Hello there,

I am new here and just wanted to give some feedback to Support. Please don't ban me, I'm just giving feedback to try make things better.

A quick disclaimer to just say that given the current situation, I understand that maybe support staff are feeling scared/unhappy and that from my little entitled corner in the world where there is less impact I can sit here and criticise. To even the grounds just imagine me as a sad little nerd who desperately wants to escape IRL for a few brief hours and feel powerful by showing Arthus who's boss.

Pretty much I signed up on Friday night and never got my activation email. I tried the following steps to recreate:
- Login: “username or password incorrect:

- PW reset email: Tried 3 times and never received

- Create new account: “this account already exists”

- Resend verification email: “an error occurred sending activation email"

So I sent support an email - with a screenshot and account name - and 48h later I got an answer saying that I "most likely" made a typo and bc you can't do manual adjustments that I have to wait 7 days to try again... that's it. No greetings, no goodbyes, no options or opportunities to follow up...

However, scraping what little information I got given, I went ahead and made a new account typing the email address carefully and BAM here I am having a whinge at you about it.

My point here is, it would be great to get more prompt support and if that's not possible then at least thorough support when replying. For example compare this answer:

"You likely made a typo when registering. You'd need to re-do the registration process as we're unable to provide any adjustments to non-activated accounts.

It takes a full 7 days for a non-activated account to expire. We can offer no 'manual' adjustments"

With this:

"Hi [Account Name],

Great to hear that you're considering joining Warmane! Activation email issues commonly happen when users make an error entering their email address. I went ahead and looked at your account and noticed that the email address entered is different from the one you're using.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make manual edits to your account but we do have a couple of options:
1. If you're happy using a different username, go ahead and make a new account with a new username and correct email address. This should resolve the issue.

2. If you need to use the same username, it takes a full 7 days for a non-activated account to expire. This means at [Insert date and time here] your account with the incorrect email address will be deleted and you can try again.

I hope this helps you and please don't hesitate to reach out with other questions.

Happy gaming,
Warmane Support"

I would also strongly recommend creating an automatic reply for your inbox giving your hours of operation and estimated turn around time. This helps players know when to expect a response. For example if you don't work weekends, clearly state that. If you're having a high volume, state that and give a ball park estimate for reply - even if it's ages, it's better than not knowing.

I hope this helps you and if you need more people to help take care of your email team, I'm happy to volunteer (unpaid) hours. This is...my...... application??