Hi all,

If you got this message, this thread should help you to get rid of it. At least one of these steps should fix this problem, it's based on which operating system you have, and some other thing you'll see in this thread.
Cannot stream required archive data.  Please check your internet connection.

Or maybe something like this
Data/enUS/wowupdate*****: Cannot stream required archive data. Please check your internet connection.
People say it's much better if you delete that "Data/enUS/wowupdate*****" file before you proceed with this guide.

I suggest you to read this guide step by step, doing it like this you might get rid of this problem just by passing step 1. You might get lucky!


Before we start - Open your WoW Folder and navigate to realmlist.wtf file. Set your realmlist to warmane.

set realmlist logon.warmane.com
set patchlist logon.warmane.com
Save and exit.

Let's start looking for solution!

1st - You MUST have User with Administrator permission and access. Many of the installation, patching, and networking services need elevated permissions in order to run correctly.

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For Windows users, there is a guide on Blizzard Support website at the link bellow.

Administrator Mode

2nd - Disabling or temporarily uninstalling firewall and anti-virus programs (Norton, McAfee, etc) can permit the patch to complete successfully. Of course, do not remove security software if you can't reinstall it, and always restore disabled security after patching.
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About disabling Antivirus software, it's mostly doable if you right click on Tray icon near your Clock and Date on right-bottom corner of your screen, and selecting Disable, Pause or Stop.

3rd - Proxy settings on your system can also block access.
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  • Pull up your Control Panel and select Internet Options.
  • Click on the Connections tab.
  • Click the button called "LAN Settings"
  • Check "Automatically detect settings" and click OK.

Note: Sometime it helps if you uncheck all!

Try to run your game now! Try that after every step you go trough.

4th - Creating a new admin account on your system can also help. The new account should have default settings.
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  1. Click Start and click Control Panel.
  2. Click User Accounts and Family Safety.
  3. Under User Accounts, click Add or remove user accounts.
  4. Click Create a new account.
  5. Type in the account name. Select the account type: Administrator.
  6. Click Create Account.
  7. Select the account you just created.
  8. Restart the system and log in to the new account.
  9. Try running the game.

5th - Your Internet Explorer run in Offline Mode, and remain in Offline Mode all time.
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  1. Run your Internet Explorer.
  2. Press ALT on keyboard to activate Menu bar.
  3. Choose File > and uncheck Offline Mode.
  4. Try running the game now.

6th - IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS (PC)
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There is no need to write this because Blizzard Support already did, check thread at link bellow.

IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS (PC)


Some of these 6 steps should help you stop getting that message.

If problem still persist, please check your computer manually. Look for all strange thing you have on it, it's much better if you just open Add Or Remove Programs windows from Control Panel and delete everything you really don't need and you never hear of before.

Few people had this problem, and they used K9 Web Protection module, after removing it everything was fine. So, check your computer for "bad" software.

So, when you get rid of this message, be sure you do this like Blizzard Support suggested.

Optimizing Your Wireless or Low-Speed Internet Connection (PC)

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Feel free to comment, reply and ask for any question :)

Enjoy playing!