1. May 10, 2013  
    Yesh , gratz for him and his smelly bear :P

  2. May 28, 2013  
    Congratz everyone for Beth'tilac kills ^^ , he needs some more fixes but its good than nothing.

  3. Waiting anxiously for heroic contentÔäó.

  4. I'm back. We are 2/2 in Firelands with 3 groups now and working on a fourth. We will start recruiting more publicly and the application format will change in the next couple days (i.e. raid tactics questions).

  5. Progression:
    10 / 25 man runs

    10-man: 5/6
    10-man hc: 3/6
    25-man: 5/6
    25-man hc: 2/6

    10-man: 4/4 completed on 8/23/2012
    25-man: 4/4

    10-man: 2/2

  6. Meh bro its 25man hc bwd 3/6 dont u remember :D and firelands is 3/3 :P cheer

  7. Meh , Bjach Shannox is not really a proper kill since the fight is very broken so you cannot claim it a kill.

  8. Still looking for potential raiders for Firelands 25 if they ever open the damned raid. www.toxicmolten.shivtr.com

  9. Killed Baleroc just now. Was pretty easy. Will try other new bosses tomorrow.

  10. Gg everyone for all 3 new bosses.Tough time but we managed to get Alysrazor fast.

  11. Majordomo also dead but didn't take screenshot.

  12. 10 mans and normals too boring. Need 25 man and heroic please...Also still recruiting (www.toxicmolten.shivtr.com).

  13. So what exactly are you looking for?

  14. So what exactly are you looking for?
    Mostly people who are exceptional raiders with experience now. We have enough players who perform extremely well in Firelands that we don't have time for people new to Firelands. The first post has been updated to reflect our 4.3 progression. Credits to Xarana and Whatsy, our graphic designers. We are still pending screenshots for Beth'tilac, Shannox, and Majordomo.

    EDIT: Missing pictures from first post have been added.

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