1. Thanks a lot downloaded it and works perfectly but I dont really like QuestHelper it always bugs the quest interface menu on the right side, anybody recommend using something else for questing all the way through 1 to 80 ?

  2. is that a full list of the addons we can use? or can use others if we find them? idk if it was around back in wotlk but elvui or icehud

  3. hey...i get an error saying i have to download patch first...i want to play 3.3.5a...
    pls help

  4. Great list! all addons working, ty

  5. One addon that I've always found extremely helpful is Examiner. Let's you inspect people from far away, including those of the opposing faction.You can see their guild-titles, talents, honor points and much more.


  6. Thanks for the list, very usefull!! Is there a list of "essential" add-ons that are a must have?

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