Only a few but very strictly rules for those sections. Unlike the standard sections, breaking the rules here will earn you a more heavy punishment, detailed below:

Do not start drama in Guild Recruitment threads
If you...
  • got kicked from the Guild
  • don't like people in it
  • been ninja'ed
  • been provoked

or anything that happened IN-GAME, do not bring it to the forums. Any kind of insult, negative feedback, troll or harassment will earn you a 3-days ban from the forums along with an Infraction for Not following the Guild recruitment section rules.

Reporting Threads and Users
If you aren't in the Guild and have something to report, complain or disagree about the Guild thread or User, call a Moderator and leave him/her to deal with it. DO NOT try to moderate the forums.

Respect the Forum Rules in Guild Recruitment Threads
The Guild Master and / or the users responsible for the thread, MUST keep it clean from posts unrelated to guild. The rules over spamming are taken lightly here, meaning you can post random pictures, take jokes and chat, as long as it stays guild related. If the thread becomes messy, a Moderator must be called to clean the place. If the thread has been massively breaking the rules and ignored by its owners, the thread will be trashed and deleted.