1. Glyph of Pestilence grants you one extra HS in your rotation.

    To hold up your diseases you can use IT & PS = one less DS, 2 Death runes less, 2 HS less per rotation. Or you use Pestilence = one HS less, but 1 DS more, 2 Death Runes more, 2 HS more.
    The major question is, is Glyph of Pestilence and that extra HS per rotation is worth to replace a other Glyph?
    No, the question is: does this work practically?

    To be able to pull of 1 pestilence per 2 rune cooldowns on Molten you need ms under 50 and a stationary fight. In most cases you will need a pestilence every 10 seconds, so your number of HS and DS will stay the same while you lose the damage from IT & PS.

  2. UPDATE !!! ICC25 DPS screenshot

    As you see it was a fail pug and most people left because there were no (dbw for only top 5 DPS) :D
    That 27k hunter bought buffs from raid (like hysteria from blood tank) and even asked for mine for 3k gold xD I still don't know how I rejected it lol .

    Long Story short : 16k blood DPS on 25 man icc Saurfang with 6k dps gear with armor penetration cap .

  3. Thank you for adding this guide to the sticky ! :)

    1-DANCING RUNE WEAPON BUG is finally fixed !!! now it copies diseases+heartstrikes affected by diseases !!! makes it a HUGE damage increase !!!
    2-Runes cooldowns are fixed too, you can read about it in bug tracker, the 2 second rule. This will matter a lot:)
    3-Death Runes bug is fixed too, that is if you do death strike more than twice...you'll keep getting death runes and they won't go back to non-death runes.

    REJOICE ! I personally waited those fixes for a long long time,thanks molten and remember everyone we were blood dps'sers before those fixes ^^ prepare to see huge influx of blood dps dks on realms :D

    I would like to thank everyone who approached me in game about this guide, whether he was asking a question or just saying nice words about it.

    I will keep screenshots coming for sure:) Grats on fixes !

  5. kgoodwin1028's Avatar
    Just tested this on Deathwing. All seems OK except runes still turn back to frost/unholy runes when used. Can someone else confirm?

  6. I confirm that death runes stay as death runes , but I'm blood DPS and thus the only thing i can confirm is "death rune mastery" is fixed. which i have 3\3 points in. The one in unholy/frost tree I didn't test yet .

    I used 6 death strikes in a row and death runes kept coming. Good luck.

  7. Death runes got messed up again since yesterday, now 2xdeath strikes gives 3 death runes instead of 4...one less heart strike every rotation...huge nerf on our dps. I'm frost(with same arp gems) untill this is fixed.

  8. Garrehtt's Avatar
    Hey hoxx its ulfberg, I haven't seen the 3 dr generation from 2x death strike, I've noticed the conversion mixup from thebfirst initial deathstrike if one unholy rune is on cooldown

    -Edit: i noticed the 3 DR conversion last night, The root of that i believe is caused by the prioritization error in the system now.

  9. Strength<Crit

    Wait so after expertise, hit and armor penetration cap i should be gemming crit instead of strength???

  10. now let's talk about gemming : one word, ARMOR PENETRATTION
    Guide is good, but these are two words xD

  11. i have a question do you guys think obliterate would hit harder than death strike with the obliterate glyph??

  12. It will consume your diseases cause supposedly you have to be specced into blood/unholy and not blood/frost.

  13. to max your dps:
    1. go hit 8%
    2. Expertise 26
    3. Strenght unbuffed (not self buffed too) 2.2-2.3k
    4. 100% armp (as BDK you need 90%, you get 10% passive)
    5. All other gems/ecnh after you have 4-5 goes for agility/crit!

    gl bursting it down!

  14. travikaze's Avatar
    if u like trying new things, its a good guide. still Blood DpS is out of context.

    havent tried so far, but as ur SS shown and what i experienced with some previous "blood BiS DpS" players, it slacks.

    leaving aside the ghoul exploit, and now the fact that DeathRunes from blood are messed, it really doesnt matter that you pop +1k dps compared to your UH/ Frost spec.

    These being said (and I m talking about "raid's greater good" ):
    -Hysteria is LESS effective if u use it on yourself ( priority should be Feral > Rogue > Warr). Not going to explain , it should be common knowledge.
    -Abominable Might is not stacking with other auras ( hunter/shaman)
    -Using UH Presence (as you were using in the SS) is just... as good as this "blood dpsing"

    Yes, Molten has quite a few bugs, some being exploited, some being blamed for weakening the class. Still, end-game dps spec is Unholy all the way (and again, im talking about the "raid performance", not only about your personal DPS / damage done).

    So yes, please dps as blood in 25man raids, so the real dpsing specs/classes can benefit more from your Hysteria.

    Good job for the effort.

  15. thers no point of 2 unholy dks. (ofc now its exploitable and all top guild run with 5unholy dks and dont wanna see other spec in raid.

    all raids should use : 1bdk 1fdk 1unholy dk.

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