1. When to use dampen or amplify magic?

  2. Amplifvy versus warriors,dampen versus casters.

  3. May 31, 2018  
    Can you give me tips to beat pro ret paladins. I'm having a hard time beating some cuz they reapply some of their buffs

  4. Maybe I can contribute a bit to this guide for fmages in a pvp environment:

    Although I found this guide quite useful I guess itís hard to pull of what you discribed in those specific arena guides. So I might can give the readers a more general discription of the mindset you should have as a mage.

    However this is addressed to players, who have barely touched mage class or donít plan to do mage/rog in a 2v2 setup since you wonít have satisfying results if you donít know exactly what to do vs specific comps. Atleast for those who wanna play mage/rog on a more constant base, I really suggest you to watch Allesia/Avizura 1 vods. Although itís rogues point of view, this masterpiece shows, how much synergy rm requires to deal with the top notch 5% of the best wotlk pvpers.

    So here are my tips:

    - after reaching 4%hit / 130 spellpen you can focus for sp/haste or resilience.
    -> I found resilience the most rewarding stat to stack up to 1100-1200. in bg this will help you to stay alive for most of the time while in arena (3v3) it will really make you tank a lot of dmg.
    -> if you feeling good with surviving go for 1000 resilience. I personally prefer sp>haste in any setup except rm while having atleast 850+ haste.

    -imp. Blizzard is one of the best talents mages can have, so definitly take it
    -> like in tbc itís awesome for winter stack and undispelable snare.

    General tips:
    - well I guess this is freaking difficult to understand but the mindset of playing frostmage differs from enemy, setup and situation. Iím trying to reveal it by explaining the playstyle vs different enemyís.
    -> although IĎm giving a vast overview vs 2v2 comp which gave me problems when I first touched arena as frostmage.

    First thing to mention is, there is always the possibility to fast kill stuff but there are mostly other options, which are easier to pull off.
    So i personally started to learn fmage after actually understanding the pvp-meta of wotlk:

    -pressure is the key to make your enemyís doing things which results to their lose.
    -pressure means offensive or defensive actions to force cooldown of your enemyís.
    ->when your enemyís have to choose using cooldown to stay alive or stay offensive.

    One more thing I found important to actually learn a class in arena: winning!
    This sounds rather dumb but you wonít stay long with this class/spec if you mostly having the feeling that every other class is OP while you have a really edging gameplay (which is true de facto).
    Therefore never let yourself blame if you having to slow/stun/root enemy that your priest can easy burn to win.

    Another totally useful thing: turn on nameplates, will make you start really tracking all enemyís positioning.

    I want to describe a few tactics b4:
    ~cross pillaring:
    I call it like that, because in nagrand arena itís perfectly clear to understand:
    -when ever you play with a caster you want to stay openfield, pushing enemyís to pillar by pressure while in defense you want to drag enemyís openfield or to the crosspillar (in nagrand it means you drag enemyís to the most far pillar). In general for every caster this is your main tactic: you want to isolate one enemy from its teammate with positioning.
    -when enemy wants to stay offensive he will automatically risk of getting killed openfield, without any pillar.

    ~kill fishing
    -youíre a mage meaning you can tank enormous amounts of dmg with icebarrier (and maybe priest shields)
    -giving the enemy the feeling of winning the game soon makes most players pop trinkets/AMS/disengage/CoS and other cooldown which can be used offensively and defensively.
    -as you are mage (and probably teaming up with a priest) you can have 2 icebarriers/powerword:shields absorbing about 20k dmg.
    ->you can easily drop below 40% hp without worrying to use ice block or other defensive cds.
    ->make enemyís use off/deff cds to stay aggressive.

    ~setting up:
    -as mage you shouldnít mainly think that you can trollolol go solo kill an enemy in 1deep freeze without ending up fake casting yourself to doom.
    -you mostly want to get your stuff done in a slow paced way waiting for CS/DF/DRs, position you and your mate or even peel the enemy off your teammate.
    -> you can really often crossCC dispeller and his mate with polymorph/df/cs using them one after another to prevent any offensive actions by your enemyís.

    ~dealing dmg:
    -frostbolt just spam frostbolt
    -like in pve: 1finger of Frost can be used for a shattercombo
    -casting frostbolt will even do more dmg then using frostbolt/ffb shatter
    -use ffb for slowing or bursting(~when both targets are ccd)

    ->frostnova/shatter barriers
    You can nova
    -wars, rogues, shamans, locks, dks, hunters, even mages
    Only pala/priest/druids can remove it without using cds.

    -really situational spell, differs an average mage from a pro.
    -> itís like hunters disengage, used to reposition yourself

    Preshot cs:
    -look for the position of a dpriest for example, mostly they pws, instahot, instaheal and penance. Itís really easy to catch priest after first tick of penance -> 8sec no healings

    -personally when Iím save and want to do dmg, I found it useful to use scorch vs warrs, ferals, rogues, enhas, even mages to actually deal any pressure while donít get outmoved or locked on important spelltrees.

    And there we start with the first comp I will give you a small overview of how to fight vs popular different comps as...

    (d)Priest/Mage vs...


    Letís be honest, a hunter with massive dmg, instant cc, feign death, deterrence, silence and all resettable is quite hard to kill. Thatís the reason why you want to kill hunters pet first.
    Roar of sacrifice alone on a 1min cooldown will cripple your dmg down, not to mention masters call here. So itís much easier to aim for the pet first after landing CC.
    Good priest will always stay far behind their hunters barely coming out to dispel/shield/instaheal..
    -so here is the trick to still cc them:
    You will actually Ąfishď for the hunter, meaning you stay in open casting r1 fbs to stack up winterchill. You can freely do this by sitting openfield, since you probably have 2x barrier/pws. When shields faded you can fake go pillar making hunter mostly push a bit.
    Priest will dispel his hunters slow so he wonít stay behind pillar.
    -> poly hunter, instantly blink in his face while spamming blanket cs on priest right after poly landed on hunter. Summon pet, nova priest/poly priest/df hunter kill pet.
    -> if doing this right, you have a 100% guarantee of getting poly down on priest, since you ccing both in one global. (Poly lands on hunt, blink cs pri, pet nova pri, poly pri)
    -> you want stack debuffs on hunt, to stop requirement dispel (spamming dispel on a nondebuffed target will only go off, once there is a debuff), so you can exactly shooting through gcds.
    ->df hunter kill pet.

    Priest need to be super offensive in this comp, always dealing dmg, dispelling killtarget. To prevent cc on priest, make your priest leave pillar once mage can cross cc. Priest can often stay on top of mage, so mage can eat traps.
    Cycling your shields will make it difficult for enemyís to kill you.

    Repeat cc priest to get cooldowns and kill hunter in the end.
    ->watch emaz 1 vs homerjay/azk to understand your task vs this comp.

    Short but easier to pull off:
    Make priest use fear on feral, while you can blanket/try to cc priest. This buys you time. Make priest clean feral. Play defensive as long you canít pull off cross CC. Drag feral behind pillars, turn your front to them.

    Remember: the longer the fight lasts, the higher the chance you can catch feral in a bad spot. You can kill feral in 1 poly chain but make sure to instant dispel insta clone since it will cripple you killchance.
    Abolish disease of priests is OP to kite feral dmg. Just run away drag feral to africa until you can savely cross cc.

    Also, as long as your priest donít sit fear, you shouldnít be in danger while turning your front to the feral. When enemy priest come open for offense action, you can df feral, blanket blink priest in polymorph.

    If feral run away, setup burns on enemy priests.

    Easy: put war on focus, keep him dispelled, novad, poly, snared while unload dfs/cs with novas in pala while your priest burn. Swap polytarget during DRs on warrior.

    Hard: kill warrior/cc pala
    -be sure that itís going to be a big edging festival for you. Donít fake spellreflects, either your priest will get it or use iceward on CD.
    -use scorch if warrior sit in 1h/shield in front of you. You will deal okayish dmg while prevent getting locked on frost/arcane
    -Fake poly much earlier will often result in baiting the interrupt while ensuring a gapless cc chain.

    -mostly going for your priest:

    Tell your priest to use fear on rogue on CD(!!!!!!!!!)
    -> end of story
    -really thatís all the secret of surviving sp/rog {crossCC}
    -Cover fear with blanket cc

    Tell your priest to stay always behind you or as far away from the enemyís as you are.

    To prevent the openers:
    Invis or trinket sap, df or poly rog, while blanket priest, especially when shadow dancing. Fear rog/poly pri.
    Blizzard rogue @ pillar will cripple his offensive actions by a lot.
    But always: CrossCC!!!!

    !!!Your priest can go to Africa just to survive, the longer the game lasts, the higher the chance to win!!! Slow down the game in beginning, play as defensive as possible, as long as the enemyís pushing for kills. Fear will make rogue run to africa, especially if he has sprint up.

    When they start going defensive, you basically won:
    Petnova, blink, blanket cs, poly, df. Chase them around the pillar, stay always some meters away from pillar while surrounding them.
    Drag rogue to open, when he swap for you. Priest assist dmg with dots and casts.
    ->you can kill rogue in one cc chain!

    I guess, most mp have problems vs this comps because they barely know how to survive the initial burst. As I said, simply buying time with fear,df,poly,blanket cs is what will make you win. Stay cool, wait until they followed you to there death, fish for offensive situations of the enemyís and make them to your offensive situation.

    Ele? Sit in ele face, nova, poly, double fear while priest should focus on dealing Maximum dmg on ele.

    Rshm? Tell your mom, you will do your homework tomorrow because this will take some time:
    -try kill pet with poly sham, df/fear/nova lock.
    -kill shaman after feard, help priest kill tremor.
    -cry, leave, go afk, roll dlock for more fun.

    Useful videos, that improved my (and probably your) mage gameplay:
    -Emaz I-IV (for cool tricks)
    -Avizura vods (for perfectly timed mage/rogue gameplays)
    -marm vods (for quality outplays vs mages)
    -Frostgaming (for really basic gameplay, positioning, multi targeting and handling)
    -> the last one shows best on how a good balanced gameplay should look like and what you should do vs certain comps, however I found this video less entertaining because he always goes for the easiest way of winning while not taking every possibility to kill an opponent.

    Record your games (in win10 use winkey+G to open recordfunction, which wonít cripple your pc performance down) and watch them a few times. Write down the time, when you handled situation well and when you failed. Understand why it was good/bad.

    1 thing in the end:

    When you playing online games vs other players, vs human beings, no matter if itís League of legend, Counter Strike or wow...

    The one with the best positioning will always dominate a pvp environment! And to a certain point, every move is predictable because your enemyís will draw their moves from experience. So keep your mind clear, think out of the box and do stuff, you havenít seen before will reward you with a great fun and good results in pvp.
    And most important:
    Do what you like, be friendly to others will always put you on a much higher level of gaming toward those pesky (playing fotm since 2010, being always toxic toward other players)-heros whom killed the wonderful spirit of AT.

  5. 15 hours ago  
    Hey, thanks a lot for the guides. I just have one question for the R1 Frostbolt. You use it to stack winterchill, but is there other situation where you use it ? And do you always do this process to prepare burst vs slow comps ?

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