1. July 8, 2017  
    Hi there
    There is a random french from a random french server. Today a guy spam us to grab some players.
    I noticed after finding his crap forum, that he used your download link without crediting you.
    Have you given your permission to this guy? otherwise, I think he stole your work ^^
    This is the link. (enjoy the design)

    Here is ! I am going back to France !
    (Sorry for my ****ty English!)

  2. Im trying to download the game from warmane page but In uttorrent it just says looking for peers anyone know how long that takes

  3. hey there I have managed to actually load the program but there is one problem. I can here the music and see its opened but the image is transparent no picture at all. Really confusing lol

  4. May 22, 2018  
    Bit outdated but this whole download seems sketchy as all get out. Its only 18MB and the login screen is the static page. Not to mention files that look out of place in the folder like "Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest"

    Not to mention the line
    "-Missing content is downloaded from Blizzard servers while playing in-game."
    I can't imagine that Blizzard is still providing this content, the only people who might is Warmane themselves, which would make sense but why hide that?

  5. 1 Week Ago  

  6. 7 hours ago  
    Can somebody re-upload the installer? Thanks!

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