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    Released: 26. Apr 2012. by Dementorion Protection Paladin of Neltharion
    Updated: 7. Dec 2014.

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    This tutorial is for players with low performance computers and its just like first aid, if u want huge improvments... money for new hardware is required.

    1st of all, here you can see how good can your computer run WoW

    Search on google for "systemreq" and click on 1st result.

    Choose right version, cata or wotlk and test it.

    Spoiler: Show

    Spoiler: Show

    If u barely fulfill Minimum, lower all your graphic sliders and go to Video settings in WoW and check for tips on some settigs, showing "Disabling this may greatly improve" and disable it, then proceed to steps #1 - #6.
    I think that one of things you should disable is Vsync.

    Follow next steps to get rid of Lag and freezing screens


    Before first step, note to MoP users: Sunshafts in MoP are poorly coded, on some hardware it can cause FPS drop from 100 to locked 50. Disable sunshafts and check your fps before doing anything else from this guide. Sunshafts have been reported as problem many times on internet. Thats how I solved my problem, with having fps locked to 50, regardless of settings used.

    Step #1

    Windows performance can effect WoW if u have older computer. Make sure that you run 1st two or 2nd two applications.
    I'm using them all.
    This will make your Operating system live longer.

    Search on google for "glary".
    From there use Utilities and Disk SpeedUp applications.

    Download, Install and Repair ur Registry and defragment your hard discs.
    Dont worry, it wont screw up ur registry, if ur comp/windows is older than a year, and u never run this kind of registry repair/defraging tool, u will notice difference in speed using windows.


    Step #2

    Search on google "GameGain", Download, Run, Configure, and Apply


    Step #3

    Search on google "GameBoost", Download, Run, Configure, and Apply


    Step #4

    Search on google "directx-9.0c-redistributable" Download and Install:


    Step #5
    This can help slightly.

    Macro for worst graphic
    Should be permanent but just in case, make macro and keep it. This macro will actually do something that u cant do in Video Settings, decrease settings/quality more that it supposed to do with slider, also it can be increased insanely.
    This is not permanent for me, and it slightly increases FPS. To reverse effect of this macro, just go to Video options, and move any slider left-right and Apply.

    /console groundEffectDensity 16
    /console groundEffectDist 1
    /console horizonfarclip 1305
    /console farclip 177
    /console characterAmbient 1
    /console smallcull 1
    /console skycloudlod 1
    /console detailDoodadAlpha 1


    Step #6
    This step is for illustration purposes only, you will need to find appropriate program and try to do it as I have described.
    I have copied this step from my old tutorial. The thing is, you need some program that will monitor your RAM memory and free it if it is needed to make WoW running smooth as much as possible. You can try software from Step #1, there is a module which is taking care of RAM optimization.

    After doing this I got around +15FPS more. This step is for old computers with 1 GB ram or less.

    Spoiler: Show
    MemTurbo v4.1

    Download, Install and Configure following program as shown on pic, if u have 512 MB RAM.

    Set up MemTurbo4 as shown on pic, but while WoW is active and with stabilized RAM usage. U can move sliders up or down, to adjust upper and lower "space" between normal yellow line, lower red line and upper yellow/green line (------)

    For better performance of ur comp or/and WoW I recommand that u increase ur VRAM to the MAX, 4096MB on ONE partition of ur Hard Disc, dont do it on (example) 2 partitions by 2GB's. VRAM = Virtual RAM, actually part of your hard disc is acting like RAM memory.
    Do to this go to (For Windows XP) Right click on My Computer > Propertis> Advanced > Settings (Under Performance) > Advanced > Change > Choose C drive, choose custom size and type Initial Size : 3900 MB's, and Maximum Size: 4000 MB's, u can type max 4096, but not necessarily, Set > Ok > Apply > Restart Comp.
    This will take 4 GB's of ur free space on C partition.

    As shown on photo, I had 512 MB RAM memory, but using VRAM, I had 42 processes active using 908MB.

    One more advice, dont have too much processes active as it have impact on processor wich need to be free for WoW.
    You can turn on Task manager Ctrl+Alt+Del and kill some applications you dont need. If u dont want to do it again and again, uninstall some app.


    Restart computer and check your fps.

    Please say thanks if my guide helped you, to keep this thread alive. Thanks.

  2. i have a very good computer( gtx760 8 gb and an i5 procesor).i have all settings maxed out and i get around 60 fps. how can i make it higher pls help! i can run black ops2 all maxed out with 150 fps on ultra settings. pls tell me how to get higher fps!

  3. Go in video option and remove the check mark from Vsync.

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