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  1. Introduction
  2. How to use
    1. Checking current reports
    2. Bug status
    3. A bug report
    4. Reporting a new bug
      1. How to upload a Bugtracker img

  3. Not sure whether this is a bug

1. Introduction

Bugtracker is the place where all bugs shall be reported. It is now within the site features.
You can access it through the link on the inner page header or by using its direct link:
Contrary to what it was on our previous version, it does no longer need a new registration in order to submit new reports, your username from your logged in account will be displayed on every comment or report you make.

2. How to use

2.1. Checking current reports
By just entering the page you are already checking the latest reports. They are sorted by their id by default, meaning that newest reports will show up first. You can change this anytime by just clicking the table title (ID, Title, Category, Status, Priority, Updated); the first time you click on any of them they will be sorted in ascendant order, the second will be descendent.

If you are looking for an specific bug report and you have got enough references to it you would probably want to filter it, you can do so by optionally editing as many of the fields you know on the row above the table.
All fields are optional, the more information you probably the less and more exact results you will get (or none if they do not match your requirements)

2.2. Bug status
You will have noticed there are quite a few status to describe the current state of a reported bug. They are exclusive, a bug can only have a status at once.
Unconfirmed: Bug existence has not been confirmed by a QA member.
Confirmed: Bug existence has been confirmed by a QA member.
Pending: Bug has attracted developers attention, they are most likely working on a fix for it.
Fixed: Fix should now be taking place in production realms.
Duplicate: Bug has already been reported. This report will be ignored.
Dismissed: Bug is invalid / incorrect. This report will be ignored.

2.3. A bug report

A bug report consist of basic information of it (like its author or the section where it is located on the Bugtracker), its status, the developer who it has been assigned to and its description.
You can upvote or downvote every bug, and although it does not mean that this will necessarily be fixed first we will probably give it more attention. You should vote wisely according to in-game priorities to benefit the whole community, not just you. Voting up or down will edit the priority label accordingly.
Moreover, you can place comments. Avoid posting +1 or anything similar, that does not contribute to helping the bug faster, instead post if you have any additional information about the bug that could be useful for the developers.
Developers will also be using comments as a way to communicate the progress of the bug or if there is anything relevant to add. These comments will have a special colour so that you can track them easier.

If you need to share the bug report for whatever reason you can either take the top link or a comments link which you can get by clicking on the "ago" bit over each comment. But remember that we do not allow posting such links on the forum in order to get extra attention from the community.

2.4. Reporting a new bug
First of all, make sure the bug has not been reported first. Duplicated bugs are not taken into consideration by developers and if you would like to add information to a bug report you should do it into the original one as a comment.

To do so you just have to head over the new report link, just below the searching tools.
All fields but Openwow or Wowhead links and image(s) are optional but highly encouraged.
Take in mind that in none of the text fields we do allow special characters like "`'%{}, you will have to use alphanumeric characters in your report.
If you want to post an image, you will have to upload it on imgur first (see 2.4.1).

2.4.1. How to upload a Bugtracker image
Uploading on imgur is simple:
1. Go to
2. Drag your image from your computer folder to imgur page. This is how it should look like.
3. Click Start Upload
4. Copy the direct link (email & IM). Just like that.

3. Not sure whether this is a Bug

If you are not sure whether it is a bug or not, it is fine that you ask the forum community first. You should consider checking the Bugtracker first, it might have already been reported and confirmed.
But DO NOT open a thread claiming why a bug is still pending to fix nor to complain about it. It will not fasten its development and you may get infracted as it goes against our rules.