1. Tuesday I have exams and then between work and study I spend at least a couple of hours on the server .. and then I did 4 hours of sleep.

    it's not like I sleep so much eh.
    That's one day. Are every single one of your days on a 4-hours sleep schedule like that, and that's what makes you fall asleep fast? Unless the answer is "yes," what people said remains valid.

  2. I was speaking of my true name there lol. If I'm to use Palutena, Kid Icarus was released in 1986.

    Kid Icarus, known in Japan as Light Mythology: Palutena's Mirror, is an action platform video game for the Famicom in Japan and the NES in Europe and North America. The first entry in Nintendo's Kid Icarus series, it was published in Japan in December 1986 and in Europe and North America in February and July 1987, respectively.

  3. I had no idea someone even made a video game about me in the first place. Much less considered to be legend. heh

  4. What would you people say is the most useless class/specialization combo on retail right now?

  5. It's hard to say. That's usually based on a class or spec that doesn't have much utility and low throughput. In the current state, we don't really know where every spec's throughput is going to land. Even then, one can be hard pressed to find a spec that isn't attractive for any sort of content.

  6. Installed retail. ****ing hate this game.

  7. Installed retail. ****ing hate this game.
    Play Rainbow 6 with me.

  8. whatever you do don't buy the starter edition of rainbow 6

  9. Lawl how can you hate retail? Legion was a decent expansion.

    Lowkey not all that looking forward to BfA but we'll see. #SaurfangForWarchief

  10. I actually had a lot of fun leveling my rogue from 100-110. Going to try out the raids soon.

  11. I tried out the pre-patch quests and hated what they did to Warrior Arms. I think its the time when you try the only Warrior spec that they never mess because it is the personification of nerf. Warrior Nick Fury.

  12. I'm digging what they did to Rogue. I'm actually really liking BFA so far.

  13. Bet that cost a **** load.

    I bought a ****ty Japanese import. Itís fast as anything but itís an absolute death trap and very illegal to drive. Proving a ***** to fix up too.

  14. i bought a thing

    Spoiler: Show
    Just bought a 2017 Civic Sport, almost bought the Si but it was gonna be like 2 grand more and another 50/month insurance.

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