1. Thanks

    (you should have time to do that if you got descent haste paired with icy veins).
    Thats why i feel trolls are insane, because against each target wich is not completely braindead you have to pop Icy Veins :(
    Basicly, no ice veins(berserking) = hard time. Or it's about hands ?

    I've seen few guides wich suggested glyph of water elemental for battlegrounds, to always have pet and have additional damage. Is it trolling or this glyph is realy viable for not serious fights but standart rbg ?
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  2. Hands are also very very veery good (prolly the best enchant there is for frost that is )
    Na,id never used that glyph (considering your pet will be dead in 3 hits,plus its dmg is meh totally ******ed).
    Id rather suggest using icy veins glyph,IT IS really really good in some situations.Removal of all slow **** is just godlike especially versus rogues and warriors.Works against dks as well and partially versus ferals.

  3. Hands are also very very veery good (prolly the best enchant there is for frost that is )
    Nah i mean is Forst mage able to ruin some1's life without Icy veins (on the battleground where IV on CD) or its almost imposible if target is not braindead, even if mage is decent ?

  4. Na you are still able to shut down most of classess its just without cooldowns mage is meh,as oppossed to other classes who have much lesser time on cloodowns (shaman,lock,dk,hunter).

    But you can negate damage extremely well via poly,cs,deep,r1 frostbolt(must have),and ofc blizzard r1 in pack of crowd people haha .P

  5. best possible profession combo for arenas?

  6. Usually JC / blacksmithing
    Tailoring is good for burst lining up proc's ect.
    Engineering if you plan on bg's rocket boots can be great when used properly

  7. anyone got some decent/quite good arcane/fire mage pvp guide? pls link it :D

  8. im playing with frost with dpriest but vs war and rdudu i normally lose cant make distance of war any tips of what should i do as mage and what priest can do since he doenset have much cc?

  9. Kill rdruid,change beetween frost nova and polymorph on warrior,let priest start mounted and fear the dr uid.Either go for burns or directly land kill on druid.

  10. I would try burning, killing rdruid as mage disc is a complete nightmare as you would have to kill him during deep freeze, cs blanket and a fear that will break on 1st shatter, after that the druid will just pillar hump and your priest will run oom faster from dispelling than druid. When you burn just live on his back and spam r1fbs and novas on every morph, also try not breaking fear so your priest gets an extra mb. Sort of ******ed comp to play vs since you cant realy kill them and they cant kill you either. CCing warr shouldnt be a issue here since he only has trinket and bs to break free.

  11. No duel guide. When will you post the duel guide for each class / spec ?

  12. How does one get hit capped @ 5% with that BIS gear list? only the rings have hit totaling like 3.8% and there is no talk of hit gems or anything.


  13. I Know its like 2018 now from 2016 but what is your rotations when you play your frost mage in a pvp situation? lol its worth asking.

  14. Do you use scorch and fire blast ?

  15. @Toniplavna
    Yeah i do.Alot of fake casting,shattters.Its very individual but if oyu dont have reflexes like with rogue class,ur screwed.

    There is no rotation in pvp.Highly situational.

    Duel guide has been scraped.
    Edited: February 8, 2018

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