1. I'm interested as well if there is a fix for "Failed to read information from the Internet. Please close all applications and try again". This pops up after launching WoW installer...

  2. Help

    All understand exactly take off 'WotlK_client' al do not know how to take off the patch to wowwiki site ,i need 3.5.5 thanks all for the help!

  3. Can it be done with TBC client aswell?

  4. I can't run the installer after downloading. What can I do?

  5. I can't run the installer after downloading. What can I do?
    installer? just click on wow.exe and play. There is nothing to install.

    What expansion did you download? MoP ?

  6. I've installed the game, but once i run the .exe and the game loads, my mouse and touchpad both stop working. they still work when i alt-tab out and get back to windows, just not in the game.

  7. Help me to download the game launcher or the wow icon to start the game

    I downloaded the game but accidentally i deleted the game launcher (wow) the one has wow logo which allows me to start the game
    Please help me if there is any way how to get it back rather than deleting and reinstalling

    I would appreciate an answer either in private message or comment


  8. after i download the game i set my graphics and change them to full hd and ultra and it says i have to restart the game for some settings to apply, after i restart the game the settings restarts too what i have to do?

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