the conflicts with Moneybooker's

    [5.5] - When I log in my account, it says my account is frozen. What happened?
    When Molten Staff detects or suspects any fraudulent activities with donations from your account, they freeze the account until you resolve your issue with the Molten Management. You will have to contact Molten Staff through [email protected].

    [5.6] - Someone just bashed me cause I am a donor. What should I do?
    Report such incidents to Molten Staff. Use this link here to do that. Don't get back at the player yourself or you could be held guilty of player abuse too. Make sure you have enough proof to verify your claim. A set of screenshot's should suffice

    [5.7] - I accidentally returned the donated item I just got in mail. Now what?
    Wait for it. It will come back in your mail after a while. If it does not, make a ticket ingame or PM a GameMaster on the forum.

    [5.8] - Is there any other way other than Moneybookers to donate for Molten?
    At the moment, there is no other way to donate for Molten besides Moneybookers & GoogleCheckout. Something else might be added as a means to donate here. Please be patient.


    General Issues

    [6.1] - I need to transfer my character from one server to another but it seems, I am unable to do that. Why?
    Transferring characters from a "High Rate Server" to a "Low Rate Server" isn't possible. For example, you cannot transfer your character from Ragnaros to Frostwolf. Make sure you are not trying to do the same. Additionally, sometimes in order to maintain balance amongst the populations of the server's Staff removes the option to transfer to a realm. It's for the greater good of Molten-WoW.

    [6.2] - Can I bring characters from other servers to Molten servers?
    No. You cannot do that.

    [6.3] - I need to contact Molten Administration. How can I do that?
    In order to contact Molten Administration, you can use the following mentioned contacts:

    Payment Support: [email protected] (All donation related matters)
    General Support: [email protected] (General inquiries and issues)
    Head Game Master: [email protected] (Inquiries related to in-game support)
    Webmaster: [email protected] (Website related inquiries)]

    Inquiries related to gameplay must be addressed by opening an in-game ticket
    Vote System is a granted benefit provided "as-is" and is not eligible for support.

    [6.4] - I need to change the email, linked to my game account. How can I do that?
    If you are a Premium member, you can make a "Premium Ticket" and you will then be assisted in this regard.

    Last Updated: Monday, March 26, 2012

  2. December 7, 2011
    New to World Of Warcraft?. Read this...

    Where do I start with to have an edge in this game and make it fun for myself?
    You can't have an edge on other players in this game, until you've mastered this game. For starters you need to look at what you need to do in the beginning:
    • You need to download the game in order to start playing it. Please look at this thread and read point number [1.1], to start playing on Molten Servers.
    • Once you've downloaded and logged in to the game, you need to roll a player character to start playing. For that, you have 2 factions, within each faction you have races to chose from:
      • Horde
        • Blood Elf
        • Tauren
        • Orc
        • Troll
        • Forsaken
        • Goblin (Due in Cataclysm)

      • Alliance
        • Human
        • Draenei
        • Dwarf
        • Night Elf
        • Gnome
        • Worgen (Due in Cataclysm)

    • After you've selected the race, you need to select the class you want to play. The classes are listed below. Mind you that you are able to choose selected classes, on selected races. So, if you want to play a specific class, you might need to change the race first. The classes are:

      Note:You can click on any of the above classes to go to their specific threads. There you can find or start discussions, if you have any issues or just want to know about your class.

    • Once you have selected the race and the class, you need to log in game and start leveling. In order to level, your primary goal is to complete as many quests you can. Quests are in game missions that are handed over to you by NPC's (Non Player Charters) and after you've completed those quests, you are given an amount of experience. Upon achieving a specific amount of experience per level, your level increases. So in order to get from level 1 to level 80, you need to do quests given to you. Mind you that not all quests grant experience. NPC's which have a "!" mark on top of his head, has a quest for you which will grant you experience. A NPC which has "?" over his head, is the one to which you have to go to complete an already taken quest. Also note that you might need to kill creatures in you way to questing, which will grant you a small amount experience too. Now in short, you need to complete quests and kill creatures to get your character to level 80.
    • Once you are level 80, you need to get into instances and dungeons with similarly interested groups to get gear. Gear is referred to as in-game items that drop from bosses and NPC's which you can wear to increase your character statistics like Mana, Health Points, Attack Power etc. Remember that you have to give priority to specific type of gear and weapons, your character needs to equip. For example, Warriors need to equip Plate Armor and can equip Swords, Axe's, Maces, Polearms, Fist Weapons. Warriors can also equip Staves and Daggers too but this does not mean they should. Other classes have priority to such items. For more information, you can always ask people on the forums or in-game.

    How do I learn the rules on how to play this game?
    Before you start playing the game, I honestly suggest you read and understand the "Rules & Regulations", which will not only help you to get a better understanding of what is allowed and what is not but, it will also assist you if you need to find out if someone is breaking rules or not. Golden rule is, be polite and helpful always.

    How different is pvping is this game to runescape?
    Runescape PVP is not as extensive as "World of Warcraft PVP". You have multiple battlegrounds here, where you can test your PVP skills. Arena's and World PVP all bring you some intense and ecstatic PVP experience.

    How do I start? Not meant by downloading but by how do I start to adapt quickly to this game?
    You can read a couple of guides, I am linking below. If you read them, you will have enough idea to start playing the game. The rest, you can learn on the way.

    Is there money or anything to earn in this game to buy items ingame or armor or anything?
    There is in-game gold which is the primary currency to buy and sell items. You get gold when you kill NPC's, Complete quests and do instance and dungeons. You will need gold to learn abilities, get items from the Auction House and buy stuff from other players. You don't need much gold to start and level. You will need a lot of gold after you've hit level 80 though. But if you want gear, you need to do raids and instances because most of the good gear drops from mobs and bosses. Also note that you should vote for Molten because, you can then buy good gear from the VotePoints you've earned from voting. Read this guide for Voting.This gear will get you enough geared so you can start doing higher and more difficult raids.

    Any beginners guide's?
    You can find some help, from the links below:

    For leveling your character, you can use the following leveling guides:

    For "World Of Warcraft" abbreviations, you can follow this substantial guide because you will get lost in that jungle of abbreviations :).

    If you aren't sure of which class to use, read this guide to get a better understanding of the gameplay of that class and the difficulty level.

    Plus, you can read the Molten FAQ, for any questions that you may have. You can also post here in the Support section and we can try to help you out. Welcome to Molten and enjoy your stay.

  3. February 17, 2013


    Hey molten ,
    Every time I log in I get error and it cancels my log in .
    I put the correct realmlist and everything is up to day , WHAT SHOULD
    Please help ASAP i want to play arleady!!
    Thanks in advance

  4. March 26, 2013
    Hey molten ,
    Every time I log in I get error and it cancels my log in .
    I put the correct realmlist and everything is up to day , WHAT SHOULD
    Please help ASAP i want to play arleady!!
    Thanks in advance
    im having the the same problem i get stuck at connecting and then the game just says unable to connect, i tried re-installing which was a pain in the *** since i also had to delete and re-install majority of the files in the mail download after ward before wow would even open properly. . im only having this problem with the cata version, the WoTLK version opens fine

  5. March 26, 2013

    log in problem..

    when i try to log in, i put in my molten acct stuff, it says connecting, then says unable to connect, please try again later. idk if im doing something wrong or not. (realmlist is set to molten, patch is at 3.3.5) any help please?

  6. March 28, 2013

    i can not log in

    I can not log in it says success but nothing happens. 've tried all realms but none work for me. :(:(:(

  7. April 2, 2013
    I log in normally, but when i try to select a realm only Warsong appears at the available list. Any ideas about what i should do?

  8. April 2, 2013
    I log in normally, but when i try to select a realm only Warsong appears at the available list. Any ideas about what i should do?
    That's because Warsong is the only 4.3.4 realm to this date; others are 4.0.6. You can either wait for 4.3.4 on others or download 4.0.6 client.

  9. April 17, 2013

    pandas everywhere ><

    Dear staff hello,

    I'm new to motlen and I'm trying to find the solutions I seek but I fail miserable so please excuse me if this have been asked before

    I'm trying to install Cata using this guide
    but when v4.0.012911 downloading is done, instead of cata installer it pops up the pandaria one, so I'm asking if this should be patched manually and if you could be so kind to link me to a guide with the patches needed.

    I also tried the fast version from this guide

    and it works I managed to get in and start playing while it downloads the game, but many quests are bugged and I don't know if this problem will be fixed when the game is fully downloaded or I need to do something else to make the quests work

    thank you in advance

    EDIT: I found the patches I was seeking (so no need to bother with my comment)

  10. April 25, 2013

    Un-ban cost

    I really dont know why did i get banned (for 30 days). How many points does it cost to un-ban?

  11. May 3, 2013
    I really dont know why did i get banned (for 30 days). How many points does it cost to un-ban?
    100VotePoints to decrease your ban time.

  12. May 3, 2013
    100VotePoints to decrease your ban time.
    it's actually 10 points per day, and it's only for sentinel bans, and i don't believe sentinel bans for more than 10 days, 30 days is most likely a gm ban and it can't be reduced.

    you can read all about it here

  13. May 25, 2013

    login error

    when i am logged in it says that i need to patch it when i click restart it brings me back to the llogin screen.
    even when i do it whit WoW.EXE.
    can you please help me?

  14. May 26, 2013
    hi . i left game for one year and when i back i found that i cant logon my account idk if i lost password or it Stolen so i tryed to change my pass and i used my email to rest my pass and sent the rest to my Email but when i use my Email it say that Pass rest have been sent but NOTHING Resave at my Email so i wait for one day but nothing happen so what i can do ?? :( :( :( :( :(
    Have you checked your junk mail folder? Sometimes that helps :)

  15. June 12, 2013
    [6.4] - I need to change the email, linked to my game account. How can I do that?
    If you are a Premium member, you can make a "Premium Ticket" and you will then be assisted in this regard.

    How do i make a premium ticket? is it any different to a normal ingame ticket?

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