1. I tried to follow all your steps but there are 2 things I was not able to do especially because I own only Mac and they are:

    1) Deaths verdict (normal & heroic BOTH) ---------> DBW trinket strength proc (transforms you into taunka for strength)
    2) Relentless Gladiator's Longblade -----------> Warglaives of azzinoth

    Anyone mind doing those 2 for me and sending me a link to download the patches?


  2. hello, is it possible to change the textures and apply the changes on the same MPQ file? basically not creating a patch but editing the original

  3. May 24, 2019  
    Can someone send me download link for ModelSwapper Thanks :)

  4. Bro can u send me ur dbceditor program? [email protected] (send it here)

    Either give me a download link or email it to me pls thanks
    [email protected]

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