1. July 7, 2014  
    Hello, from my own expirience I have a lot of problems with Enhancement Shamans (anti casters ofc), Skilled Feral Druids, Unholy Dk's are often very tanky for me and Arcane Mages.
    Arcane Mages are extremly annoying, make a guide on them, and Fire if you want but I usually beat ppl that play fire so it's not a real problem.
    Also there is no guide on Rogues (i have no problems vs them to be honest)
    So I suggest you make a guide for Rogues, Arcane Mages and Enhance Shamans.
    I have about 1380 resi, almost 500 haste and I have the Skeleton Key.
    I am very tanky but I think I play too agressive that's why I sometimes end up dying because im not Heal Abusing.
    Ele vs Ele are also mind games, I pretty much win vs all except for Tauren Shamans, if they are near me the War Stomp + hex combo is pretty op.

    So yeah, Ele vs Rogues, Ele vs Arcane, Ele vs Enhance and The Mirror (Ele vs Ele)

    This guide helped me a lot, thanks in Advance and I hope you can update it asap :)

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    My shamy <3

    I'am playing shaman for nearly three months and I don't understand so much but this guide helped me a lot,but I can't see these talents and the Armory for LK doesn't work.... so if u can link me the talents again I would appreciate it :).

  3. Your talent link was blocked, my antivirus said it was an attempt of phishing

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