1. was not know!

    Chek this then!: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=51490/thunderstorm

    Instant45 sec cooldown
    Requires Shaman (Elemental)
    Requires level 24
    Calls down a bolt of lightning, dealing (41.7942% of Spell power) Nature damage to all enemies within 10 yards, reducing their movement speed by 40% for 5 sec, and knocking them away from the Shaman. Usable while stunned.

    *Spell Details
    Duration 5 seconds
    School Nature
    Mechanic n/a
    Dispel type n/a
    GCD category Normal
    Cost None
    Range 0 yards (Self)
    Cast time Instant
    Cooldown 45 seconds
    GCD 1.5 seconds
    Effect #1 School Damage (Nature)
    Value: 1 to 3 (SP mod: 0.417942)
    Radius: 10 yards
    Effect #2 Knock Back (300)
    Value: 60
    Radius: 10 yards
    Effect #3 Apply Aura: Decrease Run Speed %
    Value: -40%
    Mechanic: Snared
    Radius: 10 yards
    Cannot be used while shapeshifted
    Edited: October 26, 2017 Reason: add more info and more details

  2. https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/28371
    that one is problem
    for example alot priest waiting when enha go in melee range use absorb in 0.1 sec before stormstike and u gain no procs of Windfury+Maelstrom its bad for pvp. U already doing low damage + u gain no procs in to absorbs.
    Not all absorbs are able to dispel so as example shaman absorb and Corroded Skeleton Key absorbs are not dispelable. Many priests and retry paladins is hard to dispel they all time got procs and many hits going in to absorbs befor u get dispel them. So all this hits have 0 chanse to get Windfury our Maelstrom u gain no mana too.
    So we have; less damage, less procs of Maelstrom Weapon to heal yourself, loose more mana coz gain no mana regen in to absorbs, last one is good news coz withouts stacs of Maelstrom and more Windfury procs we will die faster anyway enamy will less care about def cooldowns and heals and more about burst and damage cooldowns to kill us dead shamans never get out of mana.
    Thats what i thing about this bug and have no idea why it have so low priority.
    Thanks to attention!
    Edited: November 30, 2017

  3. Was coming to comment same thing. This absorbs not proccing anything rly needs fixing. Breaks the whole damn game.

  4. ADMINS OR GM can you fix enhan shaman plz wf proc is sux 20 hits 1 proc wtf are that 22% chance or 2% chance ... purge have 150 spell pen cant purge 1 magic wtf are you doing only w8 for donate :? do somthing for that donate how can i play nice whit that sux spells and bug :?

  5. Windfury weapon does not get activate on target who have any kind of the shield on. No matter how weak shield it its, its just negate my windfury weapon enchant. Its may sound as minor bug, but think, almost all classes have some kind of the shield, priests, paladins, warlocks, mages, shamans and etc. And vs all of them my windfury weapon doesnt working properly. Shield should not remove wf proc, its should just absorb some of its dmg or even all of it, but not to stop its proc.

  6. Because this topic is so official and stuff;


    Tidal waves is bugged, its hard to heal tanks up with only 1 fast greater heal.

    Not having this makes a shaman lose a lot of healing output.

  7. Flurry for me doesnt seem to work well. it procs then within 2 seconds of it doesnt stack it goes away even when it says 11 seconds left. it stays on when not in combat though

  8. I'm having quite an interesting bug. The second time i drop my totems, the screen takes focus off my shaman, and redirects it to one of my totems. So i can no longer move. Its quite a terrible bug. Any ideas??

  9. On frostwolf I found this bug. With primal elemtentalist my fire element didn't trigger searing flames buff. I can't even find my pets' spells in spell book.

  10. On frostwolf I found this bug. With primal elemtentalist my fire element didn't trigger searing flames buff. I can't even find my pets' spells in spell book.
    My primal fire elemental's damage even get lower since I used primal elementalist.

  11. Shaman in Lordaeron, deleted Call of Fire quest on accident and now I can't accept it again. Please help

  12. Call Of Water Bugged Again?

    Hi everyone, I got a problem with the quest Call Of Water, precisely with the final part where you have to go to the braizer located in Silverpine Forset, west of The Sepulcher. When I get there, the elementals are friendly and unselectable, there's none to kill. I've already abandoned the quest and took it again. The second time the only thing I got was a yellow light over the area and a new, at least selectable elemental. Is it a bug or it's me doing something wrong?
    I remind you that the goal of the mission is to get some bracers from the elemental and then to purify them into the braizer.

  13. July 2, 2018  
    Anyone know about the water totem quest? It appears the water elementals I'm supposed to kill are broken.... Please help I want my totems I'm very ocd about my shaman lol.

  14. July 3, 2018  
    Sort of funny that we are almost in season 4 on Outland and shamans still cant use totems on silience effects, like this is minor bug right?

  15. July 3, 2018  
    Unfortunately, that is how it works in Burning Crusade !

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