1. July 16, 2013

    [Guide] Blood Tanking PvE

    There is so much going around and it's making me annoying with people giving the wrong advice, not that this is law, christ no. This if from personal experience on here. Some may even call me stupid, but I'm gonna let them. Tanking is something I seriously enjoy, I've cleared all released content on molten, and have the pleasure of being a tank in Molten's best PvE guild.


    Spec 1 - Runic Power Hording, pure tanky tank.

    Spec 2 - Soloer, Lichborne.

    Spec 3 - AOEer.


    Most of the talents are pretty self explanatory.
    A few however are not, and some may say are optional so I will explain why to use them.

    Abomination's Might: It's a raid buff, with the reduction in Marksman Hunters (survival is the best spec for this patch and for Firelands) there is a higher chance of not having the 10% Attack Power buff for your group (it's rare to get a Pala and Druid together so Kings is always a priority for buffs). So take it and help cover the lack of an AP buff with this.

    Lichborne: Some might see this as obvious, some don't. It is important. It allows you to use it for two uses, some Mobs/Bosses fear, this allows you to break that and carry on with the aggro. Two you can use it to heal and this is very important, say if your healer gets trapped (Shannox), Froze (Maloriak), or is dead you have that chance to heal up enough to then Battle Rez them after (Also why I glyphed Death Coil, to give more healing)

    Epidemic: Keeps your diseases up (important for Scarlet Fever (10% Damage reduction)). Meaning you can focus on actually tanking and surviving rather than worry about constantly maintaining your uptime with them.

    -Other Options-

    Endless Winter: There are a lot of encounters where you will have to interrupt, and there is nothing worse than having no Runic to interrupt, and this could cause a wipe. Talent it to make it free and you have one less thing to worry about.


    You do not need hit rating, or expertise. Your Death Strike will heal you and give you your blood shield whether it lands or not.

    Mastery > Avoidance (Inc Strength) > Stamina

    Mastery is our most important stat, Blood Shield applies a protective barrier to us, absorbing physical damage. For every Death Strike heal you gain a certain percentage as a Blood Shield. This itself makes us pretty unkillable, if you have amazing rune management you can have constant uptime on this.

    Avoidance is not as important, CTC (Combat Table Coverage) is not applicable to DKs. Since we are nothing more than a meat shield. But it is our secondary stat. The more you dodge/parry the more your blood shield can build, so it's still a needed stat. Try aiming for 35-40% Avoidance. (Remember your Horn of Winter buff gives Strength which scales into your Parry rating)

    Stamina isn't as important, due to the mechanics of DKs. Let the druids have their fun with stamina. Don't EVER stack this, but you will need to keep a certain amount, go for socket bonuses on your gear, since most give you +Stamina from them. There will be fights where it is mainly magical damage, for these your blood shield is pretty useless (Nothing more than absorbing the bosses melee damage). Keep a Stamina trinket on you (Vial of Stolen Memories (BOT-V&T) or Symbiotic Worm (BWD-Mag)) for these fights, and make use of your AMS. (Some say to get Mirror of Broken Images from Tol Barad, but personally AMS is on a shorter CD, and you would best be off with a 2nd Stamina trinket)

    Unless your socket bonus is Mastery, ignore it. Use [Fractured Lightstone] - 50 Mastery.
    Red: Fine Lava Coral - 25 Parry + 25 Mastery
    Yellow: Fractured Lightstone - 50 Mastery
    Blue: Puissant Elven Peridot - 25 Mastery + 37 Stamina

    Helm - 90 Stamina + 35 Dodge - Arcanum of the Earthen Ring - Reputation (Exalted)
    Shoulder - 75 Stamina + 25 Dodge - Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz - Reputation (Revered)
    Cloak - 250 Armor - Greater Protection
    Chest - 20 to All Stats - Peerless Stats / 75 Stamina - Greater Stamina
    Bracers - 50 Dodge - Superior Dodge / 195 Stamina - Leatherworking Only
    Gloves - 65 Mastery - Greater Mastery
    Legs - 145 Stamina + 55 Dodge - Drakehide Leg Armor
    Boots - 50 Mastery - Mastery

    Weapon - Rune of Swordshattering - 4% Parry

    BIS List:
    Helm: Necrotic Boneplate Faceguard - T13
    Neck: Guardspike Choker - 1250 Valor
    Shoulders: Necrotic Boneplate Shoulderguards - T13
    Cloak: Indefatigable Greatcloak - 1650 Valor
    Chest: Necrotic Boneplate Chestguard - T13
    Bracers: Titanguard Wristplates - Crafted (Blacksmithing)
    Gloves: Necrotic Boneplate Handguards - T13
    Waist: Forgesmelter Waistplate - 1650 Valor
    Legs: Necrotic Boneplate Legguards - T13
    Boots: Stillheart Warboots - Ultraxion (DS)
    Ring: Hardheart Ring - Shared Boss Loot (DS)
    Ring: Signet of the Resolute - 1250 Valor
    Weapon: Experimental Specimen Slicer - Yor'sahj (DS)
    Relic: Stoutheart Talisman - 700 Valor

    There is no real set list, due to mechanics, different ones are up for different choices.
    Fire of the Deep - 1650 Valor
    Soulshifter Vortex - Yor'sahj (DS)
    Indomitable Pride - Shared Boss Loot (DS)

    Wowhead link with gear fully Enchanted, Reforged and Gemmed - BIS Blood DK 4.3


    Death Strike: Single target attack, dealing high damage and heals you for 20% of the damage you taken in the last 5s (for a minimum of 7% max HP) and this gives you your Blood Shield based on a percentage healed (scales from mastery). Also turns 2 (1F/1U) runes into Death Runes.

    Heart Strike: Hits 3 targets within melee range, damage is based on diseases on the target. (another reason to have diseases up and spread)

    Rune Strike: An Unavoidable attack that deals a moderate amount of damage but gains a lot of threat. 45% chance to refresh the CD on a used rune.

    Death Coil: Deals shadow damage at range, idea for kiteing, does have a high Runic cost, but also can refresh a random rune. Can be used to heal yourself if you have Lichborne active.

    Outbreak: Instantly applies all your diseases to the target

    Pestilence: Spreads your active diseases on the current target to all nearby targets.

    Death and Decay: AoE ability dealing a DOT effect to all mobs within the area. Can be places at range.

    Managing your threat:

    Taunts: Dark Command, Death Grip.

    You should really have Omen installed, it's important to track your own and others threat.

    Solo Target:
    Open with an outbreak to get your diseases on, Death Strike till your heart is content. Keep your Scarlet Fever on the target, and if someone goes a little to HAM and steals aggro, call them a twat, taunt it back (Dark Command) and carry on.

    Multi Targets:
    Open with a Death & Decay, into an outbreak on one target, Pestilence to spread it, and then use Heart Strike and Death Strike. It's best to tab target spam this. If you feel your loosing too much treat (you should be fine though with this method) you can use Blood Boil every now and then.


    We have a lot of defensive CDs.

    Icebound Fortitude, reduces damage taken by 50% for 12s, also makes you immune to stun effects. This is key for when you are taking too much damage. It's ALL damage, not just physical, so can be used on unavoidable magic damage.

    Vampiric Blood, this should be talented so it gives extra healing. Allowing your healers to heal you us really quickly after taking a lot of damage, can be used just before the damage happens as it will make the hard heals more effective. Also while this is active your Death Strike heals for more, and as such scales your Blood Shield too.

    Anti-Magic Shell (AMS), absorbs magic damage, significantly reducing the damage you take form this. Can also stop certain boss mechanics to not apply a debuff (BH-Argaloth On retail it should not apply the Meteor Slash debuff is you have AMS active when it is done, meaning a DK can pretty much solotank this if they fully understand their class and the encounter. But this is Molten, and it doesn't work. Only successfully solo tank BH once, due to some sheer luck).

    Raise Dead/Death Pact is pretty self explanatory for every spec. Use it while you have Vampiric Blood active as it has a Lay on Hands effect.

    Dancing Rune Weapon, is fantastic. It increases your parry rating by 20% while active. Best to be used when your either on your low HP or when there are adds, since it also increases threat making you not only take less damage but also allowing you to significantly increase your threat on the mobs.

    Rune Tap, should be glyphed. It heals you for 10% and also heals your raid for 5%. Should be used after a group AOE attack to help pick up your raid HP.

    Empower Rune Weapon, should be mainly used as a defensive. If you are low life, there is no incoming heals, use it, Death Strike.

    Army of the Dead, contrary to popular belief that this is just a DPS increase, this is a HUGE defensive CD that can mitigate a on shot mechanic. While channeling (4s) you cannot dodge or parry, BUT you receive damage reduction equal to your Dodge and Parry. Meaning you can reduce about 35-40% of the incoming damage for 4 seconds. Have too many stacks on Warlord? Stand and cast Army of the Dead.


    Macros for Blood aren't primarily important, but are more there to be helpful with things that need to be done quickly. Like healing.

    The most important macro you should have, zero questions asked.

    #showtooltip Raise Dead
    /castsequence reset=60 Vampiric Blood, Raise Dead, Death Pact
    /use Healthstone
    /use 14
    This will Use your Vampiric Blood, Ghoul Sac and if you have an on use trinket (Vial of Stolen Memories, Stay of Execution, Darkmoon Card:Earthquake etc)


    Omen Threat Meter - Tracks your current threat for yourself and those within your group
    Blood Shield Tracker - Great addon for tracking your Blood Shield.
    Magic Runes - Customisable Rune bars so you can clearly see your runes and runic power.


    This is a brief little guide of current molten content and how to deal with them.


    Pretty straight forward tank and spank. Keep aggro for the most part. During Mangle you should be using your Vampiric Blood, if your chainers fail to do their job well pop Icebound.

    (Use your Stamina Trinkets)
    Pretty straight forward if your 2 tanking this. Use AMS to get Toxitron out of the Poison Gas, again use it during Magmatron's Incineration. There is no special CDs needed here, just clever use of your AMS is enough for this fight. If your solo tanking it's a little harder, the positioning of the golems, is very important, keep them moving, remember not to over damage the one who has his shield up. They hit like wet paper, but it's their abilities that hurt, hence the need for stamina and correct use of your AMS.

    I love solotanking this. for two tank, build up your blood shield as much as you can when he is not on you, so when it's your turn to tank you have a full blood shield. if your solo tanking, it's the same, but you MUST make sure you have enough blood shield for when he Double Attacks, if not you will be one shot and cause a wipe. When everyone is stacked he doesn't attack you, anther good time to get your blood shield built up. Molten haven't' scripted this brilliantly, he's not meant to Double Attack after a massacre, but he will sometimes. Pop Vampiric after feud, to make sure you are healed up instantly after massacre. Be helpful and use Rune Tap too, when everyone is low life, it's gonna top them up that 5% they need, especially helpful when the fight you only need your DPS on 10%. During the 2nd Phase you won't need to kite, if your blood shield was built up full, pop icebound.

    Nothing really special here, your glyphed Bone Shield is a little helpful here, with the increased run speed, meaning you can dodge sound rings more effectively. AMS can help during Tracking on air phase. Apart from this there isn't a lot involved cooldown wise.

    This is where your AOE abilites will come into play the best.
    Tanking Maloriak, you'll thank me for your Endless Winter talent, since you'll be needing to interrupt a lot. Interrupt Arcane Storm. During Phase 2 you'll be kiting him if you get caught in he Magma use AMS, pop Vampiric, this should be enough to take the damage of the fire and the fall.


    Another fight you will tank me for Endless Winter. Interrupt that Shadow Nova. Nothing major for CDs wise here, any tank would excel in this fight (paladins are probably the best for this fight). You cannot Icebound Furious Roar, so dont bother wasting that.

    Again another fight when Magic Damage is the main source. If you get trapped in Devouring Flames AMS as soon as and run out. If you get inside of one of the Fabulous Flames, AMS and run out asap.

    Ascendant Council:
    Again you will need to interupt. If you are on Feludius you will have to interrupt Hydro Lance. When he does Glaciate, AMS and get away as far as you can. During the last phase Icebound and AMS should be used since there is a lot of damage AOE wise.

    It's been months since I did this last :/ and it's not even scripted atm. so I'm gonna leave this blank till they release him again and I have the chance to do it again.



    Pretty simple, keep using Rune Tap off CD to help with the raid wide AOE damage. Death Grip does not work on the Spinners, Even though it is a taunt, they are immune to it and till not drop down. Once Beth comes down and you have to take over tanking, keep your blood shield up as much as you can, she still deals physical damage as well as fire. Once you have widows kiss debuff and the tank has taunted off you, pop AMS since your more vulnerable to the AOE pulse and the healers cannot heal you.

    Lord Rhyo:
    Going to be honest, hate tanking this mainly because my PC sucks so I end up driving the legs instead. Tank wise you should be using D&D the second the adds come out, pickup aggro instantly, you need to keep the big add out of the group, so death grip him out of the way. If you get stuck between Magma Flows, AMS, dont even think about it, if you get hit your gonna die. During Phase 2, pop icebound asap. It hurts, your AMS should be up, use that. this is where the hard healing comes in, so the second phase 2 starts use Vampiric to pick you up to full HP.

    You should be happily able to take both Riplimb and Shannox at the same time. There will be stacks on you and your blood shield is important here and this is all physical damage from them. Do not get trapped obviously. You cannot AMS over the traps, it doesnt work, you will still get trapped. Use your Dancing Rune Weapon if you do get trapped, and you will need every bit of threat available to you to pick them back up (Shannox is tauntable, but Riplimb isn't). During Phase 2 (Both dogs dead) You will need to Icebound, and when he casts Magma Rupture, AMS the second before he does it. you can be one shot by this.

    Normally done with one tank, this is simple enough, DKs make amazing tanks on Baleroc, mainly because of AMS. Inferno blade damage can be absorbed with AMS. Decimation Blade cant be absorbed with your blood shield, but the following attacks will kill you if your healers cannot pick you up in time. So (you should have DBM) when you're alerted to Decimation Blade, Icebound, Vampiric Blood and DS till you have at lease 50% of your HP as a Blood Shield. You might get lucky and not even get any Decimation Blades.

    Take one of the eggs, fairly simple fight, just make practical use of your AMS. AMS if you get caught in a worm's flame breath. or if your on Heroic, AMS if you cannot get behind your meteor during Flamestorm. When Alyz comes fron to reignite, you might want to think about using a CD, something like Vampiric Blood. She does a fire Cleave. you should be able to handle about 13 stacks before it gets too much for you.

    Tank and spank fight, you yourself don't have to do much, your blood shield does it all. since damage from his flamescythe is shared between the whole raid who stand in front of him. Just hold aggro. Use Rune Tap off CD to help your raid.

    Stand on one size, 3 stacks of the debuff your other tank will taunt off you. Avoid the Smash, traps. Phase 2, get on your side, when seeds spawn run to the middle, AMS to avoid some of the damage and use rune tap once people are getting damage from the seeds. Transition Phase 2, if your on Scions pick one up, death grip the other to you and take them away while they raid get the sons. Once this is done and the Scions are dead, phase 3 is just the same as phase 1 but with meteors. DPS should be taking them anyway, one gets too close to you just Icebound.

    Most of the HC tactics are the same with what you have to do as a tank, the only major difference being really Alys and Rag. Once I'd done Rag on HC I'll update this again.

    Dragon Soul:
    Thanks to Allskill for this!

    Tank him with his back facing the raid, preferably with him facing the temple. If needed, use an OT and switch on every 3 or so armor debuff stacks (but it should be easily solo tankable). Gradually rotate around minor defensive cooldowns (DRW, Trinkets, VB). If you have 4 set bonus, use VB sparingly and with care so you can have it ready for every black blood phase. Save major defensive cds for when he reaches 20% (IBF, ERW).

    As soon as he splits, take your assigned clone to the side of the map you are assigned to, far away from the other clone so your group and the other raid group do not have to intersect when soaking shards and when dealing with the black blood phase. When moving your clone make sure you do not have a stomp coming in as your raid group will most likely not be in position to properly soak the stomps. The stomp damage can be quite messy here, prepare to use 4 piece VB as a possibly needed raid cooldown. You may / should use AMS when soaking the shard damage here. Definitely use IBF during the last 20% and use DRW on cooldown throughout the fight. Time Warp/BL/Hero is best used at 30% or so.

    On the initial pull and right after the end of the black phase, make sure he faces the raid until he starts spawning the void ball. Then face him away from the raid. Also make sure the boss is positioned in the middle of the arena as there are some collision detection problems between the boss and the void ball otherwise. When bouncing the ball, stand as far away from him (but stay in melee range) so the ball's explosion effect doesn't hit you. After 3 stacks gradually chain your defense coodowns, minor ones first, then major ones. If you have 4 piece set bonus, try to save VB for the black phase as a raid cooldown. Let the ball hit the boss at 6 - 8 stacks for beginner tanks or for pug runs. For good tanks and coordinated raids, go higher. I personally go for 13 stacks.

    The non-black phase is pretty much the same with the exception of the debuffs. There will be multiple debuffs and when they are dispelled, they will do aoe damage to nearby raiders. As a tank you should soak the dot damage and use AMS to negate the damage done by the dot. Never have your healers dispel the dot on the tank, have them heal through out.

    During the black phase immediately get to the claw tentacle since that one needs to be tanked. Prepare to use 4 piece VB as a needed raid cooldown here as the aoe damage incoming here is huge. Don't forget to make the boss face towards the raid at the end of the phase so the void ball is spawned and traveling towards the ranged group.

    Just a tank and spank really. If needed run to the target ooze if the raid needs your help with dps. Try to save 4 piece set bonus VB for green, red, and black oozes. When getting the void bolt stacks, try to drop the stacks using AMS (4 stacks for 10 man, 2 stacks for 25 man), use AMS when your debuff has 6 seconds left on it. If you fail on dropping the stacks, prepare to chain cooldowns, especially on 25 man as the dot is much more powerful than on 10 man. You can also run with an OT here and just taunt off when you need to drop stacks.

    Literally the same as normal, just prepare ahead of time your 4 piece VB as the aoe damage from green, red, and black oozes can be quite sketchy. As a DK you can death grip the mana void in.

    Trash - DO NOT USE D&D on the first set of mobs, they can easily be aggroed using heart strike and death strikes/rune strikes on each individual mob. On second set of mobs, use blood boil to aggro them initially. However the smaller adds will generally die so fast here that you will just need to keep aggro on the 2 larger adds. On third set of adds, this is where you will use D&D to keep aggro on them all. They will also hit like a truck so prepare to chain some cooldowns. On fourth set of adds keep the bigger add near the edge of the platform, and try to keep it cced for when it casts that frost gravity well thing.

    Keep the boss near the edge of the inner circle area pre-frost phase. Never eat her focused assaults, simply get away from the boss so they don't hit. Use Dark Simulacrum to steal Shattered Ice. Use AMS if you are taking damage from Ice Lances, and during the lightning phase. If you have 4 piece VB, use it during the lighting phase. Use D&D, spread diseases to help dps the tombs down, also try not to have the boss "inside" the tombs or there will be LOS problems. Save DRW as a dps cooldown for after each frost and lightning phase. Tank and kill the lightning add on top of one of the conductors during lightning phase.

    You can no longer kite the focused assault, you must soak the damage. However the damage is not that bad, just spamming death strike should be enough, especially if you time it right so you gain more absorbs + healing from death strike above the 7% minimum (Blood shield tracker addon ftw!)

    During frost phase, if you end up screwing yourself with the frostflake debuff and know you will get hit by the icicles, use AMS. If you don't have AMS, icebound. Otherwise try to get dispelled immediately and position yourself so you are behind the raid so the frost patch created when frostflake is dispelled doesn't sit infront of the raid and slow everyone down.

    You will need to use 4 piece VB for lightning phase.

    Make sure you have your extra action button 1 binded and working. Also make sure your raid has a concrete order as to who is soaking the hour of twilights (only applicable on 25 man, you can solo soak every hour of twilight on 10 man).

    Note that this fight will give you a 50% cooldown reduction duration for tanks, so you can use your AMS, DRW, etc twice as often. They will also last twice as long.

    Start off by pooling your runic power and using death strikes as usual. About 5 seconds into the fight thrall will use that thing that makes your cooldown durations be halved. Once he does this, he will actually reset the cooldown of your DRW. So, when you start the fight, use DRW about 4 seconds into the fight, that way it will be reset 1 second later, and you will be able to start off with 2 DRW's, which is a VERY NICE dps boost.

    Use DRW when it is off cooldown, its a very nice dps boost. You really shouldn't have to use damage reduction abilities on this boss except for AMS, which you will use to soak every hour of twilight.

    When you get fading light, use the extra action button at 2 seconds left. Be careful as the extra action button spell IS ON THE GCD. Also people have reported some sort of "lag" when using it. So using it when you have 2 seconds left on the debuff should be safe enough. There is quite a bit of aggro trouble when people enter and leave the twilight realms. Be sure to keep a sharp eye on the boss's target. If a dps happens to get aggro, immediately taunt back. If you can, call out when you get fading light so the OT knows when to taunt, and vice versa.

    Very little changes for heroic, just notice that you cannot solo soak the twilights anymore. Remember the assigned order given by the raid leader (you do have an assigned order... right? ). Also, notice the twilight casts are faster on hc and the fading light debuff will have a shorter duration on hc. Stay focused and do not fall for these faster casting times. Remember to do whatever you can to boost your dps here, the damage incoming from the boss is not to bad. If you can put on some dps gear and stamina trinkets... Just don't forget to switch back to your main tanking gear for warmaster

    Blackmaster Warhorn (see what I did there? ;)):
    Tank one of the big vrykul adds and have the OT tank the other one. Keep the two adds close together so people can cleave them. After each one is dead, you will switch the type of add you take (if you take the dreadblade first, you will then take the slayer, then the dreadblade, slayer again, etc...) This is so you can drop the stacking dot debuff they give.

    When the sapper comes, use D&D and blood boil to help reveal it. DO NOT DEATH GRIP IT! It can bug the add out and make it run really fast into the ship. Chains of ice should work though.

    On the start of phase 2, tank the boss in a reasonable position so ranged can have enough range to stay out of the 15 yard silence range, but also have enough room to move away from shockwave. Have the tanks switch after 2 stacks of the debuff. Remember the boss has a vengeance like ability so the lower hp he has, the more damage he does. Chain cooldowns here wisely (minor ones first, then major ones).

    Don't get in a bad position where you are surrounded by deck fires, the last thing you need is to be stuck with a twilight barrage underneath you. Keep using 4 piece VB for the twilight barrages from Gariona. Otherwise same as normal really.

    For phase 2, if you are tanking warmaster first, position him towards the front part of the ship. The OT will then pick up Gariona and face her away from the raid (BUT NOT FACE HER TOWARDS THE MT): She does a frontal cone aoe attack so she must be facing away from the raid and also away from the MT. However the cone is very narrow so you shouldn't have to turn her too far. As always, alternate on every 2 armor debuff stacks. This last phase is more or less about how the dps + healers bounce around to avoid shockwave. Tanking here is pretty straightforward and not so different from normal. Just make sure you prepare cooldowns for the last few percentages on warmaster as his vengeance ablitiy will make his last hits hit REAL hard.

    On every roll, you will most likely have killed 3 corruptions (and thus have 3 amalgamations coming in) and have a few bloods floating around. Put down D&D to get aggro on them all and use a minor cooldown during the roll. 4 piece VB is good for this.

    If you are tanking the amalgamation, keep it at the center of the spine and about 20 - 30 yards away from the tank taking the bloods. Be sure to not use heart strike if there are bloods nearby as that will complicate the other tank's ability to aggro them. Once you bring the amalgamation over the dead bloods and it has 9 stacks, use a major cooldown like IBF or 2 minor cooldowns, like a trinket and DRW. Keep the amalgamation near the plate as it is being finished off. As soon as it starts casting Nuclear Blast GTFO from it.

    If you are the tank taking the bloods, just stay at the plate and keep taunting each blood as it comes. Remember to hit each blood with at least a death strike or rune strike so you can keep aggro on them. D&D and blood boil helps alot here too. Obviously when the amalgamation is casting Nuclear Blast GTFO from it.

    Once the plate is dead, kill the tendon. Rinse and repeat.

    In Progression

    Do not ever use a cooldown for the first impale. Also, there is a small chance the first impale will actually not apply the debuff. If you are lucky and this happens, do not waste a cooldown for the second impale. Otherwise if the first impale leaves the debuff, use dream for the second one if you still have the green platform buff, otherwise use IBF, or pool blood shield using DRW and ERW, or ask for hand of sacrifice. Just make sure by the time you hit phase 2 you have IBF for the 2 big adds.

    When the hemorrhages come, use D&D to aggro them and make sure they are in the time zone.

    Obviously help out whenever you can with the elementium bolt, but do not leave the mutated corruption unattended. I personally throw down a D&D at the time zone.

    On phase 2, use dream if you get shrapnel. Once the 2 big adds come, immediately throw down a D&D and tank them in the time zone. Make sure you use whatever remaining cooldowns you have. YOU WILL NEED THEM.

    In Progression

  2. July 16, 2013
    Still dont see use of Endless winter and Lichborne...maybe for solloing...but tbh, if you took scent of blood to a max you would never have problems with rp to interupt...
    Also, Improved Blood Tap atm... only if you use bug to get 6 Death Runes which i find pointless as well since Blood Tap is bugged(partly)...overall nice guide....

    Also...Expertise is >then all for all tanks...always was...and always will...(getting blood shield when you miss is bug...so when thats fixed, you will go for more exp)...


  3. July 16, 2013
    "Is this a PvP or PvE guide?"
    I can't figure it out by looking at the talents/glyphs
    something like bf or bh would be much better.

    *Abomination's might is not needed, since you will have someone in your group with AS/AP aura and they do not stack.
    * DC and DS glyphs are just lame, you want to take Rune Strike and DnD as they are biggest threat generators for you.

    *And some others, but since there are hardly any real raiding tank that would mess with it I won't even mention it.

    Also this is nice, if someone would bother to read it ^^.

  4. July 16, 2013
    +1 for making a guide for the community.

    Slightly disagree with the Lichborne; rarely found an event in dungeon/raid that makes you get feared, even a healer can easily dispel it if happens. I prefer to improve Epidemic to the maximum.

  5. July 16, 2013
    It seems like in the recent hotfix they've broken bloodworms. Just did Firelands and BWD and for every boss, only 1 spawned the whole time for each fight compared to one every 20 or so seconds.

    Really kills its use :(

    I prefer to use this spec:


    with Rune strike glyph instead of death coil

    I never use Lichborne and Endless winter is a crutch. I can manage my runic power on the few fights where i must interrupt something. Otherwise its a beginner talent.

  6. July 16, 2013
    Also...Expertise is >then all for all tanks...always was...and always will...(getting blood shield when you miss is bug...so when thats fixed, you will go for more exp)...

    Care to explain why expertise is the most important stat? No, it's NOT a bug. DS got changed in 4.3, it gives healing and shield no matter if it lands or not.

    Lichborne is just too good to pass, cheese some RP with AMS or simply pool up, pop Lichborne, spam some Coils on yourself, enjoy your health pool looking nice and green. That's why it goes well with glyphed Coil.

    A simple macro for that
    #showtooltip Lichborne
    /cast Lichborne
    /cast [@player] Death Coil

    While I could agree Endless Winter is optional, it's always good to have a free interupt. Plus there's hardly anything else worth taking instead.

  7. July 16, 2013
    A few observations on the guide and the comments in the thread:

    Mirror of Broken Images is so good because of its Mastery, as well as the extra AMS effect. That's why it's so highly recommended.

    Not enough mention of Rune Strike in the rotation. As well as being the single highest threat-building ability, there is the Runic Empowerment proc chance to think about. I prefer to glyph this over DC too.

    Vampiric Blood should not affect the size of your Blood Shield, only the amount of healing. In the same way, heal-reducing affects should not reduce the size of the shield, only the amount of healing.

    Army of the Dead should be included in the list of defensive cooldowns. The amount of times I see people starting a pull by popping their army makes me cringe.

    Seconding criticism of any mention of Expertise. Death Strikes heal regardless now, and that isn't a bug. It's not a bad stat as it helps with threat, but it certainly shouldn't be prioritised that much.

    @ bluao, blood boil is a totally meh glyph, Death Strike is more valuable than DnD, and Unholy Command is a 100% PvP talent (apart from being totally lacklustre when compared to the bonus granted by epidemic, Death Grip still doesn't taunt bosses (or other mobs immune to the movement part) here on Molten).

    @ the talent spec above. Dancing Rune Weapon is too good a defensive cooldown not to be included in a standard build, and the same goes for Lichborne. These are basic tanking talents, helping you to reduce, or recover from, heavy incoming damage.

    As well as the lichborne macro above, I would also recommend a Raise Dead/ Death Pact macro. Personally I like to macro /startattack to all of my abilities too.

    Pat on the back for the guide though.

  8. July 16, 2013
    @ the talent spec above. Dancing Rune Weapon is too good a defensive cooldown not to be included in a standard build, and the same goes for Lichborne. These are basic tanking talents, helping you to reduce, or recover from, heavy incoming damage.
    Ive never had any problems without DRW or Lich. Perhaps its due to being overgead for the current content so it may find its use in Dragon Soul for me. Iv'e solo tanked every single available boss and have had no issues without it at all.

  9. July 16, 2013
    Ive never had any problems without DRW or Lich. Perhaps its due to being overgead for the current content so it may find its use in Dragon Soul for me. Iv'e solo tanked every single available boss and have had no issues without it at all.
    ^ its legit :))

  10. July 16, 2013
    Ive never had any problems without DRW or Lich. Perhaps its due to being overgead for the current content so it may find its use in Dragon Soul for me. Iv'e solo tanked every single available boss and have had no issues without it at all.
    Perhaps. They are bread and butter tanking abilities ordinarily, and it makes no sense to prioritise spending 1 point on Virulence over DRW.

  11. July 16, 2013
    Perhaps. They are bread and butter tanking abilities ordinarily, and it makes no sense to prioritise spending 1 point on Virulence over DRW.
    Only reason I got that was to help boost my DPS as a tank since I am already doing half the bosses without any heals on me. lol

    I can do about 15-20k on bosses now with 100% single target dps :D

  12. July 17, 2013

  13. July 17, 2013
    By the way, which rune enchant you use? I've noticed you skipped the rune part of the guide, and since it'snot that obvious it would be good to add it :P

  14. July 17, 2013
    A: you're standing there like a nob while you channel AotD, that's time you're eating melee hits or some other scary boss move that you could be stacking Blood Shield for. Meanwhile AotD before the pull is a significant dps increase at the start.

    Plus, having to stand still for a few seconds can be horrible, due to fight mechanics. I'd only think about popping it during an encounter as a tank CD if I was 100% sure I wasn't going to be standing in something ****ing awful.
    That's not really acknowledging the utility of a 10-minute cooldown ability that reduces ALL (read: not just physical) damage taken by 35-40% (just using the recommended dodge/parry numbers from the OP). Obviously care must be taken when using it, but it's quite powerful when used correctly and far more valuable than a fairly mediocre initial dps boost.

    Only reason I got that was to help boost my DPS as a tank since I am already doing half the bosses without any heals on me.
    Probably I should do the maths, but I would have thought that the damage gained from DRW would be a comparable boost to your dps vs +10% on two DoTs. Either way, imo including DRW in a build is better tanking advice than a build that applies to a specific situation of overgearing nerfed content.

  15. July 18, 2013
    Thank you for the guide tosh

    on gearing my tank I find it hard to choose which ring to wear as I recently got Theck's Emberseal so on the basis of gear do you suggest mastery on everything or a bit of stam is ok ?

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