1. December 26, 2012

    [Guide] Enhancement Shaman PvP, by L3g10nw

    L3g10nw's Enhancement Shaman PvP Guide

    "Difficulty level: Very easy"


    hi, my name is legionw, im dominican.... fck this who cares lolz

    Welcome again! (i thought i wouldnt ever say this)
    Somehow, i got inspired to make another cool guide. this guide is rly detailed and in-depth. it teaches u how to get rdy for pvp and how to pvp as well. im serious about this guide, im not joking around so u should expect a lil boring but detailed guide, but its interesting tho. im only a troll when im drinking, if not, im always like this -___-
    So, here we go again! *grabs a bottle of Vodka*


    Chair of Contents

    1 - Talents
    2 - Glyphs
    3 - Stats
    4 - Gems, Reforge, enchanting and profession
    5 - Weapons and Gear
    6 - Keybinds
    7 - Power Auras
    8 - Macros
    9 - Add-Ons
    10 - Rotation: Gereral tips
    10.5 - Purge and Dispel
    11 - 1v1 Rotation

    11.0 - Warriors
    11.1 - Paladins
    11.2 - Death Knights
    11.3 - Rogues
    11.4 - Hunters
    11.5 - Druids
    11.6 - Shamans
    11.7 - Mages
    11.8 - Priests
    11.9 - Warlocks



    Diff lvl: Intense

    -They do not require any effort like in real life, so easy... just copy & paste. Minimize this window them maximize wow window and start getting talented. Make sure u do it the same way this pic tells u, otherwise u wont be talented.

    Talent tree
    Talent Calculator: Survival

    for survivability, get toughness 3/3. get static shock 1/3.

    in 4.0.6, u could do enh + focused insight and natures guardian for more survivability, but now in 4.3.4 you cant because of windshear nerf. so there arent so many variations in talents.

    A note for starters
    (free gear or low item lvl)
    If u die fast, i rly recommend u to get a lot of resil. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. dont mind ur dmg at all. just mind ur resil. get a lot of resil gems, trinkets, and enchs.
    Get toughness 3/3.
    Try to get off hand wep and shield as fast as possible. not one handed, OFF HAND WEP 2.6. so that u can macro shield and off hand wep easily. u need shield a lot.
    read survivability tips below on rotation section.

    Also, get mending enchant and always get healing totem. After u drop stoneclaw, drop stoneskin (macroed) if u are on bgs or fighting against melees.

    Let me talk some stuff about talents.


    Improved Lava Lash: Makes that when u have x5 Searing totem stacks, u will hit 100% more with LL. This means that u Must use first Unleash Elements, second Stormstrike, Them shock and lastly Lava Lash.
    Try to do this like this always BUT remember that u are not a DMG class, ur job is to help with Wind Shears, Slows, CC, Freeze, Ground totem and Earth binding totem.

    Play for Enhancement, not for Damagement.

    Earthen Power: Its cool that u can remove any slow effect by hitting "C" (keybinded) without losing a GCD (global colddown)
    BUT its Awesome that u can remove everyone's slow effects. this is a must.

    Elemental Devastation: You can go for this spec and forget about lightning orb glyph and static shock, or you can forget about this talent and go for lb glyph and static shock 3/3 talent. its up to u. both are nice talents.

    Feral Spirits: This is the last talent. when this talents is glyphed, it makes u get a BIG smile when wolves are on the field raping. Use this Glyph Early!!! the sooner the better! u want to cast it 2 times, dont u ?

    StormStrike: its rly cool it makes ur WF proc a lot and makes u get ur Crit chance increased by 10% if glyphed.

    Frozen Power: Best fcking talent EVER! love this beauty, makes u root ppl and increases your Dmg. Get used to freeze everyone 15 yards away from u. Get used to what a range of 15 yards feels like.
    I miss this a lot cuz I always see toons on the screen, and my screen is less than one yard away from me.

    Shamanistic Rage: Use this spell whenever is off CD. But if u are Facing a Paladin or a Mage or anyone that has Magic stuns, wait for them to stun u. Dont waste with Hammer of Justice, Deep Freeze, etc. use Shamanistic rage to remove those!

    Maelstrom Weapon: This is why u are an Enhancement shaman. this is ur live... ur reason of hexing i mean of living. this beautiful talent, makes u get instant spells. I love to instant heal, instant hex, instant LB, Instant win, instant pizza, instagram, etc.

    Spark of Life: Cant go wrong with 21% increased healings. this is not a must but where else will u spend last talents?

    Reverberation: they nerfed windshear, now this talent is a 100% must... what a pain :/
    i liked those days where u can go enh/healing for survivability, but now they made it so that we must go for this talent. oh well.


    Diff lvl: Nasty

    Get 'em.

    Must have glyph:

    Prime: Lava Lash
    Major: STONECLAW (YEAH I USED CAPS), Shamanistic rage
    Minor: Renewed life.

    -Super Glyphs: Glyph of HeadShot, Glyph of Falcon Punch and
    Glyph of Fatality.
    They are hard to find but if u do find them ull be like chuck.

    Let me talk a lil bit abt some good glyphs.


    Glyph of Stoneclaw: this beauty, will safe ur *** sooo many times. it will absorb a decent amount of dmg. giving u time for u to cc, heal or run.

    Glyph of Shamanistic Rage: isnt it awesome that u cant remove Hammer of Justice and Deep Freeze without wasting trinket? this glyph is a must.

    Glyph of Lava lash: LL has become OP at cata... and even more with this glyph.

    Glyph of Grounding totem: some ppl like it. its cool to reflect lava burst or frostfire bolt or any other spell ;P

    Glyph of Lightning shield: i think its pretty cool that u dont go below 3 LS orbs. its even better if u got static shock talent.

    Glyph of virginity: helps u to lose ur virginity by making u play less video games, and getting alone with more girls IRL.

    Glyph of Falcon Punch: Whenever u die, ur character will resurrect like the Fenix Eagle, charging a super strong punch known as "Falcon Punch"
    Falcon Punch video


    Diff lvl: GTL

    Try to take it easy, remember that its a game after all, its not that serious.


    Agility = As the name says, u will be more agile. nah, u will just hit harder and get more crits. so agility is better than crit chance and mastery. this is ur prime stat. keep that in mind.

    Mastery = It means u will master all elements, thus, u will become god. with a lot of mastery u will hit hard like a warrior... i mean like an enh shaman specialized on mastery rating. this is ur second best stat. dont keep it in mind keep it in ur soul.

    Resilience: "Provides XX.X (not porn) Damage reduction against all damage done by players and their sh.its, i mean pets."the more resil, the better. have this on every yellow socket. i know that ur *** socket color's is yellow but dont insert a gem in there, we dont want hax, ull get banned for 30 days.

    Spell Penetration: an,al penetration is pretty good. it reduces enemy resistance. u should get about 180 spell pen. get it with blue gems.

    Hit chance: 5%, thats all u need to hit everyone.

    Crit Chance: dont mind this that much BUT try to get it on a decent % (that symbol means Percentage). u want to c Lava Lash hitting like a truck.

    Expertise: don't be sad if u see this on ur gear, cry instead. nah jking u will do good with about 10/10, not sure abt what the hell is this but oh well.

    Attack Power: This crappy stat was pretty good at LK. but know it has become pretty bad. never gem for this, u've been warned.

    Stamina: dictionary says "The ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort." wow says "Increases Health by XX.X" (No, wow doesnt mean that ur health is increased by having sex. just no.)
    Stamina doesnt rly matter if u have all the above capped or at a good percent.

    Haste rating: **** it.

    Agility> Mastery> Resilience> Crit
    You must have hit capped and spell pen.

    Geming, Reforging, Enchanting and Profession

    Diff lvl: like cooking meth


    Reforge to Mastery.

    Reforge haste to mastery
    Reforge Crit to mastery (kinda optional, i personally love to see big numbers)
    Reforge the hell to mastery but keep Hit chance capped.



    Enh-chantment Priority= Agi>Mastery>Crit.

    Weapon ench: Landslide/Landslide or Landslide/Avalanche*
    and if u get disarmed a lot get Pyrium Weapon Chain enchantment.
    Hair cut: Arcanum of the Ramkanhen
    Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Shattered Crystal
    Superman's Cape: Greater Spell Piercing or Greater Critical Strike (depends if *need to cap hit rating)
    T-Shirt: Peerless Stats
    Casio's Wrist Watch: Greater Critical Strike or Precision (depends if *need to cap hit rating)
    Gloves: Greater Mastery
    Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
    Jeans: Dragonscale Leg Armor
    Sneakers: Major Agility*

    Red: Agility
    Blue: hit rating or spell pene.
    Yellow: Agility and mastery or Resilience if u are having trouble with dying quick.

    Meta: If u are an orc get stun reduction meta gem. otherwise, get agil meta gem.

    As an Enhancement Human, u will want to become a Lawyer and a Teacher. Get those 2 professions.
    Also as a secondary profession, u can be a Scientist.
    Just get Enchanting or Jewelcrafting if u have time for professions. i personally dont like to lvl up professions.

    Weapons and Gear

    Diff lvl: Glock 40

    Okey, now lets talk about weapons.

    The AK-47 is a selective-fire, gas-operated assault rifle, first developed in the USSR by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

    Weapon Imbues
    WF/FT is awesome for bgs. but for 2v2 is not that good if ur team mate cant slow.

    Unleash Elements will reduce speed by 70% if Frostshock or Frostbrand is on target.
    so think good about having WF/FB if u need to slow ppl.

    keep in mind also that WindFury attacks Do proc Maelstrom.
    making u op at healing and CCing.

    Weapon speed

    Let me quote myself (i hope i dont get banned for copy right violation of myself)

    "Okey, ill say it once, ill say it just ONE time, get an slow wep in one

    hand and another slow in off hand. yea, another slow in off hand. lets recap: slow and slow. slow is for pro. slow is dah best. slow is the way. slow ma' *****. slow. sloooooowwwww.
    Soulja Boy says: "slow mo' fo'. aint u gut itt, aintt quick it so slow no fo' so stfu cuz u mo' no pick slow ***** dah s*** cuz said so."
    "What did he say?"
    I think he wants u to get a fast wep..... try asking him."

    You need an slow wep in both hands. Slow wep makes your Lava Lash (LL) crit higher and your Storm Strike (SS) crit even higher. so stick

    with 2 slow.

    Weapon type

    If you are an Orc, u need axes or fist weps cuz of the orc racial passive.
    If you are a Dwarf, get maces. 2.60/2.60 speed on both hands.


    Needless to say shaman use mail with agility.
    always keep in mind Priority List when getting a gear.

    Agility> Mastery> Crit
    Every pvp gear has resilience, if not, is not pvp gear.
    just get vicious gear. you can buy them at AH for about 12k each. I myself am a leather worker. pm me, i haz gud prizes.
    also get pvp trinkets that gives u resil.

    buy all that with honor and make Arenas to earn conquest points.


    Diff lvl: no mouse = impossible.


    You can keybind any spell! you can even keybind a BJ! yea! just hit the B key and ur BJ should come handy.

    Okey, so to be a very good pvp player, you need keybindings. i had like 4 years on wow without using keybindings and i always had a lot of problems like, looking at whats happening and looking at the action bar, losing time when abilities are off GCD, missing interrupts cuz it was too much for me to click counter spell before a lock cast Fear, etc.
    When i started to play with keybinds, i really liked it. i can use counter spell so fast that i feel like cheating. i can use iceblock (as my main, a fire mage) and cancel it REAL fast to evade spells like lava burst, etc.

    So, keybinding is the way to Pro. Here is an example about some keybinds.

    You can use scroll Up, Scroll Down and middle mouse bottom. Here is my list of keybindings, to give you an idea.

    You need to play like this: Walk forward with W, strafe with A, D and Turn left or right holding mouse right click. we need to put awesome spells on the remaining keys ( Q, E ,S).
    F: Windshear
    E: StormStrike,Lava lash (macroed)
    Q: Frost Shock
    S: StoneClaw
    R: Tremor totem
    G: Magma totem
    Z: Shamanistic Rage
    x: Nature resistance totem
    C: Grounding Totem
    T: Hex
    1: Lighting bolt
    2: Ghost wolf
    3: PVP trinket

    Caps: Healing Wave
    Shift+F: Focused Windshear
    Shift+T: Focused hex
    Shift+S: Earthbinding totem
    Shift+C: Focused Purge
    Shift+R: Feral Spirits+Gift of the naaru (macroed)
    Shift +E: Focused purge (to remove focused target dangerous auras/buff like pala buble or Mages shields)
    Shift+Q: Focused Frost shock (to root ur focused target while keeping the main target slowed with FB)Q

    Scroll Down: lightning shield
    Scroll up: water shield
    Mouse middle bottom: HERO/BloodLust
    and so on... just make sure you can hit the key effectively and quick. And convince yourself that this is not hard to learn, You can memorize the whole keyboard including the use of shift and Alt. NO, im not jk or anything, human brain is ftw. You need to give a keybind and memorize Every Shaman Spell.

    i have memorized more than 100 Rubik's Cube patterns. and believe me, they are hard.
    here is an example of 2 patterns.
    R U') (R' U) (Lw U) (F U') (R' F') (R U' R U) (Lw' U R')
    x' (R U') (R' D) (R U R') Uw'2 (R' U) (R D) (R' U' R)
    i know them like my name. so its not impossible or hard to learn every keybind for 4 different classes. Yes, if you have other classes, Give Them Keybinds! that would be like 150 keys in your mind, pretty awesome.

    If u are lazy or dont like the idea to move with A W D, just get the most important spells keybinded. it would be good as well.

    "but how do i put keybinds to certain bottoms in the action bar?"
    ESC> Keybindings> scroll down till Action Bar functions

    When you get there, click on the number you want to change. Them it will ask you to set your binding, there you click the desired key.
    Scroll down till Multi Action Bar and change those too.

    Power Auras

    Diff lvl: nerd


    This section is about how to use power auras (add on). With power auras u can do many things, like know when u got maelstrom x5 with a sound notification or a desired image, know when u got an x debuff/buff, and so on.

    I will explain how to set up Maelstrom so that when u got 5x maelstrom, it shows an image on screen and that it plays a sound.

    My friend's shaman.

    Click on "New" and put everything like that. Click on new again and put everything like the first one but in "Stacks" instead of >0 u will put >1

    Close that window Click on "New" again and put everything like the first one but in "Stacks" instead of >0 u will put >2

    Close that window Click on "New" again and put everything like the first one but in "Stacks" instead of >0 u will put >3

    "New" again and put everything like the first one but in "Stacks" instead of >0 u will put =5 Also, u will check "WoW Textures" and choose texture 54. Move that texture down (set position Y like mine) and make the texture wide (Deformation: 1.42)

    To play sound when ML is x5, just go to the "sound" tab and where it says starting sound (or smthg like that) click it and look for "thunder" or "fireball"

    Now for Debuff

    Stacks: =1
    Check: Use own texture
    Activation by: Debuff

    Easy 5 steps power auras config below (for non-nerds)


    1 - copy all that weird looking text (yea, kinda like hexadecimal or chinese)
    2- open power auras (/powa)
    3- click on import set
    4- CRTL +V to paste the chinese text below
    5 -enjoy

    Set=Page 1@
    Aura[1]=Version:4.23; b:0; g:0.4745; icon:Spell_Shaman_MaelstromWeapon; buffname:Maelstrom Weapon; x:2; unitn:Only for raid/group.; stacks:1; texture:89; speed:2; exact:true; PowerType:0; size:0.45; y:-50; ismounted:0@
    Aura[2]=Version:4.23; b:0; g:0.4745; icon:Spell_Shaman_MaelstromWeapon; buffname:Maelstrom Weapon; x:2; unitn:Only for raid/group.; stacks:2; texture:90; speed:2; exact:true; PowerType:0; size:0.45; y:-50; ismounted:0@
    Aura[3]=Version:4.23; b:0; g:0.4745; icon:Spell_Shaman_MaelstromWeapon; buffname:Maelstrom Weapon; x:2; unitn:Only for raid/group.; stacks:3; texture:91; speed:2; exact:true; PowerType:0; size:0.45; y:-50; ismounted:0@
    Aura[4]=Version:4.23; b:0; g:0.4745; icon:Spell_Shaman_MaelstromWeapon; buffname:Maelstrom Weapon; x:2; unitn:Only for raid/group.; stacks:4; texture:92; speed:2; exact:true; PowerType:0; size:0.45; y:-50; ismounted:0@
    Aura[5]=Version:4.23; b:0; g:0.4745; icon:Spell_Shaman_MaelstromWeapon; buffname:Maelstrom Weapon; x:2; unitn:Only for raid/group.; stacks:5; texture:93; speed:2; exact:true; PowerType:0; size:0.45; y:-50; ismounted:0@
    Aura[6]=Version:4.23; b:0; g:0.4745; icon:Spell_Shaman_MaelstromWeapon; buffname:Maelstrom Weapon; x:25; unitn:Only for raid/group.; stacks:5; texture:143; speed:2; exact:true; PowerType:0; size:0.45; y:-25; ismounted:0@
    Aura[7]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Nature_StoneClawTotem; buffname:Stoneclaw Totem; x:128; bufftype:7; owntex:true; exact:true; size:0.11; y:-55@
    Aura[8]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Nature_GroundingTotem; buffname:Grounding Totem; x:128; bufftype:7; owntex:true; exact:true; size:0.11; y:-84@
    Aura[9]=Version:4.23; b:0; anim1:4; g:0.451; target:true; icon:Spell_Fire_SearingTotem; buffname:Searing Flames; x:198; bufftype:2; stacks:5; texture:31; alpha:1; stacksOperator:=; exact:true; size:0.41; y:-109; targetfriend:true@
    Aura[10]=Version:4.23; g:0.9843; icon:Spell_Shaman_MaelstromWeapon; buffname:Maelstrom Weapon; r:0.9804; x:188; unitn:Only for raid/group.; stacks:5; texture:96; alpha:0.63; speed:2; sound:56; exact:true; PowerType:0; size:0.33; y:-23@
    Aura[11]=Version:4.23; icon:Ability_Shaman_Stormstrike; buffname:Stormstrike; x:170; bufftype:7; owntex:true; exact:true; size:0.23; y:-70; texmode:2@
    Aura[12]=Version:4.23; icon:Ability_Shaman_Lavalash; buffname:Lava Lash; x:195; bufftype:7; owntex:true; exact:true; size:0.23; y:-70; texmode:2@
    Aura[13]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Nature_StrengthOfEarthTotem02; buffname:Earthbind Totem; x:127; bufftype:7; owntex:true; exact:true; size:0.11; y:-113; texmode:2@
    Aura[14]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Frost_FrostShock; buffname:Frost Shock; x:127; bufftype:7; owntex:true; size:0.11; y:-139@


    Diff lvl: Copy/Paste


    Focus hex

    #showtooltip hex
    /cast [target=focus] hex
    This macro is used if u are doing 2v2 and you and your partner are attacking one target and the other is about to heal your main target, u use these macro. Obviously you need to Focus it before match begins.it will hex the focused target without untargeting your main target.

    Feral Spirits for Draeneis

    #showtooltip Feral Spirit
    /cast Gift of the Naaru(Racial)
    /cast Feral Spirit

    Very useful macro to heal you quickly. Gift of the Naaru doesnt have GCD, so is good to macro it with something. because you use feral spirits when targets is low health or when u are low health, is a good macro.
    also this macro attacks the target u use it on, so no more wolves attacking pets.

    One Button Weapon Enchants
    /use [nomod] Windfury Weapon; [mod:alt] Rockbiter Weapon; [mod:ctrl] Flametongue Weapon; [mod:shift] Frostbrand Weapon

    No Modifier: Windfury Weapon
    Alt: Rockbiter Weapon
    Ctrl: Flametongue Weapon
    Shift: Frostbrand Weapon

    Frost Shock

    #showtooltip Frost shock
    /cast frost shock
    Spells doesnt activate white attack. So you need to macro it.

    Focus Frost Shock

    /cast [target=focus] Frost Shock

    Flame Shock
    #showtooltip Flame shock
    /cast flame shock

    Spells doesnt activate white attack. So you need to macro it.

    Bind Elemental

    #showtooltip Bind Elemental
    /target Water Elemental
    /cast Bind Elemental

    You need this. get it.
    Shield/off hand weapon swap

    /equipslot [noequipped:Shields] 17 Name of shield
    /equipslot [equipped:Shields] 17 Name of off hand weapon

    With this macro u can swap ur offhand with ur shield. Pretty awesome in some healing cases and VS ROGUES.

    Also use this with Spirit Walkers Grace. u can also combine it with a Johnny Walker.

    Frostbrand-Flametongue Switch

    /castsequence [@none] flametongue weapon, frostbrand weapon
    /castsequence 17, 17
    /click StaticPopup1Button1

    This is a simple macro to switch between Fb and Ft on ur left hand only. this doesnt affect ur main hand. this is useful when u need to slow a target and them u need to burst him. pretty cool.

    Focused Windshear
    #showtooltip Wind shear
    /cast [target=focus] Wind shear

    this is cool cuz u need to windshear healers and hex them while attacking main target. pretty useful


    Diff lvl: own everyone


    1 - Power Auras
    Extremely useful. It's a must. You can know when u got x5 Maelstrom, when u are cheap shoted, kidney blowed, etc.

    2- Gladius
    Very nice add for pvp. rly recomend it.

    3 - Quartz
    you cant Wind Shear it if u dont c the spell.

    4 - Mik's scrolling text
    rly good add, u can clearly see each spell dmg.

    5 - Doom cooldown pulse
    rly helpful when u are concentrated on a fight and u dont have time to look at spells cds down there. u may lose a wind shear in that time u look at spells. pretty awesome add.

    6 - CoolDownCount
    This is cool add, it tells u how much time left for spell to be rdy again.

    7 - GladiatorlosSA

    /quote google: This is a special addon, it has no interface, but it can speak. It is SOUND ALERT addon leads you to become GLADIATOR, so having the name GladiatorlosSA.This addon will alert spells using customized voice. For example, when you are in BG or arena, an enemy uses his pvp trinket, a voice of "Trinket" will come out. It can alert many spells(100+), each spell can be selected on or off.

    8 - LoseControl
    this addon makes ur life easier by showing u the remaing time of those crowd control spells, rly helpful.

    How to become Pro easily
    diff lvl: click spoilers and read

    Know your class. The more you know, the better u become. The more you know the game, the Nerder u become. So get a balance between being pro and knowing the game without being a nerd.

    Say thanks


    /cast amaterasu
    /cast susano

    - Guide hits reader for 360k (227k over kill)

  2. December 26, 2012

    Diff lvl: L

    If u need a brain, just call him. if u dont know him, u must watch this:
    Death Note

    Death Note Episodes 1-37

    english and japanese audio. english subbed as well.

    General Tips

    Main attacks and order


    if target is more than 10 yards away from u Always start either with Frost shock or Unleash Elements (UE).
    You have to use UE before touching ur target cuz UE makes some nice buff u must take advantage off them. The only way to do it is using UE FIRST.
    Your crappy rotation should look more or less, so so, kinda and lil bit like this
    (assuming he is far) FS>Drop Totems>UE>Stormstrike> *purge or WS or what ever, but wait x5 Searing T. Stacks* them use Lava Lash!
    u wont get all that to work always, but u will try.

    U may pop wolves after that, use Shamanistic Rage to reduce DMG or to remove a mage's Deep freeze.
    U may also purge a Shields, a HoTs, etc.
    U may also Hex ur if u got MW5 or heal with mw5 or just LB.
    U may also cast Lava burst after u use UE and target has Flameshock debuff on. Unleashing Flame tongue wep gives ur Lava burst a 30% dmg increase. and having Flameshock debuff on that target gives u a 100% chance to crit. so its cool to do that in SOME situations.
    It all depends the situation. it all depends, it varies. just remember ur Enhancement, not a dps warrior.

    You will always assist ur mateys, always try to get all balanced.
    get things slowed down, remove fears, remove debuff like slow, remove all magic buff like pala wings or bloodlust. heal mateys, hex none-mateys. buff ppl with totem. WINDSHEAR EVERY HEAL OR DANGEROUS SPELL. sorry caps. and run from blood dks.

    Saving ur ***

    Whenever u need to save ur *** and ur shaman's ***, just use Shield macro + Spirit Walks Grace + Spirit Walk. Drop StoneClaw totem in if off CD.
    Also Use Macro Spirit Wolves with Gift of the Naaru (draenie only)

    You can also Drop Earthbind totem, Ghost Wolve, get 15 yards away from target, root with frost shock and heal urself.
    Greater healing wave (slow heal), move when it is in about 45% (yes, cancel it) THEM use Fast heal (healing surge).
    this is called, spell faking. it works all the time since ur target assumes u are a piece of ****, a total noob. Teach them to never understimate the power of Enhancement.
    Stoneclaw > Earthbind. Notice that when u drop stoneclaw, u get a shield buff, once that buff is there, fck S.C. totem. Drop Earthbind and start running to get 15 yards away and use FS.
    Stoneclaw totem> Hex> Heal / Grounding> heal (use ground so that they cant interrupt u)
    Earthbiding totem> nitro boots (if ur engineer )
    CTRL + ALT + DEL> Task manager > right click wow.exe > end process tree. or CTRL+SHIFT + ESC + right click wow.exe > end process
    or Persuade the enemy by offering gold or donating him

    or Hold Power Button for 5 secs.

    or Unplug the power cord

    or throw water at ur video card, sit down, and enjoy the show about to happen in ur monitor.


    This is what makes u a shaman. ur totems. they are ur best friends. they heal u, they give u strength, they attack ur enemies, help ur allies, they help u re-gain control, they make u Free BJs, they Fap u if ur busy doing smthg else, they can even get u a life! no joke bro! they are rly useful. i love them (no homo).

    Grounding totem: Makes u immune to the next spell cast towards u. just awesome.

    Grounding totem (glyphed): Reflect next spell casted on u but increases its Cd to 1.5 min. its cool but that cd increase... idk, ur choice.

    Stoneclaw (Glyphed): This Beautiful friend, have saved me sooooo many uncountable times!! wao cant go wrong with that Shield buff that absorbs a Decent amount of DMG.

    Earthbind totem (talented): slows enemies close to it and "un-slow" allies close to it. Just awesome.

    Searing totem(talented) : throw flames to an enemy target, stacking them up to 5, when u hit that target with Lava Lash, it will consume stacks and hit 100% harder.
    If u guys use power auras and you have problems tracking ur 5 stack searing debuff use this:
    Version:4.5; b:0; anim1:4; g:0.451; ignoremaj:false; target:true; icon:Spell_Fire_SearingTotem; buffname:Searing Flames; x:198; bufftype:2; stacks:5; texture:31; alpha:1; stacksOperator:=; exact:true; size:0.41; y:-109; targetfriend:true

    import for powerauras: type /powa click import and paste this [u can change it with a cooler texture]

    Elemental resistance: Cant replace the old cleansing totem, but oh well stick with this crappy totem or get healing, mana, idk, im just depressed abt cleansing totem death. so sad.

    Tremor totem: Its back! and now more powerful and strong! u can now drop it while feared, and BANG! fear gone :D love it<3

    - Totems u will have in Call of the elements:

    1- stoneclaw 2- searing 3- elemental resistance 4-Wind fury

    U must get tremor macroed (T), Earthbind macroed (C), and grounding (G)
    if u got good connection, and good pc, try to drop Grounding right when u see the spell coming to u. it may look hard but with a good net and pc is easy. i cant do it cuz my network sux.



    Movement is rly important. when solo-ing, u most move around ur target since ur faster than him and he will always be slowed. that makes them hate u a lot, so do it.

    Make them rage and pop cds, them u get a decent distance (or hide) so that they unleash pop'ed cds on u.
    Try to even hide on a tree or smthg. MOVE! Get behind him, get 15 yards away, root him and hide. hide and heal. just move.

    if u think ur too slow, remember u got instant Ghost wolf! and he cant be slowed! so move!!! get distance, drop totems, hex, and move again!
    movement is rly rly important. do not just stand there casting a heal. U can Heal while running! u can do many things! never stay quite.

    Dispel and Purge


    How purge works: remove the last magic beneficial spell on the target.
    every glowing buff can be purged off an enemy target.


    Avenging Wrath (Problemo?)
    Freedom (dont let em scape!)
    Blessing of Kings
    Blissing of might

    Shamanistic Rage
    -Hammer of justice (super important. save shaman rage for this)
    -Repentance (should at least use shamanistic rage while stunned, but this seems bugged, cant do anything, only trinket)


    -Elemental mastery (2 buffs, one is instant spell cast and other increases haste and dmg)
    -Spirit Walkers grace
    -Blood Lust
    -HoTs (gift of the naaru is not purgeable. draeneis only)

    -Earthbinding: Root is dispelable with shaman rage
    -Frostshock freeze, debuff.
    -Flameshock (be carefull with dispeling this on elementals shams, it gives them lava flows, 90% haste for 6 seconds)

    -Earthbinding: slow effect is dispelable with earthbinding totem, but remember u must pop ur EB right when he pops his EB
    or when earthbinding 4 secs are over and the other 4 secs are about to start, u pop ur EB. if u cant get me,
    try practicing this with a friend or smthg. just pop ur eb RIGHT when u got that debuff.



    Shamanistic rage:
    just that u can use shama rage while cheapshoot or kidneyblew.


    nothing... pretty much

    -Hunters mark


    EVERYTHING. the higher the better.
    -Ice barrier (super great to purge)
    -Presence of mind (instant spell, mostly for poly, u should Ground this cuz they use it pretty fast. Arcane only.)
    -Mana shield
    -Brain Freeze
    -Blazing speed

    The higher the better

    -Deep Freeze (super ultra important. if mage is Frost spec, save sham rage for this)
    -Frost nova (great!)
    -Improved cone of cold (good)
    -Living bomb (good)
    -Cone of cold
    -Critical mass

    -power word: sh!t i mean shield (great to purge)
    -Power word: fortitude
    -Shadow Resistance buff (useless to purge)
    -ana...... ops, Fear ward (useless)
    -Empowered shadow (this is a hassle cuz its like an anti-purge shield that stops u from purging all other things. purging this is pretty much useless. so dont purge if this is the last glowing icon)

    Shamanistic rage:
    -vampiric touch (great!)
    -devouring plage (great!)
    -power word: death

    Note: dispel them all at the same time if possible. u only got 1 shamanistic rage.



    Shamanistic rage:
    Note: use shaman rage on blade storm.

    Death knight


    Shamanistic rage:

    Note: use shaman rage for any burst. gargoyle (UHDK)/pillar of frost(FDK)/if blood dont use shaman rage at all. remove all clothes and let him rape u. its faster like that... and better.(BDK)


    None purgeable things
    Trinkets, procs or uses. none of them are purgeable.
    anything that doesnt GLOW or SHINE.

    What is easy goes first

    if at bg, Never try to kill a Protection Pala first, or a Resto dudu. Those class are hard for enh shamans! so look for the casters, they are always out there. flameshock the rogues also... and the wars xD
    ill tell u which ones are hard and which are weak:

    Easy: run TO this ppl, u will rape em


    Hard: Run from this ppl, u wont make it

    mm hunters
    feral dudu

    note: healers are easy in battlegrounds, avoid them in 1v1

    Normal: let them come to u

    Enh sham
    elemental sham
    ret pala
    shadow pri
    fire mages
    sub Rogues

    Blood DK.

    1v1 Rotation

    once u have read basic things u should do while dueling, now its time to go deeper. There's no rotation in 1v1, but there are basic things u should always do when facing specific class/spec. like for example when facing blood dks u will always run. or when facing arcane mages u will always rape them.



    diff lvl: Mortal


    The main thing u will focus is to keep a good distance between them. they can only use 1 charge.

    You will hate 4 things from arms.

    1: Bladestorm
    2: Throwdown
    3: Mortal Strike
    4: Recklessness*

    1: Get Power auras to make it show you when they use those abilities. whenever u c that BS starts, use shamanistic rage and start running with ghost wolf. they will always slow u before applying BS so use wolf or earthbind. Use shield under this ability. lots of dmg is prevented with shield + shamanistic rage.

    2: Again, get Power Auras to c When they stun u with this ability. when they use it, use Trinket asap. Don't lose time.

    3: try to mw5 hex and hide behind smthg and heal. never even think about it if they are dpsing u, heal when u are behind smthg far from them or when they are slowed and with charge/intercept on cd. Never cast heal while they are hitting u . only do it if u got mwx5.

    4: what the hell happens with those crits. get away from them when they pop recklessness. get power auras to tell u when they have that buff. *recklessness is available for all war specs.

    Use ur shield macro a lot. anywhere u need to wait for cds, run, kite etc use ur shield!
    also dont forget about spirit walk! use it asap as soon as u pop wolf cuz wars tend to like to BS when the c a lot of ****s around them. get a nice distance with spirit walk.

    When they use spell reflect, try to c if ur searing totem was removed by getting hit with his own lil firebolt. drop it again if so.

    Kite!! kite!!! run the hell out of them! they get mad when u are just running and killing them with totems and sh!ts i mean shocks!

    Totems: Use Stoneclaw, always. Drop Grounding for reflects, Drop earthbind for slow and removing slows, and searing totem.

    Imbues: WF/FB (remember that when using ur shield u wont have second imbue[fb] so Unleash Elements wont proc fb nor any abilities). get ft only if u are sure about taking him down. for exmaple if he is low health, noob, afk, etc.

    Main Strategy: kite the hell out of them. start by getting close to them, hit them and run. now get shield on and start kitting like crazy. they will much likely /forfeit lolz.

    tutorial: learn how to duel wield 2 two-handed weps. or octa-wield.

    They hit hard. very hard. they have 1 charge and an ability to reset them. so its almost 2 charge. make them reset their charge fast. run, kite, slow, un-slow urself, sprint, spirit walkers grace and heal, use spells, move. they are scary at hit and the most scary part is when they get enraged.

    Theres no BS but play carefully cuz they do rape with those fcking 2 handed weapons.

    try to take them the same way as arms but notice theres no throwdown (long stun), u trinket them when they intercept.
    if u are dueling, mount up before duel starts. chase them everywhere they go and start close to them but as soon as u hit em, get a distance, kite them.

    Charge cannot be used in combat for fury wars, so they would love to start the duel with charge, dont let em!

    Trinket their intercept. Move a lot, Don't stay.

    use shamanistic rage plus shield macro when they pop recklessness. run as fast as u can till is over.

    Totems: Use Stoneclaw, always. Drop Grounding for reflects, Drop earthbind for slow and removing slows, and searing totem.

    Imbues: WF/FB or wf/ft so that when they manage to get close to u, in the time u try to get away again, u can at least hit them with Lava lash (assuming they got x5 searing t. stacks).

    Main Strategy: kite the hell out of them. start by getting close to them, hit them and run. now get shield on and start kitting like crazy. they will much likely.


    They do not hit hard, but they are hard to hit. they stun u a lot. they have 2 stuns plus charge and intercept, so its 4 stuns. enh shaman is very week when stunned.

    Use trinket when they do a Concussion Blow (5 sec stun) on u. (also use power auras to know when u got stunned by concussion blow)

    they are not abundant, so take it easy cuz its rly weird to c these guyz out there. but if u spot them kite them as well hehe.


    Diff lvl: chicken wings


    This battle is kewl. or u die or pala dies (Einstein). The best news for u here is that u can purge pala??s wings and that u can remove Hammer of Justice with Shamanistic Rage. What u are going to do is that u will drop grounding totem, just to prevent HoJ. must of the time it does cuz they like to start with HoJ. But in case that Grounding fails (they use any spell to remove G.T. if they are Einstein), u will use Shamanistic rage to remove that stun asap and start running and purging (always purge when u have sham rage on, cuz purge cost 0 mana). its very likely that they pop Avenging wrath + inquisition and other cds. cuz they want to get the **** out of u when u are stunned. so u better run and drop earthbind totem! Also use Shield while pala is on zaeltory! very important! also purge hand of protection if they are on low health. if they bubble, heal urself as well.

    if u notice that he pop everything up, ud better use shamanistic rage+shield and get wolves and use sprint and start kitting and purging. if u notice any slows use earthbinfing asap! also remember about hexing at this point! very important if he has used his trinket!

    These palas hate to be kited. so kite them! frost shock, use spells, use slows, get 5 stacks of searing totem on them and them dps a lil with them, then run again and wait for cds.

    Another good option for kiting is to use shield while kiting! and right before casting UE get ur wep back, so that u apply both effects.

    Totems: Stoneclaw(them strength), Searing, healing(or mana), grounding(them windfury). Redrop grounding evertime its off cd. redrop stoneclaw as well. watch out for searing totem distance. kite pala around ur totems.

    Imbues: WF/FT or if kitting him WF/FB. depends on pala??s gear. if pala got way better year than u, kite him. if he doesnt, use wf/ft and only kite him while on wings and zealotry.

    Main Strategy:Purge wing. if u have mwx5, hex him while on wings. kite them till SS and LL are rdy, them hit him with SS and LL them kite again. get away from them when ur low health and heal but dont let them heal themself. ws it.


    rly nothing to say about these guyz cuz they are mostly defense and survivability. just be careful with them cuz the more u hit them, the stronger they get. so badass lol. tips for these guyz are the same. purge wings. shamanistic rage their HoJ. dont kite that much cuz of avenger's shield *makes u silenced and dazed. just go full on them and over heal their dmg if possible. full burst after u c they have poped guardian of ancients kings. also try to use windfury totem when grounding totem does his job. better for stacking up mwx5, use it for healing and hexing.

    Totems: Stoneclaw, Searing, healing and grounding. when grounding fades, change it with windfury totem. redrop stoneclaw. watch out for searing totem distance. use strength totem.

    Imbues: WF/FT, u rly need to burst him a lot. mostly when his defensive abilities are on cool down.

    Holy ****s are pretty easy, i mean holy palas. cuz they rely on casting , and u are great against caster with Windshear. They may try to use HoJ them heal, just use shamanistic rage to get out of it and them use WS asap. hex them when they are on Aura Mastery (prevents silence and interrupts for 10 secs). purge them a lot mostly under shamanistic rage effect.

    Totems: Stoneclaw, Searing, healing and grounding. when grounding fades, change it for windfury totem. u may use strength totem also.

    Imbues: WF/FT - slow 'em with frost shock and earthbind.


    Diff lvl: Death


    You are in trouble here. this ppl heal themself so much. and they do it while making BIG crits on u. all by just clicking on Death Strike. that **** hits like a truck. 50k crits wtf. heals them also WTH. Makes them absorb a lot of dmg WTFukingHell!!
    i mean what dah fak does that **** is? insane dmg, big heal, big absorbs, no cd, the more its spawned, the bigger absorbs.... blizzard forgot to make it able to throw death strike if ppl are far away... to make it god like. oh wait, they can death grip, ultra slow... ahh okey, gj blizzard:)

    be careful there when they pop dancing rune weapon cuz u will likely get 60k and 70k critted and also u will get a lot of parries, so start running and casting ****s.

    windshear is useless. grounding totem is difficult to use. try to use grounding totem when battle starts, cuz they will likely strangulate u, and thats a big silence. also dont cast close to them cuz of mind freeze, another not so strong silence.

    purge is useless. just, useless. forget about it.

    keep a distance when storm strike and lava lash are on cd. them come in when they are off cd.

    windshear is useless. grounding totem is difficult to use.

    just have in mind that... when theres a blood dk, it can only be stopped by mages. u are useless against blood. no offense.


    take care of their howling blast, they will spam it if u are far away, and it does a decent amount of dmg. also, be carefull with killing machine, its a talent proc that makes their next froststrike or obliterate critical hit. (a lot of 20ks crits)
    Also, when casting an spell close to them (u want to avoid this but just in case), try to fake it. start casting and them move, so that their interrupt fails and u can freely cast it again. use earthshock if they got 2 weps. keep a distance when storm strike and lava lash are on cd. them come in when they are off cd.

    kill this ppl fast! pop wolves when match starts right away and burst them. dont let ur health get low and as soon as u have x5mw, hex them or heal urself.

    watch the ending of this video to see how to pvp against them.


    i could tell u about these guyz is that when u get them like about 60%, try to kill their pets so that they do not sacrifice it. it heals them a lot. and when they use gargoyle use wolf and shamanistic rage... some ppl even focus their gargoyle to windshear gargoyle's casts. u can do that also if u are not lazy.

    just be careful with death pact (pet sacrifice to heal them self) and with Diseases, they can be deadly for u. [rip cleansing totem, we will remember u in our hearts]. dont try to kite this guys so much cuz they will kill u just with death coil and diseases and ****s. instead try to keep a distance when ur abilities are on cd.

    if they use army of undead use Flameshock on dk, them LavaLash to spread FS, and them Fire Nova. Bang! fire nove hits the enemy for 20k+ XD

    u must have some faith.
    You can Do anything! u can be anything!


  3. December 26, 2012
    diff lvl: how to be a ninja


    Most abundant spec, this is where u actually need help. u need to have weapon chain enchant, and stun meta gem. if u are an orc, its even better, easier for u.

    fight stun like this i mean start like this:
    Sap>cheap shot>some dmg>kidney shot>more dmg>sprint, stealth again,
    sap> cheap shot>more dmg>kidney shot>more dmg> vanish
    sap> cheap shot>more dmg>kidney shot>more dmg> blind, run, stealth
    sap> cheap shot>ambush, ambush, kidney shot> shadow dance> ambush ambush ambush ambush boom dead.

    how to get out of that with only 1 trinket? theres no way. ur only hope is that rogue isnt that good at making that whole stun combo.

    but hopefully, there are some good tips to prevent 50% of that. here they are:

    u get sapped. ur trapped already cuz u dont even have searing totem out to keep rogue in combat (and if u do have searing t. out, they'll likely wait for it to fade or smthg, so try to refresh it a lot, every 15secs or so).
    so what u are going to do is to wait for the rogue to cheap shot u, them u immediately use shamanistic rage. he will do Kidney blow after cheap shot, u just wait for that to trinket it out asap!(LoseControl Addon will help u here, so get it) turn around and use Flame shock, drop totems, pop wolf, remove snares, sprint, use shield and heal urself. with spirit walkers grace.

    he will try to stealth again, either by waiting for flame shock debuff to stop and stealth normally after out of combat or by just vanishing right after flame shock fades.

    either of them, is bad for u cuz it will just be the same again, dont let them do it. use Flame shock again, KEEP THEM ALWAYS FLAME SHOCKED.
    they will run to u and get some points to stun u and get some nice dmg on u, hex them before they get close to u so that they use their trinket. drop totems again, get ur 2 weps back, and try to build mw5 before they get 5 combo points. use earthbind so that they dont get ur back to BackStab u. refresh flame shock cuz they are about to Blind>run> stealth.
    if they stealth while flame shocked (vanish) get away from them fast! cuz they will try to cheap shot u before flame shock breaks their stealth. thats a matter of 2-3 secs. (if u are quick, u can also try to use fire nova on them, since this new spell effect makes them explode, un-stealth-ing them)

    do not heal if u got wound poison! it makes ur healing sucks balls.
    use earthbind when u get crippling poison.

    if u c a rogue, and he stealths , drop searing totem and put ur shield on, rockbiter wep, and refresh searing. u can drop stoneskin totem or earthbind. u just wont be able to use shield from stoneclaw, rogue will wait for it to fade. its no harm to try it tho.
    Grounding and windshear and purge are useless against them. so think about dmg and survivability.

    ur main defense against rogues here are shield (macroed) and rock bitter wep (macroed also). use this macro when fight is about to start, drop stoneskin totem, use shamanistic rage right after they hit u and when they are done or when u trinket kidneyshot, get ur 2 weps back and ur 2 imbues back. i wrote one macro for shield and rockbitter, get it on the macro section.

    Totems: Stoneclaw, Searing, healing and windfury. when u get stoneclaw shield, drop earthbind. u can use stoneskin totem plus shield at start. it prevents a lot of dmg.

    Imbues: WF/FT - use earthbind to slow.
    use rockbiter when u switch to ur shield macro. main hand: rockbiter, off hand, shield.

    Main strategy: find them. equip shield when they are in stealth. keep them flame shocked. have earthbind on the field always.

    Combat and assassin rogues are easier, theres no shadow step nor shadow dance. they are not so common but in case u spot them, feel more happy cuz it wasnt a sub rogue. but its a down anyways cause rogues are as well intended to beat shamans.


    Diff lvl: Felix Sanchez

    Marksman Ship:

    well this guyz are really suckish. they run so much. frost shock to slow 'em and ghost wolf to chace them. if u get snared, remember u have this beauty:
    but before dropping EB totem, try to drop stoneclaw first, to get shield.
    when hunter pops snakes, flame shock hunter, Lava lash him to spread flameshock over the snakes and them firenova.

    when u summon wolves, wait a lil bit so in case they use deterrence. cuz u want to use spirit walk when hunter is more exposed to attacks, and thats when his deterrence is on cd. if he has popped deterrence earlier, u will force him to use Readiness (finish all the cooldowns), and if u have forced him to use readiness when he hasnt use a lot of abilities, u have won the match pretty much. but if he uses eveything, and them he pops readiness, u are dead, pretty much.

    Always try to get close to them. think about hunters as if they where sexy hot chicks. grab her boobs.

    use shamanistic rage right when the battle starts cuz they do higher dmg to ppl above 80% health.
    use UE to slow them when they got Frostband effect on them, cuz it will be a super slow.
    use shield to chase them, spec when u get web trapped by their pet.
    use trinket if u get immobilized by anything when they are about to die . dont get fooled if they use Feint death.
    use spirit walkers grace while chasing them and if low on health.
    use mw5 to hex them. or heal if low on health obviously.
    use frostshock on them a lot, keep them frost shocked as rogue are kept flame shocked.
    use windshear when u c them casting aimed shot. but used ws when A.S is in about 70%, u dont want them to fool u with ??spell faking??.
    use ur brain to win the match. u win the match by getting close to them. u get close to them with ghost wolf and EB totem. so gw+eb=win. simple math, Einstein i mean L.

    Totems: Stoneclaw, Searing, elemental and grounding. when u get stoneclaw shield, drop earthbind if ur close to them or snared.

    Imbues: WF/FB.

    Main strategy: stay in melee range always. keep him slowed. use mwx5 to hex. trnkiet out spider root.


    Cat: a lot of Dps, try to heal urself a lot. less snares tho
    Spider: less dps, 5 secs root, 40 cd.
    monkeys: they blind u, but any dmg will break the effect.
    crab: 4 secs root.
    cocrolisk: 50% movement slow. earthbind it.
    warp stalker: ranged 50% movement slow. earthbind it.

    Survival and Beast Mastery are almost the same. just that with bm hunters, when pet becomes big use shamanistic rage and shield. they are not so abundant so u dont need much help with them. take em the same way as mm.


    diff lvl: what does a boomkin, a tree and a cat have in common? that they all hate purge, grounding and windshear.


    diff lvl:ejaculation

    Boomkin are so easy. this is the time where u feel u are an enhancement shaman. here is where u feel the power of everything.

    they will almost always start the fight. whatever they do, just be ready to windshear anything they cast up next. when they use starfall, use shamanistic rage and spam purge cuz its free while on shamanistic rage. always keep them slowed and never hex them while shapeshifted, hex doesnt work on them. if by any reason they are not shapeshifted, cast hex right away.
    if they oom, and they use innervate, purge it.

    if they shapeshift into bear, LoS their bash (stun), dont get in melee range, start shocking and atacking with totems and ****s. force them to get back to doomkin and when they do, go full on them.

    whatever they cast, WindShear it.
    use grounding totem when ur WS gets on cd. and if somehow they are both on cd, and boomkin is casting a dangerous spell, use spirit wolves to interrupt it. if they use Typhoon and knock u back, use ghost wolf to get close to them again and while in the go, windshear anything. purge their HoTs and dont let them heal themself.

    u dont rly need many tips against these guyz cuz their pretty easy.

    Totems: Stoneclaw, Searing, elemental and Windfury*. when u get stoneclaw shield, drop earthbind if ur close to them or snared. *use Grounding intelligently. dont drop it at start, better drop windfury totem first and when they cast a dangerous spelll and ur ws is on cd, there u may drop ur beauty*.

    Imbues: WF/FB... but they are easy anyways u can even use WF/FT for fun crits. remember to x5 stack searing totem before unleashing the beast (Lava Lash).

    Main strategy: get close to them always. use mwx5 to heal. or hex if they arent in boomkin form. Remember u cant hex them while in they shapeshifted!


    diff lvl: Nyan Cat

    Oh ****! Holy 4 Asterisk! here he is! no jokes dude! holy motha foucking flying feces, my cat plays wow! i mean he is in!

    here are some tips to beat ur cat:
    they will stealth, stun u, get some combo points and maim (stun) u or rip (dot) u. if they stun u use trinket right away.
    when they use a finishing move like maim or rip, they have a probability to get Predator Swiftness. what that does is that make any spell instant. so do try to purge that **** if u think they are about to run and heal. makes power auras advertise u when they have that buff up.

    as soon as they open the fight, use shamanistic rage (assuming u got ur shield equipped cuz u are waiting to be attacked). once out of pounce(first stun) start dpsing on him and when he has x5 stacks of searing ticks, use LL. also try to have wf/ft imbued and slow them with frost shock and earthbind totem.

    u can slow invisible targets, so its a good idea to drop earthbind + magma to find them! u have a higher probability than just using stoneclaw and searing at first.

    notice that they are very fast, so always keep them in control.

    dont let them use entangling root (8secs root)+run+heal. root them when they are about 15 yards away from u and if they start casting a heal, WS it! and if they try to heal them self again (ur ws is on cd) use Wolves to interrupt him again! cast spirit walk and run to them and eat him!
    if wolves are on cd, trinket and WS, use hex to interrupt him! never let them heal. (note that hex is only possible if he isnt shapeshifted, they are immune to hex.)

    Use shamanistic rage every time is off cd. also use Mwx5 to hex him if he isnt shapeshifted.

    Cyclone: first time they use cyclone it will last 6 secs. second time 3 and third time 1.5 secs. them u will be immune to it for 15 secs. them it resets again. so when they use cyclone, trinket it the first time. them drop grounding totem and ws their next cast. or if they use cyclone and it is canceled by ur grounding totem, the next cyclone u will windshear it.

    Entangling Root: first is 8, second is 4, third is 2 and them u are immune to it. what u will do is that when u get rooted, u will windshear their next cast, them immediately cast hex. them u run to him while droping grounding totem and frost shocking him(root him, yes, they are vulnerable to roots, they cant get out that easy as they used to do in wotlk).Dont trinket out entangling roots!! leave ur trinket for cyclone or maim better.

    u got the advantage... even if they open the fight

    Totems: earthbind, searing (u could try magma to find them), healing and Windfury*. when u get stoneclaw shield, drop earthbind if ur close to them or snared. *use Grounding intelligently. dont drop it at start, better drop Windfury first! and when they get Predatory strike buff (instant cast) drop ur girlfriend down!!!!

    Imbues: WF/FT or WF/FB, i like more wf/ft for these cats

    Main strategy: fully dps them. drop ground totem when they are low health. WS entanglin roota and Cyclone.


    diff lvl: Eckhart Tolle

    thats the way they get high..... yep. smelling glue and markers.

    avoid these guyz cuz u wont kill them in 1v1. its forever. omfg.
    just some tips in case u think u can beat them (low geared resto for example)
    purge rejuvenation when u see its up, just purge that and innervate. windshear cyclone, nourish and regrowth. burst them when they are about to die, use wf/ft and slow them with totems and ****s i mean shocks.

    they wont kill u unless ur watching some porn or smokin some weed. or maybe they may kill u if they offer to donate in ur paypal acc if u let them win. just like that, yeea.

    another last tip: whisp a warrior and tell him to lend u Mortal Strike for a while... tell him u will use it sometimes, convince him u wont fck it up. take good care of it cuz they love MS.

    Totems: earthbind(them strength), searing, mana and windfury(drop grounding when they are about to clyclone u or w/e)

    Imbues: wf/ft or wf/fb

    Main strategy: get help from a rogue, warr or huntard.


    diff lvl: imposible if ur lagging

    Shamans in overall are normal for u. out of the 3 specs, enh is the hardest, i mean resto. resto is pretty much impossible if same gear, same skills. elemental is a lil weak against u cuz u are anti-caster. but enhancement is like awfully hard cuz its ur anti! yep, enh is even scarier than blood dks.*

    diff lvl: disco

    Beating an enh shaman will b like... hmmm... fapping urself i mean beating urself. they are pretty easy if u have survival talent and they dont. u dont rly need WS cuz most of the time they use spells when they have x4 and x5 mw... even at x3 u cant ws it cuz of lag (well, in my case). what u do need is purge. (u can get power auras to tell u when they got x4 mw wep so that u purge them, and keep them always at mwx4 and lower so that they do not get instants. but that is if u can ws spells fast)

    What is most important is to drop stoneclaw and them drop earthbind right away, and keep re dropping stoneclaw every time is ready. and if they have x5mw drop grounding. better to get power auras to tell u when they are at x5mw.

    Pop wolves right when he had used shamanistic rage. u must use shamanistic rage when he uses wolves (duh). kill their earthbind totem and before using mwx5, use any spell (purge or shocks) so that they dont ground ur mwx5 (they wont, only skilled shamies does that). u can also equip ur shield while their wolves are out, and start running and use spirit walkers grace. fake it cuz they will WS it when they c u casting healing surge. so u run, cast healing, hit ESC when its on 50%, and them cast it again.

    Use unleash elements first, them use SS, them shock and them Lava lash. Trinket hex or if possible, WS it or ground it if they got mw5.

    if they use bloodlust or hero, purge it. if they use spirit walkers grace, purge as well. also u can even kill his searing totem, just do it in a way he doesnt realize u killed it, cuz he can simply re drop it again. u prevent a good amount of damage if u get rid of it.

    Totems: stoneclaw(them earthbinding), searing, elemental and windfury(drop grounding when they got x5mw)

    Imbues: wf/ft

    Main strategy: use ur main abilities them kite till they are rdy again. keep refreshing stoneclaw. use ghost wolf at start.


    diff lvl: easy as having a gf

    use glyph of virginity to beat them (give u a 50% chance to lose ur virginity, pretty awesome) jk.
    they are easy. i am not sure which is easier from boomkin to elemental. but anyways, they are both scared of ur windfury and grounding. they rely more on casting, so its a nom nom nom for u with windshear and grounding on ur side.

    when they drop earthbind totem, u drop it also. when they use thundershock, u frostshock him and root him. when they use elemental mastery, use shamanistic rage. when cast lava burst, ws it or ground it. u will see a lot of roots> ghost wolf>cast lightnings on u.

    if elemental shaman is skilled, he will fake cast, so use ws when lava burst is on like 60% or so (depends on ur net and lag).

    one of the most important things here is to not let him use hex on u when ur trinket is on cd. cuz what will happen is that he will start healing himself, full again, same **** again.
    be aware of stoneclaw totem. try to purge it before attacking him. make power auras tell u when he has this buffs on: elemental mastery (u counter it with shamanistic rage and WS/g.t.)
    Stoneclaw (can be countered with purge+windshear macro, use it when casting, obviously)

    u must have normal talent tree build. remember that. also as soon as u pop wolves, use spirit walk and full burst him. counter his earthbind with ur earthbind, dont let them cc u when on spirit walk.

    Totems: stoneclaw (save earthbind to counter his EB), searing, elemental and windfury(drop grounding when they start casting spells like hex or LB -GT must be keybinded-)

    Imbues: wf/ft or wf/fb or wf/wf.

    Main strategy: get close to him. if earthbind, u also use eb. WS only LL and Hex. save grounding totem for hex. keep him slowed.


    diff lvl: like healing someone

    okey, these guys are kinda diff in a 1v1 situation. avoid them cuz u will hardly kill a healer in a 1v1 situation unless he has already fought with someone else. try to purge tidal waves and riptide but its so random /:

    without tidal waves they feel more pressured and u can easily WS any spells cuz what tidal waves does is that it increases casting speed.

    burst him when on <30% health. hex every time its off cd and fake cast hex also. dont let them hex u cuz they will hex+full heal them self.

    drop earthbind totem to keep him slowed and use ft imbue for full burst. use lava lash when he got 5x searing totem stacks and first do a UE before stormstrike. this are basic tips for good dmg. thats all u can do about healers. u are overall not so good against them due to the lack of healing reducing effects.

    after all, its a healer. u just need to tell a rogue to lend his kidney blow and ambush abilities and his wound poison.
    just take good care of them and use them wisely.

    Totems: strength, searing, mana and windfury(drop grounding when they start casting hex -Grounding T. must be keybinded-)

    Imbues: wf/ft. u want to full burst them.

    Main strategy: get help from a rogue, war or hunter.


    diff lvl: A

    mages in overall are a lil weak against u. the hardest one is frost cuz of peelings, cc and ****s. but u do good against frost. fire mages are a lil weak against u but can kill u faster than frost and u can kill them faster also. and arcane mages are easy. so lets start with what is easy first. here we go!


    okey while facing these guyz, i want u to play this song:

    and tell them to play this one:

    now that u are set up, time to do the A style on them.
    start by purging their presence of mind (makes their next spell instant). them purge arcane power and use earthbind totem when the use Slow on u. any time they start casting arcane blast, purge it when it gets about 70%, so that they dont fake cast or anything. its an slow cast spell so ur good against that. they will try to run and cast instants, just frost shock him or drop earthbind close to them.
    if they start with polymorph, ws it and drop grounding totem right after u WS it, cuz their next spell may be slow or instant arcane blast.

    when they blink, dont chase them right away. first root them with frost shock first and them use ghost wolf to run to them. build up x5mw and use hex on them.

    u may use trinket when they root u with frost nova or use it for polymorth maybe,

    sometimes they get invisible before duel starts and them they polymorth u, cast some spells and them they use Ring of Frost to freeze u and make another dangerous combo on u. and believe me, they are weak but when they get u they hit so fkcing hard. so dont let that happens and trinket first poly OR place Grounding totem when u see them invisible. so that GT eats the Polymorth and u are able to WS next poly.

    they are bad at getting away from u. but dont even need spirit walk to get them.

    arcane is a WIN for u instead of a fail

    Totems: Stone skin, totem of wrath, mana spring and wrath of air. u should be pretty good with those.

    Imbues: whatever u desire, even rockbiter/rockbitter.... i like to use rockbiter/earthliving against them. pretty cool.

    Main strategy:*drop grounding at start. get close to him. if far, root. when u purge his shield, dps.*WS everything.

    Note: if u cant beat arcane mages...


    diff lvl: hot

    When dueling these ppl, prepare to chase them like a hunter again. cuz they can cast scorch while running. pretty awesome for them. and with scorch they can proc Hot Streak (instant pyroblast), so u do want to use power auras to tell u when they got that buff on so that u ground their pyroblast on time.

    so what ur going to focus on here, is that when u manage to get close to them, u full burst them before they escape again. they do it pretty easily, they got frost nova, blink, rof, mirror mage, blazing speed,and dragon's breath. so i recommend u to use WF/WF. yep. wf/wf imbue. i said that yea. u didnt heard me? ok ill say it again, Windfury Weapon on your left hand and Windfury Weapon on your right hand.
    your asking why? ok, ill answer that questions with one word: Because.
    u need wf/wf cuz u want that wf procs right when u touch them. and remember, flametongue is good if he has x5 stacks of searing totem, and searing wont work with them cuz they move to much. also fb wont be good cuz they just escape to much with things like blink, blazing speed, etc, and u can slow them with frost shock and earthbind.
    but wf/wf is not a must to beat them, its just a good idea in a 1v1 situation, so in a 2v2 situation its a different thing.

    so u want to use shamanistic rage when they pop that flame orb. or when u need to purge his mana shield and ur close to get oom.

    if they start battle with getting invisible, just drop searing, get a lil bit away from searing and drop earthbing, them get a lil bit away from eb and drop grounding and elemental. spread ur totems cuz u dont know where will he appear. and as soon as he shows, root him and use ghost wolf to get close to him and while running to him ws dangerous spells like pyro, poly or fireball. just remember that u must attack them without that mana shield. purge them while getting close to them. u may get lucky and purge hot streak when trying to purge mana shield hehe (i miss that 3.3.5 purge. so cheap and so effective). but dont over use purge cuz ull oom. use it like 2 times, if u didnt remove shield with 2 purge, them rape them with shield on.

    another thing, dont get fooled from mirror mage. u can know which one is the real by looking at the one that has shield or just by looking at the one thats running. Another thing when they pop Ring of Frost, if u fell in it, trinket it fast. but if u havent fallen yet, dont step on it. better leave trinket for dragons breath when he is abt to die and he tries to escape desperately, there u may trinket any impairing movement effect and win the match.

    also, dont let them use evocation (regenerates mana and health). before using evocation, they may do Frost nova + evocation, or Blink, hide behind smthg + evocation, or dragons breath + evocation or just evocation. dont let them do any of this. u may use trinket here as well, u dont want them 60% healed again...

    Totems: Stonceclaw (them drop earthbind), searing, elemental and windfury(drop grounding when they start casting fireball or any dangerous spell -Grounding T. must be keybinded-)

    Imbues: wf/ft or Wf/WF. depends if its a 1v1 wf/wf and if its 2v2 and u got some strategies, wf/fb. use wf/ft if unsure.

    Main strategy:*get close to him. if far, root. when u purge his shield, dps.*always slow him. use ghost wolf to chase.

    diff lvl: chill



    Now time to get serious. i am always serious about everything. i never troll around.
    ok, so when u c a frost mage, first thing u will notice is that they have shields. but that isnt a bad thing for u cuz u got purge in ur power. so start by purging them before dpsing on them. ill list u most dangerous abilities that mages use and how to counter them.

    Ice Barrier: purge
    Mana shield: purge. again.
    Frostbolt: windshear
    Blink: frost shock root
    slow effects: Earthbinding
    Deep Freeze: shamanistic rage (glyphed). sham. rage removes magic debuffs. remember that.
    Ring of Frost: trinket (if u fell in it)
    Mirror mage: find the real one with auras around him or the one that is moving.
    Counter spell: drop grounding totem them start casting hex. its inevitable that they dont use counter spell. they will fell for it. believe it.
    Iceblock: get behind himm (if ur close) and start healing, drop totems, and get rdy to root him when he blinks. dont get too close cuz they will frost nova u and them burst u/ evocation.

    Use MWx5 to hex him and heal urself if low on health. if not just fck him up. u may use wf/wf in a 1v1 situation, its rly effective on them cuz they are pretty squeeze. i mean like soap.
    read fire and arcane mage tips cuz they are all pretty much the same, run, cast, shields, blink, etc.
    For any other desperate circumstances, u got Spirit wolves + sprint or Alt+ F4.

    Totems: Stonceclaw (them drop earthbind), searing, elemental and windfury(drop grounding when they start casting frostball or before healing/ hexing them -Grounding T. must be keybinded-)

    Imbues: wf/ft or Wf/WF. depends if its a 1v1 wf/wf and if its 2v2 and u got some strategies, wf/fb. use wf/ft if unsure.*For everything else there's MasterCard.

    Main strategy: get close to him. if far, root. when u purge his shields, dps. slow him before chasing.


    diff lvl: devouring


    its a caster, again. u have the advantage but dont think u will win without any scratch. u must play wise here if u dont wanna go to the shadow realm. pay attention to this tips.

    The first thing u will do when dueling a priest, its purge his shield-drop grounding. them after that, u can freely dps on him. when they dot u, use shamanistic rage to remove all dots. never forget that u can drop tremor totem while feared.
    keep him slowed with earthbind and shock. use wf and ft against him. u will hit him many times, way more than mages, so u will have more mw stacks. hex when u get to mwx5. never hex if he is in dispersion (the black cloud thingy). always ws Vampiric touch, Always. if u cant ws it, ground it. and if u cant ground it, use shamanistic rage to remove it. shamanistic r also removes Power Word: fail i mean Death.

    when u use sham rage to remove dots, make sure u take advantage of it. start purging everything! its free!

    Totems: Stonceclaw (them drop earthbind), searing, healing and windfury (drop grounding when they start casting mind blast or any other dangerous spell. -Grounding Totem must be keybinded-)

    Imbues: wf/ft . depends if its a 1v1 wf/ft and if its 2v2 and u got some strategies, wf/fb.

    Main strategy: purge shield>dps. remove dots with S.R. and WS a lot. hex mwx5. slow him before chasing.

  4. December 26, 2012
    Disc and holy

    diff lvl: they are not wizards

    i fcking hate healers-_- rly... for these guys, i want u to ask an arms war to lend u Mortal strike for just 2 mins. u dont need more than that. keep refreshing mortal strike debuff on them and u are good to go.

    only advice i could tell u about this ppl are these:
    purge power word: shield
    WS flash heal
    purge Hots if ur good at mana
    hex them a lot. keep them slowed
    drop tremor when feared.
    pop wolves when his is about 30% health. if they fear u and ur wolves, drop tremor to remove everyone's fear.

    Totems: Stonceclaw (them drop earthbind), searing, healing *and windfury

    Imbues: wf/ft . depends if its a 1v1 wf/ft and if its 2v2 and u got some strategies, wf/fb.* or u can switch between fb and ft. u need a macro that switches offhand wep imbues. go to macro section.

    Main strategy: purge shield them dps. purge hots if possible. remove dots with S.R. and WS healings. use hex with mwx5. slow him before chasing.

    diff lvl: Never fear failure, fear instead.

    warlocks in general are kinda easy cuz u are good against casters. just follow the basic rules for casters. windshear most dangerous spells, use grounding when ws is on cd, get close to them, etc. ur main ability here will be tremor totem and ws. ws their fear and if they cast it again, ground it. or u can even drop ground it after a succesful windshear. cuz they will likely cast fear again.

    also, try to drop ur totems close to that demonic circle. cuz when they teleport to it, they will be close to ur totems, and thats what u want.

    Another thing, be happy if they dont have succubus, but if u c it, ur much more likely to be raped. cuz that fkcing **** just got my fcking self fcked. n i hate to pop ma fckin trinket with dat suckubus ****. damn ****.



    diff lvl: easy if theres suck-ccubus cuz they look sexy n can give u a nice bj

    okey guyz, against these ppl, first thing is that when they use seduction, trinket it right away. them ground or ws their spell. do it fast. dont let them cast they sequence on u cuz if they do ur pretty much dead lol.

    their rotation will be like shadow fury(stun)>Fear>Immolate>conflagrate> chaos bolt>incinarate (if backdraft is active)
    pretty much like that.

    now, if they manage to fear u by some reason (u shouldnt let it happen), try to stop those underlined spells. but immolate is even more important to stop cuz it makes them cast conflagrate (wich is a lot of dmg and activates some other Sh!ts that are BAD for u). dont let them cast immolate on u by any means. u heard me? oh, yea right ur reading.

    later, nether ward is a hassle. when u c it, purge it. dont worry a lot about nether protection (reduces dmg of 1 school, could be any), cuz if nether protection procs from frost, it will only reduce Frost dmg by 30%. not big deal cuz we enhancement shamans are pretty unstable. we are like a lil bit of everything hehe.
    but anyways, what is most important here is to get power auras to tell u when they get that buff so that u Purge it. even tho u can see an aura surrounding them, but in power auras we trust.

    Demons that destro locks use are felhunter and succubus. if they use fel ur ok but if they use succubus ur likely to get seduced by her beauty. when they cast seduction, trinket it out and drop grounding. dont kill succubus cuz they can ress her again. the only thing u could do abt seduction is trinket it or ground it, and grounding that is rly diff cuz u dont know when its been casted.

    Totems: Stonceclaw (them drop earthbind), searing, elemental *and windfury (save grounding to drop it after seduction or after fear)

    Imbues: wf/fb. u can switch between fb and ft. u need a macro that switches offhand wep imbues. look for it in the macro section

    Main strategy: evade immolate and fear and try to ground seduction. dps and when they use nether shield, purge it. use hex with mwx5.


    diff lvl: FoT - Foucked Over Time -


    well for these ppl u must be careful with dots cuz once they full dot u, ur pretty much dead. under any circumstance, avoid Unstable Affliction. that **** cant be dispelled with shamanistic rage cuz it will hard hit u and silence u for 4 secs, be careful with shamanistic rage. so avoid that sh!t at any cost. u can drop tremor totem, or ws it, or w/e but dont let it hit u.

    also, dont let them hit u with Haunt! that sh!t makes their dots stronger and heals them. so u better avoid it also.
    when these ppl are dying, they start casting drain life to heal them self and dmg u.

    avoid fear always. if they manage to fear u, and u trinket it or tremor it, drop earthbind right away cuz u will be slowed also. aff walock's fear has a slowing effect after it ends. also Shadow Flame reduces ur movement speed by 70% (need to be glyphed tho).
    these ppl hardly use succubus, they main felhunter and smtimes voidwalker for survivability. so its ok for u.

    Totems: Stonceclaw (them drop earthbind), searing, elemental *and windfury (save grounding to drop it after fear or for Unstable Affliction)

    Imbues: wf/fb. u can switch between fb and ft. u need a macro that switches offhand wep imbues. look for it *in the macro section

    Main strategy: get close to them. Dont let them cast Unstable affliction on u neither fear, try to ground any of these. dps and be careful with using shamanistic rage. *use hex or heal with mwx5.*


    How to be kewl

    diff lvl: if u have big ego, insanely hard.

    okey guyz since i tough u how to kill ppl, i should teach u how to be nice with ppl (near). so here we go!

    so the first rule on being nice is to always /sit over the corpse repeatedly. first get in Ghost wolf so that the /sit looks like if ur raping him.

    another thing is if they wisp u and tell u that u suck, that u r a fckin moron or just a simple fck u... u must be nice with them and wisp back like this "if X person gives u a present, and u dont want it, whose that present?" he will reply "x person's" so u will tell him "so u can have that -fck u". and them u proceed to /ignore him.


    try again




    Comment and share :)

    Okey guyz, Obama commented on my guide, take a look at what he said:

  5. December 27, 2012
    I've been waiting for a 4.0.6 guide!! ill keep checking this thread. You are f....... awesome!
    And if u can do the 1v1 against other class that would be a great help.

  6. December 27, 2012
    I've been waiting for a 4.0.6 guide!! ill keep checking this thread. You are f....... awesome!
    And if u can do the 1v1 against other class that would be a great help.
    thanks a lot for ur constructive and inspiring comment.
    now ill deff do the 1v1, i wasnt going to do it if ppl didnt like this guide, but im starting to c that u guyz like it, ill keep it up.

  7. December 27, 2012

  8. December 28, 2012
    i love your guide and you too! i read the wotlk one and now this one pretty usefull even tho i play shaman for 3 years xD
    (grabs a beer) cheers!

  9. December 28, 2012
    legion would you please help me .... im playing enh/resto as a 2s comp and i cant burst anythin that fast i mean if we face healer/dps its endless .... but if i play with dps ret / dk / shadow i get easly bursted...the cc of the sham isnt that good soo would you tell me how to be tougher or how to burst like a champ if its possible

  10. December 28, 2012
    legion would you please help me .... im playing enh/resto as a 2s comp and i cant burst anythin that fast i mean if we face healer/dps its endless .... but if i play with dps ret / dk / shadow i get easly bursted...the cc of the sham isnt that good soo would you tell me how to be tougher or how to burst like a champ if its possible
    First of all, if u get bursted a lot, go for resil. get 2 resil trinkets if u are playing on warsong pvp server. also put resil gems on yellow socket.

    Secondly, sacrifice 2 static shock talents, and put them in Toughness. so u will have 3/3 toughness and 1/3 static shock.

    Thirdly, on pala wings (Avengin warth+ inquisition) use shield + Johnnywalker's grace + healing surge and if possible combine it with Shamanistic rage.

    Fourthly, for burst, use WF/FT and slow them with earthbind totem and Frost shock.
    also if u dont like the idea of not using Frostbrand weapon, u can use 4 wep imbues if u are playing on warsong.
    here is how: just get 2 more weps (slow or fast, doesnt matter) and enchant them with a different enchant.
    now u got 4 weps, two equipped and 2 on the bag.
    all u need to do is make the macro for wep swapping and u are rdy.

    now use WF/FT on main weps.
    and on bag weps use Frostbrand/Frostbrand.
    start battle by slowing them and them swapping to ur burst weps when u need to dps.
    u can keybind it for faster swapping.
    if u dont like the 4 wep imbues, stick with WF/FB.

    Five-nally, u cant beat shadow priest. they kill u with one hit, for 360k critical.
    i died like 47564 times. too op, wait for molten to nerf shadow p.

    Edit: forgot smthg. u must purge spell like avenging wrath, PW: Shield, etc, if Shamanistic rage is ready. remember that purge takes more than 3k mana and with Shamanistic rage it cost NO mana. so purge spam till wings are removed. i recomend u use power auras to now when he got wings.

  11. December 29, 2012
    I want to ask something anyway:

    1- is Elemental Devastation really worth it?
    I picked it up, and with a glyphed stormstrike, Earth Shock crits quite often, activating that talent. I'm one using FB on the offhand, so i can easily snare most people and cast some Eshocks, expecially against meeles.

    2- also, is the Focused Insight talent worth it too?
    Any shock empowers our healing quite a lot with this, and with instant healings just works nice.

    3- How much Static Shock affects our damage? It's really worth to spend at least one point in it?

    Consider that i'm talking exclusively about Enha in battlegrounds.
    Thanks anyway for the guide! Keep it up!

  12. December 30, 2012
    I want to ask something anyway:

    1- is Elemental Devastation really worth it?
    I picked it up, and with a glyphed stormstrike, Earth Shock crits quite often, activating that talent. I'm one using FB on the offhand, so i can easily snare most people and cast some Eshocks, expecially against meeles.

    2- also, is the Focused Insight talent worth it too?
    Any shock empowers our healing quite a lot with this, and with instant healings just works nice.

    3- How much Static Shock affects our damage? It's really worth to spend at least one point in it?

    Consider that i'm talking exclusively about Enha in battlegrounds.
    Thanks anyway for the guide! Keep it up!
    1 - I've seems enh shamans doing good with it, but me personally i dont think it worth it cuz most of the ppl do not reforge for crit, they reforge for mastery. Also enh shamans do not care a lot about crits, its all about enhancements. I love crit But shamans do not benefit so much with it. Elemental Devastation makes u benefit from ur crit rating. if u got it high, it worth it but be careful wich 3 points ur replacing with, i recommend u replace it with otughness or smthg.

    2- yes, it worth it. in fact i will replace the second one i have with a Focused insight talent tree.

    3- Well it worth it IF u have lightning shield glyph. its a 15% probability to deal a lighing shield orb dmg so its not that bad.

    thanks :)

    sorry if i made typos or smthg im still a lil drunk lolz
    its party time new year :D
    Happy new year guyz

    4.0.6 info.

  13. January 2, 2013
    aweome guide :)
    i hope u will add some tips how to play vs different classes

  14. January 2, 2013
    If u guys use power auras and you have problems tracking ur 5 stack searing debuff use this:
    Version:4.5; b:0; anim1:4; g:0.451; ignoremaj:false; target:true; icon:Spell_Fire_SearingTotem; buffname:Searing Flames; x:198; bufftype:2; stacks:5; texture:31; alpha:1; stacksOperator:=; exact:true; size:0.41; y:-109; targetfriend:true

    import for powerauras: type /powa click import and paste this [u can change it with a cooler texture]

  15. January 2, 2013
    If u guys use power auras and you have problems tracking ur 5 stack searing debuff use this:
    Version:4.5; b:0; anim1:4; g:0.451; ignoremaj:false; target:true; icon:Spell_Fire_SearingTotem; buffname:Searing Flames; x:198; bufftype:2; stacks:5; texture:31; alpha:1; stacksOperator:=; exact:true; size:0.41; y:-109; targetfriend:true

    import for powerauras: type /powa click import and paste this [u can change it with a cooler texture]
    thanks slawn, im going to put this in the guide. :)

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