1. ...::: Ruby No 19 ::::..

    Some greenies droped

  2. Cloak of burning (9000) dkp
    Phaseshifter bracers
    Foreshadow feet

  3. ..::: LoD No 39:::...

    Greastaff : Facker
    Rouge **** : Aurenica
    Horsie : Fensii

  4. ))

    ...::: Ruby No 19 ::::..

    Some greenies droped

    I wonder where Halion is :)

  5. I wonder where Halion is :)
    Typical New Dawn member, clueless, don't know where Halion is, let me tell you, he's in Ruby Sanctum, laying down on ground because we killed him.

  6. On a serious note,where is Halion?

  7. Hah! The moment halion died I kinda shouted on rc - omg halion is not in middle- hax hax hax!

    It's lying somewhere near the edge of the circle. Had to kite him coz of 2 meteor strike adds on my (tank) tail.

    P.s. Post Lod 40 plox

  8. ...::: Big No 40 :::...

    with new 3sec frostmourn phases we celebrate 40th kill

    Powa to the people :)

    Scepter : Noobinho (best kaboomkin eu)
    Bloodsurge : Nrage
    Horsie : Slawek

  9. Why you have Slawek on focus? :D

  10. Cause i know hes a baddie and hell proly die first :)

  11. He have me on focus cz he know's I'm sexy and he likes me :D

  12. ...:::Ruby No 20 :::...

    As far as we know this is Moltens first 3 healed Ruby heroico
    @ Persona non smarta : its in the middle

    Penumbra : Jenito
    Apokalypse : Paladinka
    Gloving : Krasotica
    Fiery Night : Minemage

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