1. HODLing onto Bitcoin today felt like...

  2. Banned for not keeping to the theme of the thread.

  3. Banned for triggering me with your sexist profile picture :^^^^^^^)

  4. Banned for putting more noses on that face than the amount of effort put in to Bruce Jenner's sex change surgery

  5. Banned for banning last year.

  6. Banned for killing the S&G section... again.

  7. Banned for not noticing that the topics were all moved to the main off-topic section XD

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

  8. Banned for re-configuring the forum (this is against the EULA, surely...).

  9. Banned for not reading the EULA or the TOS.

  10. Banned for having banned me multiple times.
    Ah, it looks like the tables have turned.

  11. Banned for impersonating a lord.

  12. Banned because of reasons. (True GM style)

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