1. October 6, 2013

    arcane mage 3.3.5

    I want to open arcane mage and i want spec that can do high dmg in crits and i saw arcane is good i want most to pve but maybe i will play a bit in pvp i want to know if he is fun and not hard i have frost dk to pve and who do more dps arance or forst dk? And to make most dmg what better stuff or dagger+off hand

  2. October 7, 2013
    You can try this: http://wotlk.openwow.com/talent#ofxmcz0IzxGuMtjdcZbhf0o

    If you're going full PvE, you can drop both Slow and Arcane Barrage, since Slow is unneeded for TTW anymore, and Barrage decreases DPS by a... lot. However, Slow is useful for PvP, and Barrage... It's convenient, and can also clear your Arcane Blast debuff if Missile Barrage doesn't proc.

    Arcane boasts one of the highest burst damage in-game, and is also very simple, the rotation being :
    4x Arcane Blast (3x if you need to conserve mana)
    1x Arcane Missile

    Also, usually 1-hand + off-hand offers higher Spell Power, but Staves have a little bit more in everything else.
    Use whichever you want/have.

  3. October 8, 2013
    Well actually im running a PVE, PVP arcane mage, the problem with arcane is that most of the ppl wanna be top dps (of course, i mean why not) while leaving aside the team support some specs offers, (like ademo lock instead of all 4 destro locks, 3 fire mages and no arcanes, same with dudu balance, ele shammys) in the case of the arcane mage it lacks of DPS compared to a Fire-based build, simply cause fire have lots of DoT plus high crits and yes... they have Pyroblast :P.

    My mage is 6k gs, with FW25 hc, i've been playing it for a while now, and i can say i prefer arcane spec to FBB, it cast fast, it does high crits (above 30k) so i totally recomend you to try it, besides, a +3% damage increased to every raid member kinda mitigate the low dps it does (in my opinion).

    Now speaking a bit about gear, talents, stats and so... well, i do use Arcane Barrage... why? cause is NOT a dps lost until u can make a full rotation while the t10 2 parts eff is still up, thats how Arcane Barrage is a waste of dps, but until there u should go for it. Now for stats go for SP>haste>crit>intel>spirit always been hit capped ofc.

    I thinks that covers the basics to begin, i hope you enjoy this funny mage spec, i do and i will never change it, as i said, im not interested in be the first dps as long as i can help my raid to succed!! and ofc i dont need to be the top dps to get loot/achievs/anything else so... just enjoy it.

    PD. If u wanna see my talent build: http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Chmarnik/Ragnaros/

  4. October 9, 2013
    I want pvp with him too i saw in videos he doing high crits so what the problem with him and to use with staff?and what is arance barrage?

  5. October 9, 2013
    Arcane Mages are a bit squishy for PvP, so you'd have to stay at the back, and if you encounter an enemy while alone, you're almost sure to die.

    Arcane Barrage is the final Arcane Talent, it's an instant-cast Arcane Spell.

  6. October 9, 2013
    What he bad to pvp?he can u sw frostbolt and run away and do high dps on the enemy and he have absord so je can survive a bit more time

  7. October 16, 2013
    Arcane works insanely well in PvP, until you get hit by 2 auto attacks. Then you die.

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