1. Everything is fine, rdf, heirlooms, cross-realms bgs except arenas. Some people are doing raid for months to get some item just so they could get rekt by some donor plater from Icecrown. Bgs are fine cause all players will be mixed and it'll be equal for all.

  2. Nice, I'll probably hop back on there with this change. Good choice!

  3. Not sure about CR with Blackrock. I mean, they get 251 gear, gems and enchants for free while Lord and IC have to get PvP gear the old fashioned way. Gonna make it harder for IC and Lord players to gear up when they are put against insta-251 Blackrock players.

  4. Very nice changes, full support for this.

  5. All those complaints about pvp “being destroyed” for Lord with crossrealm, I have news for you, it’s already dead. It’s been what, 1 month, since season started? And your top 50 team in 2v2 is 1600 raining.
    Stop being so ******ed the highest 2v2 team is above 2300, and he has shadowmourne :D

  6. RDF on Lordaeron is a great idea. now it's fully progressed it's like it really was in retail at patch 3.3.5. Plus means I can get more groups for TBC content so good news!

    Cross realm BG's is also great. BG's vs the noobs on Icecrown is far better than zero BG's that pop at my level right now! Remember kids, someone that bought a load of gear still doesn't make them a good player. I beat players many levels above me because class knowledge.


  7. As always ... it is your servers, your choice. Which sadly is getting manipulated by those who didn't agree with your choice. People like to make the argument that "If you don't like RDF then don't use it". Well, the same should have been said when you started the server in ignorance of the fact that RDF was disabled. The same spoiled self entitled people who want RDF are the same instant gratification players that ruin it for the rest.

    RDF was added much later in WotLK, and from my personal experience cost them a lot of players. Simple reason being ... the eof killed the entire point of a progressive raid system when you just eliminated the whole reason of going through the normal 10 man raids. When even the most casual player that does one dungeon a day can end up getting gear with the same rating as 10 man raiding ... that just takes a lot of the point out of games for people who actually enjoy having to put time in to get good things. (This said by someone who has not quite hit 80 yet, so I will have to go through that progression of 10 man normals .... which is the main reason I started playing.)

    Something to consider in addition to doing a poll, the people with an issue over RDF and such are much more likely to be on the forums than the people who are happy with the game. The people happy with the game are the ones on providing it population instead of being on the forums to complain. It always boils down to ... it is Warmane's server, they can run it how they want.

  8. A worry about the enabling of RDF seems to be the belief that it results in lesser social interactions or dead world PVP, while on the other hand the ability to form groups in a much better fashion than spamming global chat would be most welcome. A great balance would be to simply remove the 'auto-teleport' feature of RDF, making it instead a simple system to assist with forming groups, while still requiring/encouraging social interaction.

    In regards to Heirlooms, I see the benefits; they are limited to those who have created a level 80 character anyway therefore can't really be spammed, plus it would allow more characters being created overall thus boosting the population of pre-80 level characters.

    Cross battlegrounds... is an interesting idea. For AV and WSG I think it would be awesome, as you would have a mix of party members across realms (thus a mixture of level of gear). For Arena however, I agree with the concern that there would be an imbalance.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the 1x leveling rate, and joining and guild and forming groups along the way. For some, this server is not about the 'race' to be max level simply to grind for gear.

  9. Everything is fine, rdf, heirlooms, cross-realms bgs except arenas. Some people are doing raid for months to get some item just so they could get rekt by some donor plater from Icecrown. Bgs are fine cause all players will be mixed and it'll be equal for all.
    Totally with you bro , RDF , heirlooms and cross-realms but only with icecrown people, if we cross with blackrock... bull**** :S

  10. LOL @ the current automated message in chat:

    "Dungeon Finder is intentionally disabled on Lordaeron. This is a design feature of the realm as we invite players to form groups, travel to instances making Lordaeron a memorable adventure for everyone."

    It really irks me that the dev team has no problem axing one of the main, published, and advertised "design features" of the realm.
    Now look, I'm not gonna go on a crusade with pitchforks and trash talk and stuff, but this really kinda is a bum move for all the people who CAME to Lordaeron for the sole reason that RDF was disabled. Again, this was one of its main selling points, and now its getting taken away.

    I have 2 toons on Icecrown, a lock with a 5159 GS and a pally at 4623. Certainly not scores that are going to win me any awards, but you can see the level of time invested into them to acquire those numbers. I have little to no interest playing them because I haven't come across any guilds / players that would accept them / me. No, I'm not a rude a-hole or anything, but my time zone {and native language} apparently clash with the majority of Icecrown.

    That is not an issue on Lordaeron.
    Making groups for quests, meeting people out in the world, staying at a relatively even level with them over the weeks allowed me to forge friendships with many people and nestle in with several guilds. This is what Lordaeron was INTENDED to do with the omission of the RDF, and I know I am not the only one this benefited.

    Now look, with RDF, is all of that going to go away? I have no idea. I'm luckily in a place where I play with good chill people in some nice guilds, but I can't say that new players down the road will have that same fate.

    I fear it will be spam dungeons using RDF, stand in major cities, DPS yells "GO GO GO" to the tanks, all players who are not up to par of the elitists will be "crappy noobs" and we will see the downward spiral of subs and players just like retail WoW did all those years ago.

    History does tend to repeat itself.
    With a sad face,

  11. I kinda like the idea of playing RDF on leaderon .

  12. Atleast there will be some pvp on Lordaeron.

  13. Replying to say something to the tourists around here (and in game) talking about RDF and EoF, their ignorance is annoying me big time:

    RDF will NOT change anything regarding EMBLEMS OF FROST obtainability in Lordaeron.

    We have [Proof of demise] daily quests, which are a replacement to daily RHC and they award 2xEoF per day. It is the whole reason that everyone is doing gundrak all the time.

    RDF will change EoT obtainability tho but nobody should care about outdated emblems.

    and Im still against all of this.

  14. Please do different polls for dungeon finder , heirlooms , and the arenas and bgs merging.

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