1. November 30, 2011

    [Guide] Feral Druid PvP

    Osup, I came on the forums for the first time, and saw there was no Feral PVP guide, so here's mine. I've been playing druid since Vanilla, and I have extensive experience in 2's/3's with almost every class combination. :3 Lets get started, mkay? If you're looking for something more advanced and arena based, try my Feral/Disc guide here: http://forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?t=115552 And if you want something that cover's duels, try this: http://forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?t=115733

    Gems: I really dont give enough ****s to match socket bonus', but if you do, hey, to each his own. But in the grand scheme of things, what little stats you gain by doing this, don't make much of a difference. Just remember, 5% hit, at least 75 Spell pen, and the rest is all Agility OR Arp. Not both Agi and Arp, one or the other, we'll discuss why later on. My suggestion, for lower teir Arena/BG's, just go Agility.

    Spec: A basic Shred spec here: http://wow335.gamestool.net/druidt.p...00000000000000 This is the more offensive damage output orientated spec. It offers High burst if you can get your shreds off consistently, and is for players who are more experienced with having to get behind people.

    http://wow335.gamestool.net/druidt.p...00000000000000 This is a basic Mangle Spec. For players who are new to Ferals and just want to get accustomed to the play style.

    http://wow335.gamestool.net/druidt.p...00000000000000 Ferocious bite Spec, name says it all. Fun for bursts, not all THAT great, but it's Viable.

    Rotation: There is no such thing as a Rotation in PVP, especially as a Feral. Here is a list of Abilities in order of their importance.

    Shred: This is your main damage dealer in PVP (unless you're Mangle spec). A Shred crit with Full bleeds up and savage roar active can devastate anything. Always remember, its better to wait for a second for Energy and use Shred, as opposed to using Mangle instantly.

    Savage Roar: This is your most important Combo point ability. This should be up 100% of the time. Refreshing SR takes higher priority over Refreshing Rips Duration. (Note: You dont always need to use 5Combo points on this ability, generally 3-4 will suffice)

    Rip: Your main damaging Bleed and second biggest damage dealer. Trying to keep rip up is extremely important, especially on Plate as it ignores Armor.

    Rake: This should be up 100% of the time. No exceptions. Small energy cost and no CP required. (Note: If SR(savage Roar) is about to fall off at the same time that Rake is about to fall off, and you DO NOT have five combo points, refresh Rake first. If you have 5 CP, refresh Savage Roar, then rake. There is almost never a time when you want to use an Ability that generates CP when you have 5 combo points.)

    Ferocious Bite: For kills only. You never want to use this for Burst, (unless you're playing with a hunter, but thats too indepth for this Guide.) Ferocious bite drains all your Energy practically, and renders you completely useless for a short time until your energy regenerates. However, a properly executed Ferocious bite can hit anywhere from 6-8K in Furious, and 8-10K in Wrathful.

    Maim: Simple single Target 4 second Stun. Good for burning trinkets so you can get in a full Cyclone and keeping targets in place for easy Shreds.

    Mangle: This should only be used for the Bleed increasing debuff (unless Mangle spec). UNLESS the situation calls for it, and believe me, there are a lot of times you need to use shred, but that wont be covered in this Guide.

    Cyclone do's and Donts

    Cyclone is an decent CC, but it's very easy to put it on DR and then have a would be kill situation fail, because your Cyclone is only lasting for 2 seconds.

    When should Cyclone be used? Warrior shield walls? Cyclone. BoP? Cyclone. Innervate? Cyclone. Divine plea? Cyclone. Have CD's off CD and Cyclone off DR? Cyclone. Want to blow a healers trinket? Cyclone. Stop incoming heals on a target while you wait for DR's on other CC from your partner/CD's? Cyclone.

    Hard cast Cyclone? You should "Almost" never hard cast Cyclone unless its a 3's match. There are times that call for it, but generally in 2's/duels you can get off instants easy enough for decent CC. The only time you should hard cast it in 2's, is if you just Cycloned a DPS for whatever reason, and the healer is in open LoS.

    Glyph of Rip
    Glyph of Berserk
    Glyph of Barkskin (Mangle spec can replace any of these with Glyph of Mangle)
    This concludes my Basic Feral druid PVP guide. Remember, be gud bare durids for gud PVP.
    If you have any further need, questions, or want a more indepth explanation of anything Feral PVP related, questions about setting up bursts, Pooling energy, positioning, and anything else, please feel free to PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :3

  2. December 25, 2011

    [Guide] Indepth ARENA Disc/Feral. 3.3.5a

    Hey guys, last time I gave you a basic guide for feral PVP, this is a guide for people who already have the basics down like Spec/Gear/Gems/Cyclone basics/spell order of importance, and want to get into 2's but don't know all the mechanics and in's and outs for Feral in Arena, if you're looking for a beginner guide, check this out http://forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?t=110459 , and if you want some advice on duels, try my feral dueling guide here: forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?t=115733 let's get this started. :3

    First I'm going to explain feral druids and what to do to get the most out of a Feral/disc team, we will cover three's later.

    Feral/Disc is probably the most common of 2's team's with a Feral on it, with a good disc you can out last most defensive teams, burst down most squishy teams, and have an overall balance of offensiveness and defensiveness. I will now explain what you will do Vs certain teams, and how you beat them.

    DPriest/Rogue: This team is fairly annoying, but shouldn't be all to much trouble. Here are some options of how to beat this team. Remember, bear form is your friend. If you find the Rogue tunneling you while he's in evasion, switch to bear so your heals can relax a second.
    A: Outlast them. Play defensive, keep up constant damage and keep their priest in combat. Remember, you have innervate, if you can get off a full innervate on your priest late game it's pretty much GG if theirs doesn't drink.
    B: Global the priest. As a Feral you can kill a similarly geared/undergeared preist without much difficulty. What you want to do, is get full bleeds up, a Sroar, a full maim, and berserk up all at the same time. This takes practice and excellent energy management. Remember, you MUST peel the Rogue, Cyclone/Roots whenever possible. "but roots will just get dispelled" that's the point, that means he used mana and a GCD on a dispel, which means he will have gotten one less heal.
    C: Rape the Rogue. This method works best if the Rogue is tunneling your Priest, save berserk for when their preist uses his trink. After he trinks, wait for DR's on cyclone and preist fear, get a full clone up, berserk, have priest chain with fear, hopefully nab a kill before PS goes up.

    SPrist/Rogue: Fairly easy for you if they open on you and not your priest, play defensive, LoS their DPS when they blow cools, if your heal's get's CC'd, run away from them if you can. If not, Bear form, instincts, what ever you can blow to help you survive until your heals in unCC'd. Eat the SP after you force his dispersion with damage, GG. SO, if the Rogue doesn't go on you, and instead tries to eat your priest it becomes a bit more difficult. you have one of a few options depending on what goes down. Either A: get your priest in combat, so no Sap, or B: wait for the Rogue to open. If your priest gets in combat but the Rogue get impatient and open's without his Priest dispelling shield, open on the Rogue with pounce, shift out of cat and hard cast Cyclone onto the priest, you will either get the Cyc, or get silenced, both are good since they wont kill your priest without that silence, use your first five CP on a maim, preferably directly after the Rogue Kidneys, this severely gimps the Rogues damage, and some might even trinket. If he pops trink Clone the Rogue and switch to SP, blow zerk to force dispersion, then it's all downhill from there, keep switching with Cyclone on DR, when Vs double DPS it's not about out damaging them, just outlast them, you will also do this if they get the Sap. If you can force the priest to play defensive you win. If the rogue DOESNT get impatient, just make sure your preist stays in combat, grab shadow sight and open on the Rogue, Pretty much the same here, just no need to hardcast Cyclone, first five CP for maim on the Rogue, Cyc Priest, If the priest trinks, bear form, feral charge, bash, back to Rogue. Since Cyc is on DR on the Preist, Cyc Rogue, switch priest, berserk to force Dispersion. So long as your preist positions himself right, it's all smooth sailing from here. If the Rogue is mentally ******ed and trinks Pounce, Feral charge priest, bash, hard cast Cyc on Rogue, go on the Priest and follow the same stuff as before.

    Warrior/Hpal: Pretty annoying, not an easy comp to beat. CONSTANT dispells from the priest on Plea, if he cant dispel, it's your job to clone the pally so he gets no mana. Constant burns on the Pally if possible. Focus bear charge on the paladin if he EVER get's in LoS for easy burns from your Disc. Keep high pressure on the Warrior. Cyclone him when he Walls, but let your disc dispel BoP. The easiest way to keep the warrior from stopping your priests burns is just to clone him. Just play super offensive and force them to blow their cools, then kill the warrior after he walls, that is, if you can't burn the pally.

    DestroLock/Elesham: Dispels on Heroism/BL. Fairly easy so long as you dont be stupid. Try and pounce the lock as close to his Portal as you can, constant clones on the shaman. Maim his fears to interrupt them, it's the biggest CC they have, and dont forget you can dispel Hex with a /cast [target=party1] remove curse. Play smart and you win.

    : If Rsham, this is the ultimate turtle comp, amazing DPS, constant switches, stupid survivability. Focus on getting a kill on the pet, or you will NEVER kill the lock. Be sure your Disc has constant dispels on riptide. Keep the totems down, and oom the Rsham if you can. Rshams don't have infinite mana like Rdruids, keep killing his totems and manatide totem and you will oom him sooner or later. If Rdruid: this is is MUCH easier, get the Rdruid to blow his trink with whatever means, usually a Cyclone/Fear chain will do the trick. Once he's blown his Trink, have your priest focus on burns on the druid, be sure to keep ALL DoT's off of him. An Rdruids first instinct is to either A: LoS the burns, forcing him to LoS his Lock, B: Bear form, or C: LoS the burns and have his Lock portal if it's off CD. if C, reset yourself, rebuff, drink, restealth. If A, he's LoSing his Lock, meaning you will have an opportunity for a kill, now is the time to berserk, be sure to maim him so your Disc can focus on dispels. Dont forget to Cyclone the Druid. If the Lock Ports while the Druid is cloned, chain fear out of it and split up, your Disc will burn the Druid, while you follow the lock and go for the kill. If B, get an instant nature, and hibernate the Druid while in bear form. This is a full 8 second CC that you can chain clone, and fear into, plus if you're lucky the druid will shift out of bear form to prevent getting hibernated again, which means MORE free burns, if not, you get a second hibernate.

    : Go global the Disc. The hunter wont be able to peel you much, and you can peel him enough for him to not kill your Disc, fairly easy. Just don't tunnel to hard, if your preist is in a trap, be aware of your HP, the CD's the hunt blows, and your cools as well. If the hunter blows rapid fire while your Disc is in a full trap with no Trink, and you ARENT insured a kill on the disc, just back off. LoS the hunter, heal up, and try and restealth.

    BMhunter/Disc: Kill the pet at all costs. It's one of a BM's hunters main source of damage, and it will severly gimp him if it's dead. He may or may not pheonix it (insta pet rezz) if so, CC the hunter, hard cast hibernate on the pet, and switch to hunt. When he pops Bestial wrath, go EXTEREMELY DEFENSIVE, you must survive this, this is generally where most people die. focus on LoS'ing the hunter and his pet. If you can kill the pet it's pretty much GG so long as he doesnt rezz it. Once the pet's dead, and no pet rezz's are eminent, you can switch to the Disc and rape him.

    Ret/Rogue: stupid burst, and they will almost ALWAYS go on your Disc. DO NOT LoS your healer or you will die. continually swap cyclones from Rogue to Pally until they have blown CD's. When pally wings' Clone him. If Rogue Sdances, Cyclone. Dont forget about bash and Natures grasp. If the Rogue saps the Disc, wait till the Ret comes into LoS and Pounce him, your first 5 CP needs to go to the Maim, if he trinkets, Cyclone immediately, then switch to Rogue. Only trinket blind. You will really have trouble with this comp, so be careful. Blow berserk early to try and force early defensivness. All their burst is banking on them being able to kill you on the first go, if they cant, you win.

    Hpal/DK: also really annoying, this comp is a direct counter to Feral/Hpal. If they are bad, then there may be a kill opportunity, just keep constant DPS up and dispels on Sacred shield. Otherwise Pretty much the same strategy as Warrior/Hpal, keep constant peels on the DK and just oom the pally. Whatever you do, dont let them reset.

    : You do NOT want to get into a burn war if you can avoid it. The DK will MF your priests burns and he will eventually OOM. If you can, try and kill the Disc, but this is only if the DK isn't really peeling you at all, if he IS, just wait till he blows Icebound and then try and burst him down while his priest is CC'd.

    : Not too hard, just remember one thing, Vs double DPS it's NOT a DPS race. There is no reason why you cant pull off of whatever you are killing if they start blowing CD's. Boomkin/Ele is ALL about their CD's, once they use them they can blow you up super fast. Just hid behind a pillar with your priest when they use stuff like starfall and what not, then just blow up the ele sham. Why ele sham you ask? Because if you go on the Boomkin the Ele sham will heal, and it's MUCH easier to dispel HoT's then it is you stop hard casted heals when you have no silence.

    I'll put more up here when I think of them, for now, just live this these. Comment if you can think of any I missed, or with any questions. Also, I will make a Feral/MMhunter and Feral/Rogue guide soon, so just hang in there. Tah tah for now.

  3. December 25, 2011

    [Guide] Feral Druid dueling 3.3.5a

    As per request, I'm here making a Feral druid dueling guide, I will cover each class and how to beat them. Let's get started then. :D If you're looking for something more advanced and arena based, try my Feral/Disc guide here: http://forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?t=115552 And if you want some basics, try here http://forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?t=110459

    Ez mode. Stay out of shout range and wait till he's out of rage before you open, pounce and get up a five CP Maim. Why maim you ask? trinkets. The secret to beating warrior's is making him use his trink. Once his trink is down, you pretty much win. If he doesnt trink the Maim, go in for some DPS and DO NOT use your insta nature just yet. Wait until it's almost over and then cyclone the warrior if he trinks, you're in the clear, if you need to heal Bash the warrior Run out of his LoS and heal to full. Remember to use mana efficient heals like nourish and throw up one regrowth. If he STILL wont trink you can get off one Regrowth and one nourish before the Cyc is up. Restealth in between Rend ticks and reopen with pounce, this time use Rip and blow Zerk. If he Storms go into bear and blow frenz Regen. Continue to DPS him and Cyclone/Bash/natures grasp him and heal when you need too. When he walls, cyclone and heal. When he enraged regens, cyclone him and heal. He will run outta cools and die. GG

    Spreists: Stay out of range of their nova. If they spam it they will go Oom anyways. Open with pounce try and get up bleeds before he AoE fears. When he fears Berserk out, bear form and feral charge to try and interrupt the incoming VT. Most SP's will dispersion when you berserk, if you have a decent ammount of HP spam mangle and get up bleeds + savage roar and save five CP so you can maim him right out of his dispersion. Just keep up bleeds and pressure and you will win. Only trinket his disarm fear(forgot the name) and you MUST kill him before his second scream or all your hard work will go down the drain. Dont forget you can clone him in dispersion to stop him from getting mana and get another opener.

    Rogues: Stay in bear and try and shout them out with Demo roar, if you cant, wait till they KS then trinket it (only trinket KS if it's an env Rogue) If it's a Sdance Rogue, take the KS like a man and pop barkskin. If he evasions stay in bear and use Ngrasp, he will cloak it, when cloak is down get a FFF on him and stay in bear till evas is down. After Evas is down, focus on bleeding him out while in cat, feral bear charge is your best friend. Dont forget you have abolish and you MUST keep FFF up. If you get a maim in (only use it when behind him) you win automatically.

    Feral vs Feral: waste of time. both of you will have 60%+ dodge so most of it is random. The winner is the first person to blow his trinket. Dont forget that hibernate is your best friend.

    Hpal: here's how you beat Hpal. You dont. If you beat an Hpal, the should prolly uninstall.

    Rsham: Here's how you beat Rsham. You dont. See Hpal for more info.

    Eleshams: I have A LOT of trouble with ele shams. Most of the time you will lose to a good ele sham, pretty much the hardest thing you can duel since an equally geared elesham can outheal you. Watch the magma totem, it periodically ticks, so you can get a pounce inbetween ticks of its damage. Wait for the totem to kind of shake, then go in with sprint. The shaman will probably thunder you off him, switch to bear form and feral charge into Bash. If he Trinks, cyclone him, kill his totems, and go for a restealth/Heal. Generally you won't kill a shaman that has mana, but if you can get him defensive and make him STAY defensive, you can oom him and kill him. That's about all you can do to a good ele sham.

    UH/FDK: Imo the biggest counter Ferals have in a 1v1. Cyclone any time you can for heals, pay attention to when he uses icebound so that you dont Maim him. Once he's in icebound switch to bear and regen. If he pops Garg Cyclone him unless it's on Dr. if it's on DR cyclone the garg and continue normal DPS. save berserk for after he icebounds. Remember, if he's low try and anticipate his pet sac and cyclone it so he cant get the heal. Trinket Gnaw if it's a UH DK. save your trinket for Hcold if it's an FDK.

    Frost mages:
    Ez mode. First and only rule of dueling mages. NEVER USE FERAL CHARGE BEFORE THEY BLINK. Keep up Rake, shift out of all slows and mangle spam until five CP, maim. If he blinks, bear form, feral charge, more mangle spam. Mangle spam till shield is down, Ferocious bite while his shield is down (if he puts it back up spam mangle until it's down again) and you will hit for about 6-8K+ which will make him panic and iceblock. If he hasent put mirrors out, Nourish spam (dont HoT yourself Vs mages, they will spell steal) to full and restealth. Rinse and repeat using berserk when ever the hell you feel like it. This is one of the ONLY times fero bite is used when not ensuring a kill solely because it just does SO much damage they wont know what to do. If he blinks and you dont have Fcharge, and you have no insta nature, but you have CP, just Sroar for an insta nature. If he blinks and you have no Fcharge but you DO have an insta nature just clone him and rapeface

    Arc mages: Mangle spam. Fero bite. Good game.

    Ret pallies: feral charge/pounce inbetween cons tricks, only trink HoJ. cyclone him when he uses Wings. If he trinks, bear form them bash and heal to full. After wings you should have no trouble killing him. If he LoH he's a douchebag and deserves to die. If he bubbles, bear form and regen and take it like a man.

    Stay away from his front incase he uses typhoon to take you outta stealth. Pounce and open hard, save five CP when he's about 50% to anticipate the Cyclone. Maim him outta boomkin form and GG. Be sure to dodge Hibernate casts by shifting in and out of cat for to cancle the cast.

    Hunters: annoying, but not too bad. Dodge scare beast with shifting in and out to cancel the Cast. ONLY feral bear charge to force his masters call. Remember you can shred while he's in deterence. If you can get a rip up before he deter's it's pretty much GG. Maim him after he blows masters call for max effect, cyclone and heal when needed. DO NOT FORGET TO ABOLISH SERPENT STING. A lot of MM damage comes from the added affect of chimera in conjunction with Serpent. Frost trap is NOT your friend, the only way to kill him if he frost traps and theres no LoS is to feral bear charge and hopefully get a slow after masters call is up, if there IS LoS just run away from his trap radius, heal up and ignore him till the trap goes away. If you can kill his pet while behind LoS go for it. Reopen when you're ready.

    Destro locks: More EZ mode. Make sure you dont get RoF'd out, get him as close to the portal as possible with pounce. If you can't, no big deal, just feral bear charge him when he ports. Your first five CP should go to a maim, if he trinks, this means you get a free cyc later on. Wait to berserk till he starts casting his first fear, blow it JUST before he gets it off for the full effect and no interruptiong in your DPS. trinket the impending Coil and continue DPS. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE TRINKET SHADOWFURY. lovely trick: If you cyclone the pet it will remove soul link, making the Lock take 20% more damage. ;D

    : Annoying, stupid damage, stupid 1v1 ability. same opener as Destro locks, except you will prolly berserk out of the Howl, same trinket timing as Destros. YOU HAVE to clone the locks pet if you ever expect to kill an affilock. Save your maim on the lock for after you clone his pet, so he's not able to drain life. Keep up bleeds and dont forget your Fbite will hit like a ****ing truck on a Lock with no soul link.

    This concludes my 1v1 guide for Ferals, how it helped. Hope I didnt miss any classes....l0l.

  4. December 25, 2011
    Can u a post link to each guide on the original basic one ?
    Good idea. I'll get right on that Cappin'

    I see you have a better understanding of Ferals than you do of LoL.
    Kidding, you know I love you baby.

    Helpful, I always wanted to try Disc/Feral. :3
    Soraka best EU.
    :( y u so mean stranger

  5. December 25, 2011

  6. December 26, 2011
    Good idea. I'll get right on that Cappin'

    :( y u so mean stranger
    I no stranger, u no me. :<
    Qeiri, best Soraka EU? :3
    Bodyrolls worst Indianbad world.

  7. December 26, 2011
    I no stranger, u no me. :<
    Qeiri, best Soraka EU? :3
    Bodyrolls worst Indianbad world.
    This is true.

  8. December 26, 2011
    Boomkins: Stay away from him incase he uses Starfall to take you outta stealth. Pounce and open hard, save five CP when he's about 50% to anticipate the Cyclone. Maim him outta boomkin form and GG. Be sure to dodge Hibernate casts by shifting in and out of cat for to cancle the cast.
    Starfall doesn't remove stealth.

  9. December 26, 2011
    Starfall doesn't remove stealth.
    Whoops, show's how often I duel Boomkins.

  10. December 26, 2011
    Yet again another well formed guide :)
    In all of m time here i have never seen a guide that can compare to yours except Clovis's:D

  11. December 26, 2011
    Really nice guide!You should add more stuff to this guide in time.Like duel some class specs you haven't written here or search for some info and make a complete duel guide with all classes and specs.This deserves a sticky.

  12. December 26, 2011

  13. December 26, 2011
    The guide aint that bad but... do we realy need a Guide for Dueling ? A sorce for ppl to measure their Epeen by owning someone and proving nothing to noone ?

  14. December 26, 2011
    The guide aint that bad but... do we realy need a Guide for Dueling ? A sorce for ppl to measure their Epeen by owning someone and proving nothing to noone ?
    Dueling is also a great way to practice and hone your skills your Arena, as well as let you familiarize yourself with class skills and mechanics. winning just makes it more fun. :3

  15. December 27, 2011
    Boomkins: Stay away from him incase he uses Starfall to take you outta stealth. Pounce and open hard, save five CP when he's about 50% to anticipate the Cyclone. Maim him outta boomkin form and GG. Be sure to dodge Hibernate casts by shifting in and out of cat for to cancle the cast.
    it used to be bugged but now its fixed so staying in stealth while hes starfalling is just advanage

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