1. Grounding totem doesn't absorb death grip which is also a spell. My totem just stands there and does nothing about death grip. Other than that works fine i guess.

  2. Is Black Bruise still bugged or does it work as it’s supposed to now? If so should I use BB and then Havoc’s ilvl 277 as an OH?

  3. I am having the same problem, I looked it up on youtube and that guy filled in in a well in eastern kingdoms, It says in the quest that it is that water hole below the quest

  4. I would like to ask and report a bug regarding T10 x 4 Elemental Shaman.

    In which the bonus set stated:

    "Your Lava Burst spell causes your Flame Shock effect on the target to deal at least two additional periodic damage ticks before expiring."

    Assuming the word "at least two", means there can be more than 2 (maybe 3 or 4 ticks). The way it works now, the Flame Shock duration always only adds 2 ticks. I also rechecked it with another youtube's video (retail wow) indicating there are situations where the Lava Burst adds 4 ticks (6-8 seconds taking Haste into account).

    I have casted hundreds of Lava Burst just to make sure it is not working as intended, and yes, it only adds around 3-4 seconds duration of Flame Shock (2 ticks with 1250ish Haste).

    Another bug is when I use Bloodlust, what's worse is that the Lava Burst adds only 0.x seconds of additional Flame Shock duration.

    Anyone suffering same effects?

  5. There is a bug for enchancement shaman, when it comes to hit chance, my hit chance is above 10% I should not be even missing anymore. In real mop you only needed 3% hit chance to never miss, now I just keep missing, fix this up please. It´s getting annoying.

  6. Hi everyone, I got a problem with the quest Call Of Water, precisely with the final part where you have to go to the braizer located in Silverpine Forset, west of The Sepulcher. When I get there, the elementals are friendly and unselectable, there's none to kill. I've already abandoned the quest and took it again. The second time the only thing I got was a yellow light over the area and a new, at least selectable elemental. Is it a bug or it's me doing something wrong? ...
    I had similar issue, but noted the following: If you see a non-corrupted element (blue-ish instead of green'ish) wait for it to despawn. It seems that only one eventscript can be active at a time.

  7. I'm having quite an interesting bug. The second time i drop my totems, the screen takes focus off my shaman, and redirects it to one of my totems. So i can no longer move. Its quite a terrible bug. Any ideas??

    Pls help, i have the same problem. with me it apear when i place my totems and jump + left turn. it hapens every time when i do that .

  8. May 19, 2019  
    can u pls fix encha shaman stormstrike talnet it says it has 100% to give 20 % mana on hit and it gives only 10% i cant even lvl like this kill 2-3mobs and drink cuz
    its always out of mana,, and im 66lvl with full herilooms
    Edited: May 19, 2019

  9. June 3, 2019  

    Fire elemental totem

    Guys, other players see the dps from the greater fire elemental?

  10. I found a big bug with the resto tallent "Improved Water Shield", it doesnt work.

    Try it, use Heal Wave, it should cunsume one of the Water shield´s charges with a crit by 100% but it doesnt.
    Lesser Healing Wave also with a chance of 60% but it doesnt proc the Improved Water Shield.
    Same with the Chain Heal.
    We loosing a lot of Raidtank Healing Power with that!
    Please fix this fast, it is close to a game breaker. :/
    Thx :)

  11. If you want that the damage from the greater fire elemental summed to the damage from the shamy in the Recount of other players, up vote for this report https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/84480
    Proofs are given from World of Logs

  12. hello, you can confirm me the good functioning of the glyph of chain heal on icecrown, I test morning for 2 h in bg it does not seem to have seen it once go to 4 target, despite the many losses of life

  13. how long staff will be fixing this bugreport???
    Within 5 months there is no action to fix this bug...
    Neither enha nor elem shamy can get into the good raid, because have "low" dps.

  14. I accidentally abandoned my "Call of Fire" quest and i can't retake it.
    (draenei shaman)
    I guess it is a bug

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