1. TukUI Hydra's Edit for 3.3.5

    Note: I did not design this UI. I simply fixed the broken features and translated it from Russian to English.


    Spoiler: Show
    Grid Layout:

    --Tidy Plates doesn't disable the Tukui nameplates

    --Debuff highlighting now shows in grid mode (highlight that only show if your class can dispel it, green = poison, blue = magic. orange = disease, purple = curse)
    --Healcomm support now works for healers in grid mode and no longer creates a green heal prediction on player and target frames (only on grid)
    --Healcomm prediction will no longer overlap the grid box (or bar)
    --Important ICC and other wotlk raid debuffs now show in grid
    --Healing buffs/hot now shows in grid e.g renew, sacred shield, beacon of light
    --Changed the language from Russian to English
    --Can now interact with heal layout - both dps/heal mode
    --Language menu tags fixed (now in English)
    --Bank bags will now show all bags

    /uihelp - for a list of the usable commands.
    /uf - to move unit frames
    /hb - to toggle keybind editor
    /dps - to toggle dps unitframe (vertical party members bar)
    /heal - to toggle grid mode
    /resetui - to reset tukui
    /ainv - sets "invite" as a keyword to invite the player who whispered you that "invite". Or you can set your own keyword by using /ainv "keyword" without the quotes
    /mss - to move the shapeshift, totem and aura bar
    /CLFix - to fix combat log

    How to toggle bags:
    Open up bags with 'B' key or click on the Bag tag, then, right click the 'X' button at the top right > 'Show Bags'
    How to remove bars:
    Click on the action bar tag on the bottom right panel then click the arrows the appear next to your action bars.
    How to hide chat:
    Click the bottom rectangular box at the bottom of the chat windows.
    Unstuck or GM help:


  2. iMortal's Avatar
    looks nice, but a little cluttered

  3. can you give me a download for this ui? :P

  4. TrollVytka's Avatar
    You customized only healer layout, or DPS layout too? If yes, post sreenshot. ;)

  5. Would you please reupload this, or send me a pm with it?
    Download link added.

  6. I'm getting a "Dependency missing" :\

    I thought it had the core. :cool:

  7. I'm getting a "Dependency missing" :\

    I thought it had the core. :cool:
    The extracted files should contain three folders. All of those go inside your Addons folder.

  8. Camill's Avatar
    I don't know why , but i always disliked Tukui.
    Don' know exactly why, but i just didn't like it at all.

  9. If u can please re-upload to MediaFire since this link is dead :(

  10. Wow this is really superb. How did you manage to get this version for 3.3.5?

    Btw the download link is broken.

  11. clerkz's Avatar
    fix the link mate

  12. I love the ui, too bad Im so lazy to setup all 8 of my chars and their offspecs, gunna suck D:
    Download link is broken tho yeah.

  13. Very nice customization. Fix the link if you can.

    Great job! :)

  14. Very nice customization. Fix the link if you can.

    Great job! :)
    The Player cast bar on the download link and the screenshot I've posted aren't the same. PM me if you need to code for it.

    --Link updated--

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