1. [Horde] The Forgotten Kings


    The Forgotten Kings is a PvE oriented guild, and we are always interested in exceptional players to join our ranks.

    Our current progression is:
    ICC10 Normal 12/12
    ICC10Heroic 12/12
    RS 10 Normal 4/4
    RS10 Heroic 4/4
    RS25 Normal 4/4
    ICC25 Normal 12/12
    ICC25 Heroic 12/12

    Our raiding time is 6PM Server time.

    Please keep in mind that we are only looking for exceptional players, meaning that you need to have good gear already when you apply. Same with the achievements.

    If you're interested in a mellow and relaxed atmosphere and you're willing to listen in on Raidcall, and perform the tasks given to you while raiding, then this might just be the guild for you.

    This is not a guild where you can come to raids and gloat about being number one DPS.
    Our priority is that everyone is alive, so caring for your fellow guildee is a priority.

    Apply here:

    Guild videos here:

    Bane of the Fallen King
    The Forgotten Kings VS Halion 10-man Heroic
    Guilds first ICC25

  2. I'm happy to announce that our ICC25 Heroic went pretty good damn well.

    Our ICC25 Heroic progression is now at 10/12
    And it's only a matter of time when we'll get 12/12

    Three cheers for The Forgotten Kings ;)


  3. Very nice. Good to see some horde PvE. :)

  4. So, maybe you guys are wondering where the name of this guild comes from. Well I decided it would be nice to tell you all a bit about the history from this guild.

    The guild started with the name "Kings of the Free World" on a different private server. After some time we decided that Molten would be way better for us. So what was the next step to do?
    The core part of the guild moved together to Molten and joined the realm Sargeras.
    We didn’t continue here with the same guildname.
    The name of the guild changed to Obscenity.
    When Sargeras was going to be updated to Cataclysm, we decided to transfer the whole guild to Ragnaros, where we are still playing these days.

    With Obscenity we were able to get some progression done. We were able to down the Lich King on ICC25 normal for the first time, same with Ruby Sanctum 10 normal, and we were able to reach Sindragosa on the ICC10 heroic.

    After some problems in the top of the guild, this guild got disbanded. Still, kinda with the same people who were leading Obscenity, continued with a new guild: The Forgotten Kings.

    And yes, in case you don’t see it yet, this name has something to do with the guild we had back in our previous server.
    Not all the members from Obscenity joined this new guild, but we had enough to get it all going.
    After some in real life problems, the guild almost died. We weren’t even able to get enough people for the icc10 normal raids.
    We came to a point where we had to decide what we wanted to do with the guild. With the officers together, we decided to start recruiting. That all made the guild grow pretty fast again. Old members came back, new people joined.
    With all these awesome people we came to where we are right now, with the progression that Intoxicated wrote above.

    It’s not only about progress here. It’s about meeting friends and finding new friends here aswell.
    And I can honestly say, I have made a lot great friends here with who I am raiding together, or just talking a lot on Raidcall and on Facebook of course


  5. Just a new update about the guild here guys. These days we are trying to clear the ICC10 normal raids faster and faster, to get a new guildrecord. Well, i can say, we have a new one now! The previous record to down all bosses was 1h and 34 minutes. We improved that alot! The new record, after oneshotting every boss is 1h and 26 minutes!! Good job there Kings!!


  6. no application tab was found on your site. if you still have a place for ele shaman. please whisper Solanaar/Wolowitzz/Nusta in game.

  7. no application tab was found on your site. if you still have a place for ele shaman. please whisper Solanaar/Wolowitzz/Nusta in game.
    There is one in right top corner, just look beter :)

  8. Like vibre said. The application tab is in the right upper corner :)


  9. I assume you guys are still recruiting? I hope so atleast..

    I filled in a application on ur website, I hope you guys take the time to have a look at it ;)



  10. I have some update to announce!!! Today we got Sindy down in ICC 25 Heroic. our progress now:
    ICC25HC - 11/12

    Congratz Kings!!

    Gm Ydentity

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