1. Greetings, Priests.

    Since the release of 4.3.4 and the transmogrification feature, Warmane's community has started an excessive number of threads asking other people about the best items for transmogrification.

    This thread's intention is to give the Priest community an official thread to show others just how well you can dress up your Priest, and to discuss the work involved.

    Here are some tools to help build your wardrobe:
    Icy Veins - Transmogrification Database
    MogIt - An add-on that allows you to build and save Transmogrification sets, and then link them to other players (they need the add-on as well to see it)

    This is the format(copy and paste):

    Main Hand:
    Off Hand:

    Other? (mounts, companions, background, etc):

    How much work did it take?

    Image (make it look good :cool:):

  2. July 2, 2017  
    I hope no one minds a technically retail mog dump. Most of these were assembled during MoP so they should work on Frostwolf.

    Unfortunately since I can't log into my retail account to access Mogit (50 toons all 20+), I can't give a comprehensive list of what exactly everything is, but I'll try to at least state the raid or tier/season gear. I'm a heavy solo player so I try to avoid using too many pieces that are Cata HC or MoP raid and therefor would be harder to obtain.

    (and yes I'm posting these for every class forum- excuse the "spam" lol)

    Helm and Shoulders are Priest t6 recolour from BT. Robe is also BT- Gorefiend. Staff is from 4 Horseman in Naxx10.

    Helm is t13 from Dragon Soul. Wand is from Ulduar25, Ignis. Shoulders are s2. Unfortunately I can't recall the robe but it's likely not raid loot.

    Aside from the shoulders and gloves, which are t8 from Ulduar, I'm at a loss for most of this one, but pretty much everything but the weapons is lowbie greens and blues, I believe.
    Edited: July 2, 2017

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