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    Share something pointless about your life!

    YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. Share something pointless about your life. Just for funs?

    The way to my heart is tea. And Taurens.

  2. I'm awesome.

    Not really pointless but whatever =P

  3. Inflection forces me to sing over Vent :|

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    Arcayna wants to join your vent and hear you sing. :D

  5. Pointless thing?
    I'm a hoarder... I collect random useless things and keep them. :\

    My backpack :

    My bank (a bunch of obsolete items and item sets mostly) :

  6. I like sitting in the shower every morning and let scalding hot water flow into my armpits. It takes about 20 seconds before it becomes unbearable and I have to change to the other pit.

    It's become a ritual.
    Sounds fun :|

    I flex my leg quite often to remind myself how sexy my calf is :|

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    My ponytail is so high today, everytime I walk it bounces.

  8. I can't tell the difference between fire ants and fire ants.

  9. Arcayna's Avatar
    I want a hug.

  10. I gave you a hug in your sleep :|

  11. I gave you a hug in your sleep :|
    I chewed your hair while you were sleeping :|

  12. That's what Loller actually looks like :|

  13. Arcayna's Avatar
    Dreaming of Taurens. mmmmm.

  14. kurangceret's Avatar
    I don't like to /brag on real life. However on internet it seems like otherwise.

    I want to play Tera, but i just can't.

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