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    No, we aren't even. I was having a discussion with Ohie about the experiences we've had playing recently, and you jumped in and derailed it. Granted, it is a public form, but .... why tho. No sense in it. The conversation can stop here. We can take it to DMs instead.
    If getting even is all you're interested in, it's probably best you don't try and play that game with me. We aren't, and never will be, even.

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    We can take it to DMs instead.
    No, no we won't.

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    I'm not talking about you. I have no interest in continuing the conversation you wanted. If I could have expected anyone on the forum to not crash a conversation I'm having with someone, it would've been my mods. That's not a conversation you would want public anyway.

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    1st characters?

    Mine was Garrett Greenbottle. Garrett name from Thief games, Greenbottle from PHB's Halfling surnames.
    He was a Lightfoot Halfling, Rogue, who would've thought.
    Chose Charlatan as a background.
    Imagined him to have dark messy hair, leather vest on top of common clothes.

    Something of this sort, which looks oddly familiar:

    Not much of backstory on him. Just a local Halfling with an itch for adventure, and for gold on the side via breaking and enter, or by selling "magical" trinkets. Buy cheap and sell expensive to a believer. Didn't matter how he obtained gold, as long as he did get it. No, he didn't steal from the party. Good at heart, bit bad on his actions.

    Lived up to level 5, as it was destined with "Introduction to D&D" -type of a campaign.

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    The death cleric I mentioned is technically my first character that I've ever played, but I've dreamed up plenty of characters over the years. They aren't really DND characters, as I made them from a roleplay perspective and never played them.

    I use a website for my current characters. My cleric is here: https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/Go...cters/46924098

    The backstory is this;
    She was orphaned at a young age, taken in and raised by dwarves. While the character had originally been themed as a life cleric, and from a roleplay perspective, kinda is, she was played as a peace cleric. The life cleric part is important because the deity she worships is the raven queen, the goddess of life and death. Due to her status as a member of the clergy, she does meet many pilgrims, and has gone on pilgrimages of her own. As a consequence, she's learned multiple languages (Common, Dwarvish, Elvish, Gnomish).

    Details about her family were left open-ended intentionally, as a tool for other characters to potentially connect to her through unknown blood relations or relationships with family. As such, has been left largely unexplored for the time being.

    Through the campaign thus far, she has made a couple very good friends. The one she was closest to ended up getting his throat slit in the middle of the night by someone he shouldn't have been messing with. This ended up being a "last straw" scenario (prior events included cultists burning villages, murdering innocents, etc), where ᚨᚱᛁᚨᚾ had felt she was being ignored by her deity, the raven queen. In order to get her goddess' attention, she switched from life to death (still under the raven queen) to wreak havoc. In so doing, she gave up much of her healing and support abilities in lieu of spells of the vampiric and necromantic sort. Which is a permanent change to the character, since such changes were only permitted to newbies by our DM for characters under level 5.

    And that's essentially the character's story so far.

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