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    Introduction & List of Guides [Updated 2017-06-03]

    Welcome to the Shaman section! This section's purpose is to provide you with a place where you can discuss the Shaman class with your fellow players.

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    Thank you for reading. The guides for this section are listed below. Please, have a look at them!

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    Shaman Guides



    3.3.5a BiS gear and spell priority from elitistjerks, by Jakkre
    3.3.5a Enhancement Shaman, by Dranell
    3.3.5a Enhancement Shaman DPS, by BandyKewt
    3.3.5a Enhancement Shaman PvE, by zabuza1997
    4.3.4 Enhancement Shaman PvE, by Kemii

    3.3.5a Enhancement Shaman, by l3g10nw
    3.3.5a Enhancement PVP, by melancor
    3.3.5a Breakyaneckx 2850+ info/macros, by Breakyaneckx
    4.3.4 Enhancement Shaman Guide, by l3g10nw
    5.4.2 Guide to Enhancement Shaman, by Yirkarja

    3.3.5a Elemental Shaman, by PoodleNoodle
    3.3.5a Elemental Shaman, by Rexarjr
    3.3.5a Elemental Shaman PVE guide&pre-raid , by Vekishawow
    4.3.4 Elemental Shaman PvE, by Speed

    3.3.5a Elemental shaman PvP 2v2 bracket, by emeril
    3.3.5a Elemental Shaman Guide, by UrbanJuggernaut
    3.3.5a Elemental Shaman arena guide, by Thundernutz
    3.3.5a Elemental Shaman PVP guide, by Noiselessx
    3.3.5a Elemental shaman PvP, by Otasuihi
    5.4.2 Elemental shaman PvP, by Logram


    2.4.3 Resto Shaman pre-Karazhan gear guide, by Benwayscalito
    3.3.5a Restoration Guide, by Funkymusic
    3.3.5a Restoration Guide, by Korben
    3.3.5a Restoration Shaman PvE 3.3.5a Guide, by vsetoq
    3.3.5a The end-game Restoration Shaman, by harthoran
    3.3.5a Restoration shaman guide, by Funkymusic
    4.0.6 Cataclysm Restoration Shaman Guide, by MyRevolution

    3.3.5a Resto Shaman, by Heatdeath
    3.3.5a Random Resto Shaman PvP Tips & Tricks, by ArmanTopchu
    4.3.4 PVP restoration shaman, by pepang

    Please feel free to send a Private Message to a Moderator to get a new guide added.
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