1. Ok so , I have a shaman in sargeras (Miilly), and there alot of things missing in this guide :

    -Do never use glyph of earthshield or any talent related to it (earth shield improves, and the other in enhancement tree). I run with 11/9/51 you will wonder why , well as that spec my mana barely goes down and it makes you a tank in bgs or either arena. I dont have any kins of points in critical chance talents (i run with 19% critical chance)and even so I considerer it as a great advantage to sacrify critical chance for survival talents

    Glyphs that MUST be use are glyph of lhw , hw , stonecleaw as majors, minor watershield, wolf, and anhk.

    In pvp (arenas or bgs) I do never use chain heal coz its useless, so in my opinion if you want to be able to heal with high amounts you must use riptide, them 2 hw , after your TIDALS waves expired, use lhw, and repeat it

    Im missing alot of things, im at phonebut once I get home ill post alot of stuff
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to edit my guide with the changes I've been enlightened to about earth shield.

    Also, would you be able to create your spec on an online calculator and post it? I'm curious about the specific talent choices, and it would be great to have more than one talent spec available in the guide

  2. There you go, its really usefull coz you will be able to keep your mana saved ..


  3. There you go, its really usefull coz you will be able to keep your mana saved ..

    Seems usable.

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    Against the general "population" you need 5% hit, which is roughly 160.
    Against Blood-elves (as they got -2%hit), you need 7% hit, which is around 200.

    Yep exactly as you said - neck cloak and ring!! I use the ashen ring of hit, wf cloak and wf necklace. Guide is great stuff man thanks for being polite (most people are jackass if you disagree/say something different than them). If someone follows 100% your guide he'll be the best possible BG healer, just needs minor tweaking if it's for arena.
    hit ratting ring? and loosing sp proc?(procing from harmful spells)

    There you go, its really usefull coz you will be able to keep your mana saved ..

    same clearcasting should be useless because only proc from dmging spells(ofc if not bugged, oh wait it works 100%...)
    BTW as resto shaman you dont need healing grace talent. smart ppl really dont try to dispell shamans

  5. yah i prefer the healing icc ring, tho i use cloak and neckless with hit rating. btw how much spell pen do you peeps put in? i mean i play with no spell pen, when i playd abit on warsong i used around 79 spell pen didnt really see much difference?:D

  6. May 4, 2012  
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    /cast [modifier :alt,target=player] [nomodifier,target=party1] Riptide
    /cast [modifier :alt,target=player] [nomodifier,target=party1] Healing Wave
    /cast [modifier :alt,target=player] [nomodifier,target=party1] Lesser Healing Wave

    These macros are useful for any healer in 2v2. They allow you to heal your partner without targeting him. So for healing yourself you press alt+macro (self cast), for healing your partner ΤΗτ just macro.

  7. May 13, 2012  
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    5% hit is a must for arena (4,9x is good enough though.. use gear for it).
    I keep my spell pen between 100-120 (use gems for it, preferably some mixed ones).

    Otherwise I do believe stats depend on your setup:

    If you go with a war or dk, you will be focused most likely. You need more survivability in this case.
    If you go with destro or aff lock, maybe rogue, you will be less focused most likely.
    With hunter I am not sure.. think it depends how defensive your hunter can play.
    I do believe these are the best comps for resto shaman.

    As for macros, target=arena1/2/3 and use nomod/shift/ctrl signals the difference between mediocre and hardcore arena healers. Additional benefit is you do not target anyone at all, they do not know who will get that hex for example. (have to admit I played with focus macros for long, and now am on the learning curve to adapt these)

    For keybind many use sef instead of awd, thus giving more easily accessible keys to bind (not to mention this way you put your hand where you put for typing.. that is if you learned two hand type). On a side note I do not have backpedal bindid.. never ever backpedal, it is too slow movement.

    Oh.. and forget keyboard turning.. anyone can rape a keyboard turner, even I, with my resto shaman can beat to death with my autoattacks any keyboard turner.

    I would like to stress a bit more that ghost wolf, purge and wind shear are used more than actual healing abilities, they are extremely important. Of course wind shear gets a bit tricky for those that play on another continent than where server is.. 1,5 sec spells go through in basic latency pretty much.

    Purge is especially important if you play a mana-fight against a holy pally or resto druid.. do anything you can to purge innervate and divine plea. With pally you have to purge his dps teammate too, they will use hand of freedom on him and try to take you down most likely.

    I do not use healing grace.. it provides 30% dispell resist. What they really want to dispell they will anyway if you do not protect it with earth shield. Yes, you read it right. 8 stack of earth shield (and I do talent it no matter if it is bugged here) is a better protection against dispells.

    Be careful with bloodlust/heroism.. a mage spellstealing bloodlust/heroism and have a ton buffs to make purge harder is a really bad thing.

    As for ret pally and resto shaman.. it is not really that good a comp, ret pally can not really kill a well geared healer solo (save for some rare.. khmm.. "specially gifted players" that hit double the amount others in same gear can). In 3v3 though I really like ret pally-arms warri and me as resto shaman. Ret pally brings all that war+shaman lacks (dispell roots, defensive cd for shaman).

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    I'm confused about the gemming, surely one of the stats should be prioritising so you should be using mixed/hybrid gems, right? For example, Red = +Spellpower, Blue = +Spellpower & +Stamina.

    And what if the socket bonuses are useless on that piece of gear, what do I gem for then??

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    Also, you've completely missed out hit cap. Getting Wrathful Necklace & Cloak with Hit on it brings you somewhere between 4-5% hit. As 5% is the hit cap, you just gem it until 5% (or just use necklace and cloak if a Draenei).

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    The hit cap for spell casters is 4%.
    My lack of PvP knowledge shows ... but my point still stands! He missed out how to get the hit cap.

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    Very nice guide.

  12. Hadaidjasidad's Avatar
    Thanks, awesome guide! :D

  13. hi i got resto shammy and when i play arena i go with a lot of resilence (like 1750) and elemental warding tallent for 6% less dmg on me. I know its wrong but i loved it when some noobs try to kill the healer first. PPl who read this mey think im a noob for stacking so much resilence but i use to be in top 20 2v2 in frostwolf before cata with very few lost arenas. So my point is play as you like and dont fallow all the rules, try diferent stuff and have fun :)
    PS dont chose Mdps as a partner in 2v2 unless its just for fun!

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    Incredible guide!

    this guide really helped me out with the R shammy... A big thanks to you who made this guide!! :D

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    i would put spell penetration around 125 for purge effect so u dont get ressisted

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