1. Ban the person above you (Forum Game)

    I've always liked forum games as it's a fun way to pass time when you have noting to do.
    I haven't seen any forum games here so I'm just creating this post to see if anyone wants to play.

    If you don't know how to play it's really easy, just ban the person above you for any reason at all.

    (i.e. Banned for writing in this thread)

    Remember this is for fun so don't be rude and say really stupid stuff/things to each other!

  2. Banned for being 1 second faster then me.

  3. Parely's Avatar
    Banned all 3 of you for having epic signature pictures :(

  4. Banned because you're too obsessed with "Dehydration "
    http://www.openwow.com/?achievement=2041/dehydration and because Parely is faster then me.

  5. Both of you banned for not mentioning Parely. He's banned too, by the way.

  6. Banned for banning people on silly reasons? :D

  7. Gearer's Avatar
    banned for being boring!!!

  8. Gearer's Avatar
    how come i had to suffer the mighty banhammer!!!!

    and banned for banning a moderator

    yes i went twice lol i just had to. come at me ^.^

  9. Guys's Avatar
    banned for being online

  10. Ramseslll's Avatar
    Banned for using Bender BOTH in your name AND avatar

  11. Banned for a hilarious signature, that was pretty interesting. :rolleyes:
    Banned for being in a luxury hotel...

  12. Gearer's Avatar
    banned for posting more than once

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