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    The new God of War is dope but i wish the boss fights would have been as epic as the previous games.

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    The new God of War is dope but i wish the boss fights would have been as epic as the previous games.
    It's a pretty good game, yeah, but it just exposes how it doesn't fits the pseudo-open world model well. In the regular games you were following a linear path because Kratos had a set objective and no reason to wander around. On this one you get the "freedom" of only interacting with magical viking paint that signals the only places Kratos deity powers apparently work.

    The model worked very well in the Tomb Raider reboot and in other games this is being compared to like The Last of Us because you're dealing with normal people. Lara is stranded and fighting to survive. Joel is on a linear mission alike to what you had on the old God of War games. Both have a certain level of exploration and the reasons for not straying too far are much clearer.

    When you get a god who at one moment can push gigantic boulders and statues out of the way and fall from incredible distances, but can't jump or climb something simpler than what he did half a minute ago, refuses to drop 10' ledges (and not all of them to boot, others he can... guess there's some viking paint around), and is blocked by some trees or rocks... it just feels cheap in a scenario where you're supposed to be able to explore. It might have been better to just stick to the old, linear model and go for just the changes in tone and story, which were actually good and interesting.

    PS: If you beat the game already, be sure to stroll around until you get Mimir to tell you about the visit he received while you were in Giantland. Foreshadowing for what comes next.

  3. PSS: Actually, it might also require you to have progressed to a certain point in the Valkyries quest, since what Mimir says is related to finding out...

    Spoiler: Show
    ... that Freya was the previous queen of Valkyries...

    ... something that, if I remember correctly, is revealed only after you "free" one of them (not sure if a specific one or a certain amount of them).

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