• Do not re-post them when they have been locked or deleted.
  • If you have seen a suggestion denied in the past, do not re-post it hoping for some luck. Making little adjustments while the main idea remains the same isn't a new suggestion. It will be denied again.
  • Do not message a staff member to argue about it. When we decline a suggestion, the decision is final.
  • You may send a private message to a staff member to ask specifics, but we reserve the right to not disclose our reasons if we so choose.

  • A new realm - We will not be creating new realms at this time. This includes PvE realms, more realms to reduce the amount of queues, or new realms to support new or old expansion packs.
  • Realm mergers - We will decide to do this ourselves, and only if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Increase/Decrease realm population cap - Our realm caps are set at a specific number, optimized for their current capability of maintaining stability. We will adjust these as needed on our own. Suggestions regarding this are not necessary.
  • Lordaeron realm features - Do not suggest or demand that the already-confirmed realm features be disabled, removed, etc.
  • "GM pls fix"/"GM add this" - Report bugs in the bug-tracker. We don't need to be told to fix things, they are already on our to-do list. By the same token, we do not need to be told or asked to include anything that is missing, be it dungeons, battlegrounds or anything else.
  • Bug-tracker or forum section post count requirements - They will not be removed. They are in place to prevent unnecessary spam. The bug-tracker in particular requires this due to the large volume of incorrect reports or duplicate report spamming this requirement prevents.
  • [New] Requesting items to be added to the marketplace - You should use the recommendation system in the marketplace itself, not the suggestions section.
  • Lag - Report it to a staff member in a private message or ask for assistance in the Support&Q/A section. Do not post complaints here.
  • Realm stability and DDoS - We are not interested in complaints, do not post them here. If you would like to report a problem, please send it to a staff member in a private message.
  • Server location - Do not suggest for a server location change. It isn't up for debate.
  • Staff recruitment - New methods or suggestions to just get more staff members isn't debatable. We have a specific method of how we run the server.
  • Ban rules - Regarding durations or what we do and do not ban for is up to the in-game staff. If you have a recommendation, please send a private message to Aldtharios. Do not post it here.
  • To-Warmane character transfers - We never have and never will accept transfers from other servers or retail.
  • Realm transfers - We have specific reasons for what realms we allow character transfers between. Please do not suggest that we open or close them.
  • Premium user perks - Do not complain here about past removed perks. Keep suggestions for new ones to the premium user section of the forum.
  • Legendary weapons - These will come with time, but we are not interested in discussing them at this time.
  • Vote and donation websites - Do not complain about them not working in this section. We have no control over these websites. Send a private message to a staff member if necessary.
  • PayPal? - Never going to happen. Please do not ask for it.
  • SMS Donations? - Same deal as PayPal. It is not cost-effective for us. Never going to happen. Please do not ask for it.
  • Custom content - If there isn't a good reason for it, don't post it. We normally have no interest in custom content at all.
  • Forum reputation system - We will not implement any such feature on our forum. We prefer for everyone in our community to be equal and not be bias against each other.
  • Vote Point/Coin Giveaways - Vote point or coin giveaways will occur for special occasions entirely at the discretion of staff; do not ask for more.
  • Requesting Staff Replies - The suggestion section is a section to be used for making suggestions, not inquiring for staff opinions or insight. This is what private messaging staff members are for. The staff does read suggestions, but if we reply, it will be at our own discretion.
  • Anything that isn't a suggestion.


Failure to comply will result in an instant thread deletion or lock, and may result in an infraction or having your posting privileges on the forum revoked.