1. [Official] Shaman Wardrobe Thread

    Greetings, Shamans.

    Since the release of 4.3.4 and the transmogrification feature, Warmane's community has started an excessive number of threads asking other people about the best items for transmogrification.

    This thread's intention is to give the Shaman community an official thread to show others just how well you can dress up your Shaman, and to discuss the work involved.

    Here are some tools to help build your wardrobe:
    Icy Veins - Transmogrification Database
    MogIt - An add-on that allows you to build and save Transmogrification sets, and then link them to other players (they need the add-on as well to see it)

    This is the format(copy and paste):

    Main Hand:
    Off Hand:

    Other? (mounts, companions, background, etc):

    How much work did it take?

    Image (make it look good :cool:):

  2. Name: Merriana
    Realm: Frostwolf
    Level: 85
    Since it's quite relevant in transmoggin', this character is a Female Orc

    Main Hand: [Twinblade of the Hakkari] (One-Hand Dagger), drop from Jin'do the Godbreaker in Zul'Gurub
    alternatively [Lavaforged Warhammer] (One-Hand Mace), Blacksmithing BoP or Marketplace for 9 points
    Off Hand: [Ward of the Red Widow] (Shield), BoE drop from Beth'ilac in Firelands, around 80k-100k gold in AH
    (not an actual transmog, but I couldn't find any shield fittin' the rest...)
    Head: [Earthshatter Headpiece], Marketplace for 46 points
    Shoulders: [Earthshatter Spaulders], Marketplace for 36 points
    Chest: [Earthshatter Tunic], Marketplace for 47 points
    Cloak: [Haunt of Flies], Legacy Justice Vendor for 1650 JP
    Tabard: None
    Wrist: Hidden under gloves, not worth moggin'
    Hands: [Earthshatter Handguards], Marketplace for 37 points
    Waist: [Earthshatter Girdle], Marketplace for 37 points
    Legs: [Earthshatter Legguards], Marketplace for 46 points
    Feet: [Earthshatter Boots], Marketplace for 36 points

    Other?: I'm a fan of Drakes and Hippogryphs, and in my opinion, it looks best with [Argent Hippogryph], which you can buy in the Marketplace for 36 points

    How much work did it take?
    285 points (about 1-2 months of voting) + 36 points for the mount
    1650 Justice Points for the Cloak
    100k gold for the Shield
    Several Zul'Gurub runs for the Dagger

    Not mounted:


  3. the easy way

    most of your transmog items been sold in dalaran :p..for justice.. only for the tunic you really need to vote. :cool

  4. most of your transmog items been sold in dalaran :p..for justice.. only for the tunic you really need to vote. :cool
    What you say is Tier 7, which is only visually based off the original T3 that I use. In Dalaran you can only buy (well, you should be able only to buy) Chest from T7.10 (blue one) and Shoulders and Legs from T7.25 (orange one). As you can see here, the sets are not identical with the ones I use.

  5. Main Hand: Warbringer
    Off Hand: Lavaforged Warhammer
    Head: Erupting Volcanic Helmet
    Shoulders: Merciless Gladiator's Linked Spaulders
    Chest: Earthfury Vestments
    Cloak: Shroud of Silvermoon
    Tabard: Tabard of the Shattered Sun
    Shirt: Rich Purple Silk Shirt
    Hands: Merciless Gladiator's Linked Gauntlets
    Waist: Titan-Forged Waistguard of Dominance
    Feet: Cataclysmic Gladiator's Sabatons of Cruelty


  6. Didibombicaa

    Name: Didibombicaa
    Realm: Neltharion
    Level: 85

    Main Hand: Kingly Axe - http://www.wowhead.com/item=25202
    Off Hand: Sunward Crest - http://www.wowhead.com/item=34675
    Head: Maulgar's Warhelm - http://www.wowhead.com/item=28801#. -still voting for that ;D
    Shoulders: Towering Mantle of the Hunt - http://www.wowhead.com/item=28306
    Chest: Sparkleshell Breastplate - http://www.wowhead.com/item=15578
    Cloak: Insignia Cloak - http://www.wowhead.com/item=4722
    Hands: Sparkleshell Gauntlets - http://www.wowhead.com/item=15581
    Waist: Sparkleshell Belt - http://www.wowhead.com/item=15575
    Legs: Triumphant Legplates - http://www.wowhead.com/item=15685
    Feet: Glimmering Mail Greaves - http://www.wowhead.com/item=4073/gli...g-mail-greaves

  7. epitaph44's Avatar


    Barely anything transmogd but I like the way I look

  8. Name: Purelife
    Realm: Neltharion
    Level: 85

    Main Hand: Dragonstrike
    Off Hand: Dragonstrike
    Head: Maulgar's Warhelm
    Shoulders: Earthshatter Spaulders
    Chest: Battleforge Armor
    Cloak: Non
    Tabard: Stone Guard's Herald
    Wrist: Non
    Hands: Earthshatter Handguards
    Waist: Earthshatter Girdle
    Legs: Battleforge Legguards
    Feet: Earthshatter Boots

    How much work did it take?
    Dunno, month?
    Image (make it look good ):

  9. ledmeastray's Avatar
    you sir, look like a boss, I like your style

  10. Name: Chaningtotem
    Realm: Neltharion
    Level: 85

    Main Hand: wrathful gladiator's cleaver
    Off Hand: wrathful gladiator's cleaver
    Head: zeherah's dragonskull crown
    Shoulders: merciless gladiator's mail spaulders
    Chest: merciless gladiator's linked armor
    Cloak: cataclysm gladiator's cape of prowess
    Tabard: none
    Hands: merciless gladiator's linked gauntlets
    Waist: firearrow belt
    Legs: merciless gladiator's linked leggings
    Feet: dead end boots

    Other? (mounts, companions, background, etc):
    brewfest kodo

    How much work did it take?
    3 weeks

    i wanted it to be like a molten dragon warrior lol. and try to fit it with the great brewfest kodo

  11. Name: Kemi / Kremisha
    Realm: Neltharion / Frostmane-EU
    Level: 85 / 90

    Set 2: Earth-Mother (link to 3D model)

    Weapons: No'Kaled HC
    Shoulders: Frost Witch's Shoulderguards (T10)
    Chest: Circuit Design Breastplate
    Tabard: Tabard of Nature
    Hands: Frost Witch's Grips (T10)
    Waist: Lifecycle Waistguard
    Legs: Kilt of the Raging Elements (T11)
    Feet: Hidden/Dreanei

    How much work did it take?
    Weapons are not mogged, actually cost me 64 Coins, tabard was 1 coin. Chest and Belt dropped in BWD. Shoulders/Gloves/Legs were JP farmed. Was a lot of hard work but totally worth it.

    Mounts: Time Lost Proto Drake, I look awesome sat with this mog on top of it :3

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    Set 2: Firelord (link to 3D model)

    Weapons: Last Laugh
    Shoulders: Erupting Volcanic Mantle (T12)
    Chest: Erupting Volcanic Tunic (T12)
    Hands: Erupting Volcanic Handwraps (T12)
    Waist: Belt of the Blood Nova (not in image)
    Legs: Hidden
    Feet: Hidden/Dreanei

    How much work did it take?
    One lucky run though Naxx25. (Or in Molten terms, about a week worth of vote points) for the Axes. The T12 was JP farming and FL Normal for the shoulders (Majordormo)

  12. they say pandas are fat and ugly no matter what they wear, well take a look at this baddie! :D

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