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    We have roamed the plains a million years
    Gathered at the shore
    When we had run out of all fears
    We have come from everywhere
    Crumbling worlds behind
    Reason is what we're gonna give
    To be given peace of mind
    Crimson is the pavement
    Blood is dripping from our dreams
    To the sound of smashing yesterdays
    We dance in ecstasy

    Oh craving devour me
    Take me away
    Oh to infinity, take me away
    Take me away
    Oh yeah
    Take me away
    Far away

    Don't you turn your face to the night sky
    Said the fainthearted one
    You may see through the charades
    An instant that won't come undone
    I can feel the ease of my pain
    Decline of the blood reason level
    Gazing in awe bystanders scream
    Mentally critical fettle

    We're sailing on gentle waves
    We read the sky

    Stargazers, stargazers
    Behold the key
    Stargazers, stargazers
    Reason left behind

    Where are you detecting the wrongs
    Spirit that always denies
    I've gone insane
    Release me from waiting
    For the sparkle to rise
    I can see they're nailed to the cross
    Cannot live till they're gone
    Immortal they cry on terrestrial embers
    While they laugh at the clown

    You feel a chill as if time stood still
    There's no way out

    Stargazers, stargazers
    Behold the key
    Stargazers, stargazers
    For a lucid dream
    You'll leave the world behind

    Oh craving devour me
    Take me away
    To infinity, oh take me away
    Craving devour me
    Take me, take me away

    Stargazers, stargazers
    Behold the key
    Stargazers, stargazers
    Infinity, reason left behind

    When the sun rose to wake another day
    They were gone, gone without a trace
    Babylon, craving in lucidity
    Babylon, the fire will remain
    And the sun razes from their memory
    What the dark had ciphered in the sky
    And the flame's burning their lucidity
    Babylon, rise up to the night

    Oh, let us wander
    Let us wander between the worlds
    We override their principles
    Abrogate horizons
    Abandon mental gravity
    Oh, we overrule the eye
    Compromise your sanity
    To heaven
    To hell

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    my favourite

    In my opinion it is nice

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