1. Mage
    -A path to chilling frost-
    3.3.5.a (Wrath Of The Lich King)

    Greeting everyone,I would like to say thank you for reading this guide.If you find some things not accurate/you got better experience you can comment both positively and negatively with valid arguments and I will respect and acknowledge your opinion.
    Any attempt of baiting flame war/disrespecting/spitting and other insults will not be tolerated and will lead you being reported to forum staff.
    English is not my native language so bear with me some grammar and spelling mistakes,you can also send me pm and I will try my best to correct it in short time.
    Since 3vs3 aspect of this game is really much larger than 2vs2 I decided I shall not write guide for 3vs3 since of its complexity.Dueling guide and 2vs2 guides for other compositions are pending soon and shall be visible in some 10-20 days depending on my free time.
    I left part 11 free for anyone that has some tips to share with frost mage that applies in dueling/arena.
    You can reach me at Warmane forums under alias Peregrine.
    Best of luck and thank you for reading this guide.

    3.Talent Specc
    6.Gear,gemming,enchants & stats
    8.Arena compositions
    9.Arena guide 2v2
    10.Dueling guide


    We have all seen those mighty wizards on screen but what does mage do in world of warcraft?
    To answer your question i will give following answer:mage is iconic class that has various utilities and on demand damage in pvp that can significantly turn the outcome of the match,regardless if its best setup or some random team composition (i.e rogue,mage hunter).
    When choosing mage as your class in world one must prepare to get ahead of difficult things that await infront of him.Mage is rather very hard class to master,takes precise timing,and has room for little to no error as opposed to paladins,priests,deathknights,shamans etc.But mage yields great reward in pvp to those who invest time in it.As frost you are able to take multitudes of opponents,have large survivability and infamous sheep to those who hate it,or should I say one of best abilites in game.
    At first it might seem very hard to grasp the mage in general as it is a cloth class and very squishy to warriors,deathknights,countered by shamans,warlocks,shadow priests(all classes that are intermediate skill of starting player)
    Mages truly shine when they start to utilize multitasking @ multi opponents i.e: freeze opponent,sheep other,df third,counterspell healer,reset cds to df healer,blink out of deathgrip,ice block and cancel in 0.5 sec to buy time to cast and to remove rogue poison,r1 snares etc.
    And so on,there are many examples where mage can kite multiple opponents and still be successful at surviving,dealing damage and ccing at same time.
    Mage in arena has always been welcomed gladly but it requires top notch reflexes and must have keybinds.
    This tutorial was made to help new and existing mages to get better at their class through time and effort.

    ‘«£I am not some simple jester! I am Nielas Aran!‘«ō
    /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\ShadeOfAran\\AranA rcane02.wav")
    Taken from Kharazan boss ‘«£Shade of Aran‘«ō

    Thank you for reading this small intro and good luck on pvping in world of warcraft as mage.




    Frost damage

    This build is made mainly for artic winds 5/5 which increases your damage by 5% which when paired with high spell power it can have some nifty crits,downside is that you lose shattered barrier, and low cd on frost nova,cone of cold.It variation is used mainly for bg,and double dps arena where more dps is needed,especially when playing with no support class.Mostly used in double.dps comps such as rogue,mage,warlock,warrior,deathknight.
    It still maintains brainfreeze to have instant fireball or ffb and stuns to get peeling or to apply cc/pressure.Additional usage of this specc is 5% less to be hitted by melee and/or ranged so get rdy to be missed by melee‘«÷s as almost all melees have 5.5% hit while with this talent it makes them having 0.5%.Its benefit is somewhat great vs rogues/warriors.

    Frost utility

    Cookie cutter build that has all utilities that are needed to be able to down some 1vs1,bg/arena.
    Since major help here is shattered barrier with timed deep freeze and mana replenishment,it will be very helpful for longer sustained fights with discipline priest/ele shaman.Mostly played by all top mages,some points can be manipulated to your liking but core things like ffb,shattered,df,improved counterspell stay the same.


    Minor frost pvp glyphs

    Your slowfall spell does not require a reagent anymore.h

    Your fireward has 5% chance to reflect fire spell while active.

    Your frostward has 5% chance to reflect frost spell while active.

    Major frost pvp glyphs

    Replenishes 60% of your hp along with your mana.
    Must have for any composition/frost specc.

    Barrier Shield.
    Increased damage absorbed by your barrier shield ability by additional 30%.
    Must have for any composition/frost specc

    Your polymorph ability now removes all damage over time effects.
    Mostly used with dot classes-priest,warlock,elemental shaman.

    Blink: Your blink ability will teleport you 5 yards further.
    Useful with support class.

    Mana Gem
    Increases your mana returning by mana gem by 25%.
    Usefull with support class.

    Icy Veins
    Removes all your snares and movement imparing abilities.
    Usefull without any support class.


    Frostbolt+pet frostbolt
    #showtooltip Frostbolt
    /cast Frostbolt
    /cast Waterbolt

    Frostbolt r1+pet frostbolt
    #showtooltip Frostbolt
    /cast Frostbolt(rank 1)
    /cast Waterbolt

    Mouseover wand shoot
    #showtooltip Shoot
    /castsequence [target=mouseover] !Shoot, !Shoot

    Polymorph with modifier+focus+pet passive+follow
    #showtooltip Polymorph
    /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] Polymorph
    /cast [nomodifier:alt] Polymorph

    Blizzard with no losing circle
    #showtooltip Blizzard
    /cast !Blizzard

    Counterspell with modifier+focus
    #showtooltip Counterspell
    /stop casting
    /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] Counterspell
    /cast [nomodifier:alt] Counterspell

    #showtooltip Remove Curse
    /cast [modifier:alt, target=namehere] Remove Curse
    /cast [modifier:shift, target=namehere] Remove Curse
    /cast [nomodifier:alt, target=namehere]Remove Curse

    Deep freeze focus
    #showtooltip Deep Freeze
    /stop casting
    /cast [target=focus] Deep Freeze

    Icelance mouseover
    #showtooltip Ice Lance
    /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Ice Lance; Ice Lance

    Spellsteal+cancel auras
    #showtooltip Spellsteal
    /cast Spellsteal
    /cancelaura Mana Shield
    /cancelaura Hand of Sacrifice

    One button summon pet+frostnova+passive
    #showtooltip Summon Water Elemental
    /cast [nopet] Summon Water Elemental
    /stop macro [nopet]
    /click PetActionButton5

    One button armor change
    /castsequence Ice Armor,Mage Armor

    Iceblock cancel
    /cancelaura Ice Block
    /cast Ice Block


    Bis gear heroic (also known as best in slot-each item is possibly the best in game from heroic pve difficulty that is good in pvp)
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk gloves
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk leggings
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk shoulders
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk chest
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk cowl
    Bloodsurge, kel'thuzad's blade of agony heroic
    Wrathful gladiator compendium
    Wrathful gladiator's wand of alacrity
    Dislodged foreign object heroic
    Charred twilight scale heroic
    Valanar‘«÷s other signet ring heroic
    Ashen band of endless detruction
    Wrathful gladiator's pendant of subjugation
    Wrathful gladiator's cloak of subjugation
    Wrathful gladiator's treads of alacrity
    Wrathful gladiator's cord of alacrity

    Bis gear normal (also known as best in slot-each item is possibly the best in game from normal pve difficulty that is good in pvp)
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk gloves
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk leggings
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk shoulders
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk chest
    Wrathful gladiator‘«÷s silk cowl
    Wrathful gladiator's blade of celerity
    Wrathful gladiator compendium
    Wrathful gladiator's wand of alacrity
    Dislodged foreign object
    Charred twilight scale
    Valanar‘«÷s other signet ring
    Ashen band of endless detruction
    Wrathful gladiator's pendant of subjugation
    Wrathful gladiator's cloak of subjugation
    Wrathful gladiator's treads of alacrity
    Wrathful gladiator's cord of alacrity

    Shoulders of mercy killing normal/heroic*
    Plaguebringer‘«÷s stained pants normal/heroic**
    Solace of defeated normal/heroic(they stack which means you receive 2x of trinket proccs)***
    Reign of unliving/dead normal/heroic(they stack which means you receive 2x of trinket proccs)****
    Explanation of *(read below)
    Instead wrathful gladiator‘«÷s pants or shoulders * or ** should be used as replacement always due to lack of hit.
    Instead dfo/charred *** can be used if your having problems with mana when running certain 2vs2 comps(usually disc/mage or elemental/mage)
    Instead dfo/charred **** can be used if your having problems with timed burst in certain 2vs2 comps(usually rogue/mage)


    Meta Gem
    Chaotic Skyflare Diamond-23 crit rating and 3% increased critical damage.

    Epic gems
    23 spell power-Runed Cardinal Ruby
    20 haste-Quick King‘«÷s Amber
    20 resilence-Mystic King‘«÷s Amber
    12 spell power & 10 haste-Reckless Ametrine
    25 spell penetration-Stormy Majestic Zircon
    12 spell power and 13 spell penetration-Mysterious Dreadstone

    Glove enchant-Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower (28 spell power)
    Boot enchant-Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality (15 stamina and minor speed)
    1h weapon enchant-Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spellpower (63 spell power)
    Back enchant-Enchant Cloak - Spell Piercing (35 spell penetration)
    Head enchant-Arcanum of Dominance (29 spell power and 20 resilence)
    Shoulder enchant-Inscription of Dominance (23 spell power and 15 resilence)
    Chest enchant-Enchant Chest - Exceptional Resilience (20 resilence)
    Leg enchant- Sapphire Spellthread (50 spell power and 30 stamina)
    Bracer enchant-Enchant Bracers - Superior Spellpower (30 spell power)
    Belt enchant-Eternal Belt Buckle (extra socket in belt)

    This setup takes into account that you are human,if you are any other class/race combination you should take medallion of alliance/horde and replace your head/chest with tier 10 normal/heroic for haste optimization if you are lacking haste.
    Also take in account this setup is with jewel crafting 3 gems and blacksmithing‘«÷s 2 extra sockets.

    For haste setup with bis gear heroic aim 3200+ spell power ,135 spell penetration,1250+ haste and 1000 resilience.
    For spell power setup with bis gear heroic aim 3400+ spell power,135 spell penetration,1000+ haste and 1000 resilience.
    For haste setup with bis gear non heroic(no hc items) aim 3150 sp,135 spell penetration 1150+ haste and 1000 resilience.
    For spell power setup with bis gear non heroic(no hc items) aim 3300 sp,135 spell penetration,1000+ haste and 1000 resilience.


    Due to being craft extra value gems(34 haste,34 resilence,39 spell power) its being regarded best proffesion to mage.Not really hard to level with addition of making extra stones for healing and end game gems will save you time of looking for jc.
    BONUS-3 jewelcrafting gems with added stat
    Leveling difficulty 6/10

    If you are planning to get extra reserve of stamina for bg/fun/duel this is proffesion to take tho you can still get it from jewelcrafting.Avoid it at all cost as it has no value to mage stats.
    BONUS-50 extra stamina
    Leveling difficulty 5/10

    Being able to enchant your own gear,make a lot of gold and still receive a whooping 46 spell power enchants on your rings(only enchanter‘«÷s ring) its close to jewelcrafting.
    BONUS-23 spell power/30 stamina/ per ringx2
    Leveling difficulty 4/10

    With really neat tools this proffesion is to take if you are planning to do a lot of bgs/world pvp,not to mention this is best proffesion for double dps comps/rmps in 3vs3 where all partners have this proffesion can make a change that‘«÷s visible when making kill/swaps.With relatively low cd(45 sec on rocket) you can also use it to destroy grounding totem as it has no GCD.
    BONUS-27 spell power on cloak with parachute, rocket/haste enchant on gloves,frag belt,rocket boots
    Leveling difficulty 8/10

    Not really preferable due to having extra crit makes really no good use to already overpowered shatter that has 70% crit chance on frozen target.Advice is to avoid it at all cost.
    BONUS-extra crit
    Leveling difficulty 3/10

    This proffesion brings similar value as enchanting(extra 46 spell power on bracers) tho another benefit of this is that you can enchant extra resistances on your bracers which when paired with your mage armor can net you up to 100 resistance on chosen school of magic.Advice is to take it if you are planning to do majority of duels vs casters.
    BONUS-76 spell power enchant on bracers/102 stamina on bracers/magic resistances on bracers
    Leveling difficulty 6/10

    Since you might be a person that likes to change glyphs for duels/bg this might be proffesion for you.Unfortunately it‘«÷s enchant replaces resilence enchant on shoulders which is must have due to mage already not having much resilence.Advice is to buy glyphs on auction house and replace this proffesion for something better.
    BONUS-shoulder enchant 36 spell power
    Leveling difficulty 7/10

    Being able to craft yourself a epic gear is always nice with addition to another spell power procc on your shoulders.The downside lies that in end game recipes almost anyone can craft you gear,beside procc is too rng based since mage is not a dot class.Hence forth it might go wasted a lot of times unless you play double dps come(rogue/mage) where its most usable on opener.Beware of loss of 35 spell penetration which should be covered by extra gems.Advice is to take if you are planning to run double dps comps(rogue/mage).
    BONUS-back enchant with 285 spell power procc.
    Leveling difficulty 4/10

    Being one of hardest proffesions to raise prepare yourself for one expensive ride.At end of that journey you will be able to craft yourself 2 extra sockets which are highly praised for mage.As in Jewelcrafting you can put additional haste/spell power/resilence.Definitly a goal worth aiming for if you are into min/max stat boosting.
    BONUS-2 extra sockets on bracer/hands
    Leveling difficulty 10/10

    Flasks for bgs?Sounds perfect?The only downside to this is when you reach a level where you can craft endless flask it replaces your flask of the frost wyrm which is 125 spell power in comparison to 47 spell power endless flask.If you wanna make gold choose this tho not really perfect for bg/duel/arena setups.
    Leveling difficulty 7/10
    BONUS-2 hour flask with 47 spell power which can be applied in arena infinitly

    As mage your only heal is evocation with glyph/bandage so if ur finding yourself sometimes having problems with health this might be proffesion for you.Senior players never choose this as you job as mage is to deal damage,not heal.Advice is to take it if you are having problems with own health sometimes in arena/bg/duel,otherwise ignore it.
    BONUS-healing over time on use ability
    Leveling difficulty 6/10

    First aid
    As mage it‘«÷s a must have,don‘«÷t spare a moment.Level this proffesion as its must have in some situations.
    Leveling difficulty 2/10

    Cooking can net you various food buffs and because of that its extremely useful for duels/bg.Despite being bit harder to level it can net you a lot of gold as well.The most famous food is Fish feast that benefits you a lot when dueling as well with brew of month food that nets you whopping 40 resilence.Definitly a good one if you got time to spare to level this profession.
    Leveling difficulty 9/10



    FMAGE/ROGUE (frostmage,assasination/sub rogue)
    This old school comp mainly focuses on senior/veteran players that already posses skill with frost mage and are extremely good with reflexes and knowledge about arena.
    Really squishy comp that has advantage vs most comps as it focuses on a lot of cc(can keep 1 target cced for 30 sec+.
    The downside there is little to no room for errors as 1 error can cost you a match.Usuall cc chain is sap>blind>df>poly.

    Skill cap-10/10

    FMAGE/DISCPLINE (frostmage,discipline priest)
    Somewhat appearing in end of tbc and beginning of wotlk this setup is one of mostly popular due to its ability to counter almost anything with several kill tactics.
    As frost mage your job is to setup a kill or cc a target while priest is mana burning.
    Can be done as opposite as well where you kill target in massive cc chain which is usually polymorph>mindcontrol >fear>blanket cs or df>polymorph >repeat cycle.
    The only weakness to this comp is somewhat melee classes with high arp that renders squshy priest having almost no armor(rogues,warriors,hunters and dks to some extent)

    Skill cap-8/10

    FMAGE/SHADOW (frostmage,shadow priest)
    A really powerful double dps comp with nearly 70% of healing output as disc but having addition silence,disam vs melees and lot of dmg midigation vs melee this comp has been somewhat really popular vs starting players due to easy of scoring a kill in cc chain while dots are doing their job.
    Having easy cc chain can net you a kill vs 90% of players if played right as well as having really good dmg while having peels from mage.
    Its playstyle is really similar to discipline priest but only difference is that your having added utility of silence,disarm and dot dmg(vampiric touch makes another good utility healing).Priest silence is usually used first as it has longer blanket value followed by interrupting a cast on healer.Kill is usually made in disarm vs melee‘«÷s.Mind control can also be used to prolong cc chain if needed.

    Skill cap-6/10

    FMAGE/RETRIBUTION (frostmage,retribution paladin)
    Freedom?Hand of protection?Its all godlike utilities that make mage almost non catchable vs any melee.On top retribution palain can dish quite a damage with wings and its utilities that can make you suffer really hard.One of really good comps if you can predict things that can happen.Kill is usually done in stun+wings after trinket usage.
    It must be played really carefully vs casters as paladins are limited to only freedom and bubble while escaping so mind your surroundings while playing this comp.None the less it can be really rewarding in hands of good players.

    Skill cap-7/10

    FMAGE/DESTRUCTION (frostmage,destruction warlock)
    As similar to fmage/rogue this comp is played in fairly similar fashion,carefull timing and precise cd usage/cc chains.Due to its almost highest dmg and cc this comp can drop almost anything in good 5-7 secs.Coe adding addition 13% dmg to frost mage already big numbers can turn the tide of match pretty quick while having seduce(succubus only),fear and deathcoil +spell lock(felhunter only)from warlock paired with polymorph and counterspell+df you can drop targets in no time.The only real problem lies in squishyness vs melee comps vs warlock(mainly rogues and dk).Regardless of that powerful comp that can leave any team crying.Usuall cc chain is seduce2x,poly,2x,coil,deep freeze,silence.

    Skill cap-9/10

    FMAGE/ELEMENTAL (frostmage,elemental shaman)
    Due to its pretty straightforwardness this comp does not require massive skill due to its extremely good on demand burst from shaman while having a good healing capability.
    The kill is usually made while having bloodlust/icy veins and preferably deep freeze on kill target while shaman can use root to get close to healers to hex.while mage can poly the other target.Can be done vice versa depending on dispeller.Having purge combined with spellsteal means you can strip buffs of your target pretty fast.Not to mention addition spell damage from totem+fear ward with tremor that when used properly can get you extra value vs warriors/priests/warlocks.Somewhat similar comp to warlock but much easier due to healing that‘«÷s available and bloodlust on demand for scoring quick kills.

    Skill cap-5/10


    RMP (rogue,mage,priest)
    Rogue,mage,priest has been to this day one of best known and best rewarding skill comps.Due to its incredible opener and massive cc control this comp can kill almost anything in good opener(sap one target,polymorph other and usually goes for healer with blanket cs on trinket usage which is followed by rogue vanish>cheap shot where target is usually dead while priest assists with power infusion on himself and servers as 3rd dpser while being prepared to fear other 2 enemy targets if/when they trinket.
    This comp is usually refered as max skill comp as similar in 2s there must not be many errors/none at all or it usually fails.
    Mostly played by end game pvpers.

    Skill cap-10/10

    MLD (mage,lock,druid)
    The biggest cc chain comp in game,the lock,mage and druid share no DR on their cc whatsoever.If played properly you can cc 1 target to indefinite after they used trinket and no possible way to stop it(poly>fear>cyclone>repeat).Since dr is 15 sec you can poly 2x and then keep up fear 2x>into blanket>repeat process or add cyclone while mage can peel from warlock.This comp has massive synergy and big damage.Requires good team communication.

    Skill cap-7/10

    SPELLCLEAVE (mage,warlock,priest)
    With added utilities from priest this comp can become your nightmare as they got magic dispel,curse dispel and fel hunter dispel not to mention 2x aoe fear and zillion of buffs which can taken some time to purge down.Damage is high as well and since mage/warlock have good synergy especially with priest who can dish out some damage this comp is to be not taken lightly.Overall similar to mls/mld in play style.

    Skill cap-8/10

    MLS (mage,warlock,shaman)
    Very close call to mld but bloodlust has somewhat upper hand vs most of comps when scoring a kill vs enemy team.Fear,poly,hex,purge and windshear can make other team‘«÷s healer a living hell.Very powerfull comp where swaps occur on rapid basis and dmg is one of highest possible(due to coe and 150 extra sp from shaman).Targets usually die in deepfreeze/coil.

    Skill cap-6/10

    SHATTERPLAY (shaman,priest,mage)
    Famous for its shatter setting up for the kill this comp is really powerful as it contains all types of dispels(magic,curse,tremor totem) not to mention aoe fear,poly,disarm and windshears.Priest can offheal when shaman is in danger,added disarm vs bladestorm and similar abilites make this comp usefull vs almost everything.

    Skill cap-7/10

    MCH (warrior,mage,paladin)
    One of old comps as well its pressure can be outstanding if warrior is sticked to its target.Mage in this specific comp has to peel make sure targets are slowed 24/7 and healer is cced as much as possible.Df paired with blanket on healer with bladestorm can almost gurantee kill in 90%.Somewhat rare comp but none the less powerfull.

    Skill cap-8/10

    MCH (hunter,mage,druid)
    This is one of rarest comps due to insane skill cap tho cc chains are somewhat rewarding in this comp.Cyclone,trap,poly,silence,scatter and counterspell can lockdown a target pretty much if caught in such chain.Good synergy vs melees due to mage peeling and caster wise due to hunter hving upper hand vs them.

    Skill cap-9/10

    DDD (triple dps)
    Due to quite popular 3x combos this can bring you up to heaven if you know your class.Mostly popular are mage,shadow,rogue where in as the damage is almost not healable(2x silence,ms,fear,disarm,freeze,poly).
    If opener is good almost nothing can survive this comp.Trinkets are used almost instantly as the dmg is extremely high.There are other variations as triple healer dps comps(paladin,ele,shadow) or (balance,shadow,ele) where it can be pretty tricky to choose target,can be quite rewarding with skill increase.

    Skill cap-8/10


    Start by rushing in to warr/hp with priest shield on,don‘«÷t forget to have ice armor on/amplifiy magic(.Freeze paladin/war if they stack and poly pala if possible ,if paladin insta dispelles war and warr charges interrupting your poly/pala losing heavily let warrior focus on you while your priest mount-fears pala,freeze warr and unload dmg in mean time.You got 2 options here.

    Option 1-Poly warrior while paladin is in fear(watch for spell reflect),summon elemental,your priest dispels paladin and pi himselfs,you start casting frostbolt,pop pet nova before frostbolt is shot,use icy for lower gcd and casting ,df pala and unload fb spam with priest.At end of df use counterspell and finish/mass dispel paladin.Warrior will trinket 95% of time blade storm you/priest.If he bladestorms you blink away and try to finish of pala who should be in open field due to fear.If paladin is at 50% hp poly him when he gets dispelled of bubble and swap to war hard.Do not forget to freeze war to buy your priest to time to get away.Poly pala 2x,nova warr while priest is mcing 3 sec before poly ends,df war when doing shatter so pala is still in mc,if the pala trinkets/bubbles in mean time(he already used one of those on 1st kill shot)swap to him with fear(which is off cd by now)poly war,cold snap pop pet,icy veins and finishim him off.Warrior shall be rendered helpless to do anything due to poly/nova while pala has to heal if he wants to survive.
    Pro tip: freeze paladin with your fn so your pet nova is used for warrior if by any chance pala gets dispel of your polymorph so you don‘«÷t waste your gcd which is left for dpsing the pala who should be definitely dead if he does something like that.

    Option 2-Poly warr while paladin is in fear,df paladin and let your priest do the mana burn game,he should get 3-4 mana burns by the time pala gets out of df and crosses 10 yards close to pillar.At that point poly the pala and nova the war while repolying pala exactly 0.2-0.5 sec after the mana burn lands.Chain it with r1 fb with counter spell to render him immune to Hoj so your priest can get another mana burn.Repeat entire process for gay game of mana burns and peel of your preist everytime he is in danger.

    Position will play crucial role here.You can go invs at start to get opener but its not really necessary.The tactic I personally use is following.Position your priest behind you while he is 35 yards away from you.Stay mounted and expect sap.The poin there is that if you get sapped your priest has enough time to prepare for incoming dmg+you are making a gap for his priest to prevent double fear and on top of that your making rogue run to you for blind.If rogue saps you and open on your priest,trinket,pop pet,nova the rogue and df instantly.His priest will probably rush mounted to fear you,use counter spell and poly him while maintaining pressure on rogue.Be mindful if priest trinket immidiatly to fear you,move away from him asap when u poly him or if you polied him near you get rdy to blink if your too close to him.
    If rogue trinketed your df and has no fear ward your priest can instantly fear him as thre is no way he can remove it as most likely his priest will be polied or too far to dispel him.Do not forget to dot the rogue to prevent vanishes.If rogue clos and vanishes and blinds you depending on your hp/positioning of them you can iceblock/cancel it to remove blind and let your priest dispel/throw you a levitate/renew while you spellsteal priest to keep your self in combat.Unload on priest further while your priest mana burns his if rogue is not out yet.Rogue will reopen 95% of times on priest,repeat the df,counterspell process from start and finish of the rogue.If he does not reopen keep pressure on priest ,you should win it by mana game if the rogue opens too late/does not open.
    If the rogue saps priest and goes for you kite while being mounted(that‘«÷s why its important to be mounted at start to let sap wears off the priest just be mindful of your positing while kiting,kite on semicircle).Once priest sap is nearly done ice lance priest swap to ice armor asap and you should be near him and he will most likely dispel you.If your priest gets sapped for 5 sec its not problem as duration is not long,wait for rogue opener ,blink from cheap shot/kidney and use r1 snares on him all the time.Poly the rogue 2 times with debuffs to get breathing space and to let slow poison wears off.Do not forget to save fof charges for insta df to priest when he comes out a bit to dispel the rogue.Let your priest mount up and fears priest while you unload on rogue.Iceblock if you got wound on you and you know he has no clos/vanishes to remove momevemnt impairing and to do kill shot with another df while your priest mind controls the other priest.

    Expect heavy dmg on opener,as usuall max range from you and your priest should be applied and your priest should prepare for heavy healing.You will most likely get sapped so wait till pala is near the priest and he stuns him,that‘«÷s your que for incoming burst or if rogue opens on priest while pala is mount charging.trinket,pop pet,use pet nova,df rogue while instantly silencing paladin and starting to fb spam paladin,if rogue trinkets insta fear him and if he does not trinket,poly him at end of df.He will trinket 99% of time which should be followed by insta fear while still maintaining the dmg on pala.Make sure to mass dispel paladin bubble and stay close to middle but not absolute in case you priest fears them he can kite em behind pillar while you create a wall between them,Do not wait with cold snap,use it to prevent them coming to your priest.Timing must be executed perfectly to peel,1 mistake and your priest will most likely die,especially if rogue/ret are geared to teeth.Iceblock the blind and watchout for swap,maintain distance at all times vs ret/rogue.
    If they sap your priest and go for you go invs as soon as you priest calls sap,by using this your gonna buy time to let sap wears off,he should also blink you on mini map where paladin is situated so you can enter combat.Poly pala if possible,spellsteal and unload with df+silence,rogue will most likely open on you.Your priest should try to mind control the rogue to force trinket while you spellsteal freedom and renderyourself immune to slows.Do not wait for 20% to ice block as they will rapidly swap to priest and then to you because they can shut you down for enuff time to kill you.Also do not be afraid to cold snap to use double df/pet/icy to pump more dmg/negate their dmg.If done correctly you will need only 1 iceblock.Keep focus on pala if rogue plays stealthy/swap to rogue/poly pala if he used hos/divine sac and be rdy to spam spellsteal to remove hand in conjuction with priest dispel and get rid of rogue.

    Another similar comp to ret/rogue,the only difference is they got better cc and more bleeds.As with paladin/rogue you should keep max distance from priest wait for opener of rogue and iceblock it.Use pet to df rogue,icy and fb spam into feral,if you see feral charging towards you silence asap and keep dmg up,do not forget to poly the rogue before df ends/or if your interrupted ur gonna have to be forced to trinket the cyclone if they are free.Luckily rogue already used trinket on df/fear so you need to land a good poly,cold snap early to pump more dmg into feral,do not forget to predict that if rogue clos,and vanishes from df/fear you should use pet nova close to you to get him opened,works like a charm many times if your good with predicting.Be mind of swaps during iceblock as they might insta blind priest and go for you.In that case you need to kite em away and use invs asap and goin to other side to pick invs while your priest calls what is happeninig.Quick reflexes are key to victory key.

    One of really hard comps to beat if played properly,you will test out your own patience and skill vs this encounter.The hard part is to know when to cast,you have to know fakecast several times in row.wind shear+grounding+spelllock+avoiding fears will not be easy.There are several kill tactics as follows:
    Tactic one:start by freezeing shaman use r1 fb and look at following factor,does he have earthshield,where is his tremor,and if warlock is coming to aoe stun,fear?The kill target is bascily 90% of shaman unless you can kill a pet and chain hell of a cc on shaman.
    If warlock is coming to shadowfury either you or priest must not be in 12 yard range in circle radius,open on shamanwith df,pop icy veins and dps like mad,if you see fel hunter coming,fake cast or your kill attempt is gone,he will most likely shadowfury you to stop any dmg.Your priest should insta dispel you,rush to him for aoe fear and assist with dpsing the shaman who has no earth shield,blanket the shaman and continu dpsing.They will most likely use trinket on fear/df so you have to reset and repeat process.Be mindful that when shaman is sheeped you have to watchout for incoming warlock and your priest has to be godlike dispeller on immolate/fear.The basic idea is to lure warlock to shaman and aoe fear em.
    Tactic two:nearly indentical as one it focuses on mana burning the shaman,the only difference is you will spam r1 fb in lock and poly him for every dr there is and frost nova the shaman for dmg/burns.Make sure you icelance groundining asap always/icelance/poke dagger tremors.
    Tactic three:The most difficulty tactic,killing of a pet.The only same part of tactic 1 and 2 is having lock and shaman feared together,from there its uphill fight to down the pet ,tho if you succeed you will have much easier time vs this comp and fromthere you can even apply tactic 1 nd 2 for shaman.Since pet will no longer pose threat since its eliminated you can cc shaman endleslsly via poly 3x,fear,df,silence,repeat(moer than 20 sec should be enuff to kill warlock without pet).
    Interrupt his fear spells and let priest dispel you of immolate and conflagrate spells and heal chaosbolt.Also when first pet is dead watch out for fel dom ICON on his buff bars,if you see it you should counterspell immediately and chain it with massive cc to prevent resummoning.In my experience it has proven to be best method of stopping insta summon as when you see cast bar its nearly too late(lag,connection is only factor playing to stop it if no precasted counterspell on icon).

    Quick reflexes will be very important here,To avoid getting sapped start by using invs and having your partner tell you where is mage and if he is goin invs,they will most likely sap/poly/blind you and try to finish off your priest,easier said than done this fight represents very tough counter for you.If you get sapped and they open on your priest best choice you got is to trinket, counterspell mage,insta summon pet while in mean time your priest trinkets the kidney and fears the rogue,its very important to counterspell the mage directly after kidney lands otherwise if hes free to cast he will insta blanket priest to avoid fear on rogue and in that case match is lost.Directly after fear and while mage is csed for 1 sec cca nova the rogue and df while polieng the mage and ice lancing the rogue,usually rogue will trinket (if he didn‘«÷t trinket on fear and if priest got blanket csed),you should poly him,you will have enough time and no fear of mage cs,since he already used it on priest.At that point you should unload on mage and create a distance between your priest and rogue.Remeber to poly the rogue 2x and then swap on him for as no mage can kill disc round a rosie pillar type game if priest insta dispel himself of any snares and debuffs.Make sure you use your mirror images on rogue as it will be very uself trying to prevent extra vanish.By that time buff should be up and you should have one on you so you can get rogue easily.Things to be aware of is sap on your priest and swapping on you,do not forget to aoe at your priest if you notice that he got sapped,also remember to create distance between you and priest if one of you get sapped so rogue has to travel max distance(36 yards).Use r1 fb to ensure snares on rogue and fake >cast the mage.If you get csed on poly you will most likely have to petnova>df>coldsnap>summon pet>pet nova>df to buy breathing space for your priest.If you control the opener you will most likely win the match.

    Test for your adaptivity will occur here.Why?This comp is almost best double dps comp in entire game,not to mention opness of shadow specc with solid gear.You should start this fight by mage armor(always),using invs and let your priest stay behind the lines while he is telling you where is shadow priest moving or positioning.Open on priest with summon pet and df,If your priest gets sapped in mean time poly the priest and position your back toward the shadow priest while traveling to your priest.Remeber to arcane explosion few times as you might get sapped and they might swap on your priest.If that happens and you see shadow priest coming towards your priest insta trinket followd by counterspell>poly while moving away from rogue and priest as well who should be by now on your priest with cheapshot>kidney>your priest trinkets kidney>removes fear ward of priest or rogue(must have) and if shadow priest trinkets you cold snap followed by cancel pet>petsummon>pet nova>df>poly for 5 sec(this shoudnt take more than 1.5-1.8 sec max) and unload on rogue hard while your priest pain suppresses himself and travels to priest to fear him while healing himself.By then shadow priest should be feared fully(do not forget to icelance him 1 or 2 so you keep yourself in combat).If rogue does not reopen start on priest hard(your cs should be nearly off cd by now) and tell your priest to assist with dps.Rogue will most likely open on your priest which you should instantly poly him while csing the priest to prevent dp spam(you can also use poly to prevent any casted spells and dispel of rogue if ur swapping and if rogue has no clos).By that time rogue or shadowpriest should be without any major cds and your priest fear should be off cd.Chain ccs and finish non cced target.

    Gather your might as this can be extremely painful.You will have to reset plenty of times due to hunters being hard counter to mages in general.Start by rushing in together and dispelling fear ward(usually on priest) while you df the priest,at this time you will most likely get silenced which should be insta dispelled by your priest who should receive a scatter 0.5-1sec later followed by trap whichi you should get rdy to eat asap.And all that happens in first 5 sec of rushing in so keep your head cool .Priest will start to dispel you while hunter trains you,be mindfull of pillar hugging and force the hunter to disengage towards you while your priest fears both preferably(must do if they are stacked) as his priest will chase to dispel you constantly and dot you.Either choose mana game or direct kill on hunter(I find it preferable).Poly priest,use df on hunter and mass dps him while your priest mind controls him out of priest range by the time df is about to end(he should start mcing 2.2 sec before df ends so he must use disengage and detterence(do not forget to apply dots before mc).Keep priest cced poly x3,into cs>fear>df>poly> and finish the hunter,reapply dots on him whenever needed(who should have used 2 detterence +trinket).Do not forget to soft reset and tell your priest to mount if iany chance 4 double fear(if they try to reset as well and you fail to finish em off in meantime).

    Pain in *** awaits you,double healer + almost infinite mana in conjuction with each other.Tricky part is locking down one without other one using tremor/dispel,best option you got here is to go by mana burn game as its really really hard to kill either one since wolf form renders your snares nearly uselsss and df/fear/cs on shaman nets you 30% less dmg.Best option if your aiming for kill shot is poly priest,fear the shaman,fully dispel him and prepare for nuke of life.Turret fb spam,cs at direct end of healing wave,turret spam,poly the priest,df the shaman while your priest assists you with dps tho its better if you dps/cc while your priest burns the shaman thru whole time(takes 18 secs to get him completely oom =fear 1,df,2-3x,cs 2x,fn and dmg spam =another burn netting in total 7 burns in course of 14 sec which will most likely draw trinket from priest who should be repollied instantly,once shaman hits 2-4k mana swap on priest burning with same cc chain.If your priest tends to go bit lower on mana poly priest and fn the shaman while losing both of em to avoid any dmg/using iceblocks to force massdispell which costs loads of mana+to protect yourself.You should have no problem surviving vs them 20-40 sec following this cc chain:poly priest fn shaman>los>repoly priest(fakecast shears and use fireward to migtate dmg),repoly the shaman>cs priest at same time>fn priest>df>repoly shaman>los completely use r1 snare to slow them down>blink>cold snap>nova>df>priest>cs shaman>poly priest.Repeat mana burn process.Takes time but its definitely a best way to counter this double healer dps comp.

    Feral will be quite tricky sometimes due to fact he can shapeshift out of snares instantly.Your best friend here will be r1fb spam(a lot) and mouseover icelance macro for tremor(must have).As any good feral will be on you 24/7 you have to have abolish disease on you 24/7 and use df to buy space while your priest travels to fear shaman.Important fact here is that kill is 99% times on feral due to fact that feral can lock you while your doing kill on shaman by simple casted cyclone(you need cs for shaman or its impossible to kill him).While your priest approaches shaman in order to fear him(best mounted or really hard otherwise) you should be prepared to icelance tremor/grounding asap and df the feral who is getttin dispelled by your priest who feared shaman beforehand.After that REMEMBER to spellsteal barskin(that‘«÷s why its important to first strips buffs out of him) and apply max dmg.Most likely either will trinket and go defensive,do not forget to dot the feral and poly the shaman before fear runs out(most likely you will have to blink to get in range to poly tho it does not matter since feral has to go defensive in order to survive).Make sure always that you kite the druid away from shaman in opposite direction as far as map allows you,thus ur drawing shaman to open which makes it easer for you to poly him if you get chance/df via fof.Repeat first process for definite kill.
    Its possible to make swap to target without earthshield which is shaman in most cases but you need to be very careful letting druid free or he can tear you to shreds in no time.If ur making swap make sure druid has no beserk and do it when both are without trinket, shaman is polied,kite the druid to shaman and fear em both and prepare shatter for shaman>df and be vary of insta grounding/tremor after df ends which should be destroyed by priest dot(to eat grounding) so you can have cs the nature‘«÷s swiftness and finish him off while tanking bit feral dmg.Also your priest should start spamming dispel after blanket cs/after df.Since shamans sometimes use NS its possible to insta dispel it if lucky with rng especially if caught within cs.






















    11.TIPS(open source)

    1.Remeber to always cover your sheeps with a debuff(r1 fb for winterchill+slowdebuff)
    2.When facing a priest poly him and start to fake dps him until he uses pws>poly>spellsteal.
    3.Rember to always fakecast classes that can interrupt/silence you.
    4.Use iceblock to get rid of cc and cancel it asap if you see critical heal/etc.That ensures that your reflexes are on par with all possible things that might occur while your in iceblock.
    5.Polymorph warrior with spellreflect to fully heal yourself.
    6.You can outrange warrior charge and intercept by standing 36 yards,using r1 fb and waiting for df/ffb and shoot him from afar.Works like a charm.
    7.You can outrange warlock fear by snaring him and turning yourback to him when he has shadowfury(he will most likely use it asap always)so you can blink even further from him while hes snared thus kiting him away since u can rank1 snare and run away.
    8.By having sheep and elemental when 1vs1 in arena you can use advantage to poly>go eat and command your pet to freeze target while you eat.This ensures hostile player to be in combat while you drink to nearly full hp(5+poly+8sec frost nova+by the time he reaches you2,3 sec cca 15 sec of free health and mana).
    9.Never forget to bandage if your in position to do so.
    10.Slowfall yourself always when dealing with mages/discs/shaman who are trying to spellsteal/dispel/purge you.
    11.Always position yourself near pillar so you can los when needed.
    12.Alwys use fireward directly before lava burst hits you to avoid it getting dispelled.
    13.Vs warriors always use frostward so when they reflect your icelance you do not take any damage.
    14.Try to jump all the stuns in game as in most cases you will jump and get stunned and end up at place few yards further thus forcing enemy to move even more(warrior intercept,charge,paladin hammer of justice,warlock shadowfury,rogue kidneyshot,feral maim).
    15.When facing a paladin poly him>fakedps>polyx2 or spellsteal freedom>kill.Easy palas eh::
    16.Use scorch to lure other people silences and kicks.Works in 75% of cases making you free cast.
    17.Use invisibility while dpsing a target to make him lose you as a target until he retargets you.Can be life .saver in close duels.
    Edited: April 19, 2016

  2. Can you include your mage's name in the guide ? Give us a backup way to see the talent build you are offering.

  3. I am not really sure on how i am supposed to see the talent builds?

  4. I am patiently waiting and this is a great post and i would like to see how the talents are set up :)

    Other than that, very good job with the post. It is extremely thorough. Thanks a lot for the help!

  5. Thread updated with talent trees.

  6. May 8, 2016  
    Thank you for not forgetting :)

  7. May 10, 2016  
    Will the mage/shaman arena guides be up anytime soon? If not? A quick overview of the combo from some experienced player would be appreciated since I'm thinking of rolling a mage and my friend got a r shammy
    Thanks in advance!

  8. May 11, 2016  
    Well il still think bout it.Its fairly similiar to disc mage but more focused burst.Wel see.

  9. and if you face a feral just die XD

  10. July 6, 2016  
    1 question, is Bloodsurge non heroic any good ?

  11. July 7, 2016  

  12. There is no wrist option mentioned o.O

  13. Does troll racial really make difference as frost or human/undead/gnome can be on the same level ?
    In additional. any suggestions against huntards in open world pvp ?
    Lordaeron goes decent, but on Icecrown huntard's damage is really wild class is able to almost 2shot mage.

  14. Well it can make major difference in opener.But apart from opener i woudnt say,undead/human/gnome better.
    Against huntards,(if you got cooldowns).Id prefer novaing with pet and insta deep ,fakeout dps >poly.
    Yeah icecrown is mess for frost mages,id suggest using mana shield with barrier first time(not suggesting later on as you will go oom.
    If he trinkets first deep>poly(iceblock instantly and cancel instantly after silence),if he does not trinketbut rather pet stun,make sure you trinket pet stun literally asap and poly(you should have time to do that if you got descent haste paired with icy veins).

    If he does not trinket ,cold snap for additional double deep paired with 2,3 icelances>followed by mirror images.
    From there id use only instant (be sure to spellsteal ROR and freedom when its up).Not easy versus top end hunter but still very doabale(you should end up with 30-40% hp left.

    If you use engineering make sure you gouge after first deep for additional shatter.

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