1. Solace <A>

    Forged On August 24th 2012 Solace is an active Alliance Guild on the Warmane-Deathwing Server. We are one big family that takes pride in helping others in Warmane's virtual home - World Of Warcraft. Our aim is to develop a strong Guild by educating others in the guild and acknowledging their contribution for the guild. We develope the most tolerant attitude for the members who join us and compromise countless times over their flaws, in order to give them 2nd chances to improve. We will always assist fellow guild members who are in need of aid, and our stronger members are eager to help and train newer members so that they can have a better experience and enjoy their stay.

    We look for applicants who consider themselves end-game with the ability to promote full dedication and devotion to the guild they want to be in. We look for honest, smart, just, right, hard-working, well-obeying, interactive, fluent English speakers and most importantly people who play this game for entertainment and joy.

    Guild progress

    Solace current stats for heroic Ruby Sanctum and Icecrown Citadel:

    Lich King : 200 kills
    Halion : 200 kills

    Guild requirements

    - Fluent English
    - Optimized itemization
    - Experience in Halion and LK heroic encounters

    To apply go to : http://solacedw.shivtr.com/

    Edited: November 9, 2018

  2. Settings's Avatar
    Gz on the kill :)

    Cromatek ( the hunter )

  3. RS 25 down


    it was done with 22/25 ppl
    first try easy mode :)
    gj guys

    loot was :
    Apocalypse's Advance
    Charred Twilight Scale
    Foreshadow Steps

    after halion 25 we had some time left so we cleared toc 25 normal xD
    and still missing good members for 25 raids mainly rdps and healers xD

    and ty cromatek :)

  4. Another LK kill 25 hc is coming soon :)


    GJ guys

  5. as we venture deeper and further into the heroic realm we set our sights on RS10HC

    nothing could stop our best champions !

  6. GJ Solace

    First ICC 25 HC 6 Bosses down :)

    proud of u all !

  7. GJ Solace

    First ICC 25 HC 6 Bosses down :)

    proud of u all !
    Does that include PP or BPC since BPC is more often killed then PP? Grats on the progress.

  8. Solace decided to go APE shiiit and progress some more !

    ICC 25 HC 9 Bosses down gj guys ! (wish that VDW wouldnt bug...)

    Proud of u all :)

  9. MiNiiiiid's Avatar
    One-shot Sindy and get that LK!

    Congratulations guys, that are really nice new =)

  10. ty man i have to say u started it all :)

  11. MiNiiiiid's Avatar
    Congratulations on "Bane of the Fallen King".

    Seems that path to the LoD is getting more clear day to day! =) Hard work did his part of job!

    Good Luck Solace! =)

  12. [IMG][/IMG]

    Solace defeats LK 10 hc xD Gj guys its about time !!

    Raid composition :

    Tank :
    Nicewommen - Hybrid dk

    Healers :
    Carbonara - Resto shaman
    Miraculix - Disc priest

    Rdps :

    Giladron - Fire Mage
    Deejaa - Balance druid
    Pirs - Hunter
    Callmeporn - Hunter
    Shadowsrb - Shadow priest

    Mdps :

    Sheksy - Agility Paladin
    Tujara - Fury warrior

    loot was :

    Windrunner's Heartseeker - callmeporn
    Tainted Twig of Nordrassil - pirs

  13. Gratz <3 :) Don't be too sad jim.

  14. great job solace hope for Lod soon, sheksy good luck on invicible roll :D

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