1. Shadow Cleave does not cast in between spellcasts while in Metamorphosis and in mele range. I am using the following macro:

    #showtooltip Shadow Bolt
    /cast Shadow Cleave(Demon)
    /cast Shadow Bolt(Rank 13)

    For all I know it could be a macro problem or it could be because I'm testing it on dummies so if you guys have a macro that works properly can you share it or if you have the same problem hit an Upvote:

  2. Working as intended. The Shadow Bolt cast delays your melee swing precisely so you don't get to squeeze in free auto-attacks in between hard-casts.

  3. I just started a warlock (wotlk) and started putting points into Improved Corruption but I don't see any changes to the damage. Both the tooltip and the dmg tick on mobs stays the same. Is the talent broken or am I missing something?
    Edited: February 12, 2019

  4. On outland server I am level 12 but I still have not got the imp quest. When do I get the imp?

  5. When summoning the Voidwalker in order to defeat it, at the Goldenmist Village circle for the [The Rune of Summoning] quest, at the end of the cast the Voidwalker doesn't show up, preventing me from completing the quest to acquire the Voidwalker companion. I tried relogging, abandoning the quest and picking it up again (can only pick it up from the voidstones near the river, the trainers won't give me the quest anymore), with and without a party, closing off the game entirely, nothing worked. (Lordaeron, Blood Elf Warlock)

  6. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Sup, guys. Have a question for ppl, who played retail. Should be immolate rollable (in terms of stats) ?
    I know it's dot, and there is no reason to work other way than other dots. But we already have crits from it, that usually we need to get with set bonus(dk t9), or talents (corruption in affli spec).
    I mean according to rotation of destro/hybrid: we apply dot from start cause it boosts our inci, so we can't roll it from start, or it will be loss of few ticks. Same as we can't roll it in the end cause most of trinq are 20s proc, and immo in hybrid lasts 24s. So it's impossible to roll it for 2 first cycles.
    My thougths about it: 1) each tick should be recalculated to current SP stats 2) conflagerate should base on ubuffed immolate and scale from current stats for additional dmg.
    And why we have this recalculation of every tick for immolation aura in demo spec? Should it be also rollable like any other dot (this dot even doesn't have inbuild crits).

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