1. Hello Warmane Community,
    I would like to introduce you a Warmane Launcher! Old Warmane Launcher now become more powerful!

    Launcher Information:

    Current version: ver. 3.5
    File size: 2.38 MB

    What's new in version 3.5:
    - [Fix] Updated all URL's and changed web host
    - [Change] New algorithm for AddOn database download


    - Mirror 1

    - Google Drive

    *Note: To be able to run the launcher, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 must be installed.
    - Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

    *Note: If you have problems with news, changelog, devlog, stream and download, check your IE version. It should be at least version 9.


    The application is safe and does not contain any viruses, malware or spyware!
    Link for full test review: Virus Total review

    Warmane Screenshots:

    Spoiler: Show

    Launcher Features:

    - Check Warmane Realms status
    - Start World of Warcraft game (Multiple choice, up to 4 World of Warcraft clients)
    - Clear game cache
    - Read, edit and open realmlist.wtf or Config.wtf
    - Download and install AddOns with only one click
    - Delete your AddOns
    - Shortcuts to Warmane website content
    - Read Warmane News, Changelog, Devlog and watch Warmane Stream
    - Start Launcher on Windows start up
    - Automatically clear cache on start up
    - Choose between 2 themes (for now only Background, like on the Warmane Website)
    - Built in check for launcher updates and automatically installation
    - Download Warmane Clients from Official Torrent magnet links and Warmane Minimal Client Installer (~2 min installation)
    - etc..

    Bugs & Known Issues:


    Request World of Warcraft AddOns:

    If Addon is not in the database please send me a PM.
    Addon Name:
    Wotlk Addon version:
    Wotlk download link:
    Cata Addon version:
    Cata download link:
    MoP Addon version:
    MoP download link:
    WoD Addon version:
    WoD download link:

    Spoiler: Show

    Warmane Launcher Changelog:
    ver. 3.4
    - [Change] AddOns Manager - Game version changed to 5.4.8 (18414)
    - [Update] Mists of Pandaria AddOns are now updated for game version 5.4.8 (18414)
    - [Fix] Wrong ToolTip version in the notification panel
    ver. 3.3
    - [Add] Lordaeron Theme
    - [Add] Tooltips on few controls
    - [Change] Cursor changes for few controls
    - [Change] Game path TextBox is now ReadOnly and cursor is changed
    - [Change] Minimal Game Client Download TextBox is now ReadOnly and cursor is changed
    - Minor code corrections
    - Code cleanup
    ver. 3.2
    - [Fix] Browse game path dialog was broken on Windows 10
    - [Fix] Clear Cache error exception if there is no Cache folder created inside game folder
    - [Add] Clear game path button for all expansions in general settings
    - Minor code corrections
    ver. 3.1
    - [Add] World of Warcraft Minimal Client Installer
    - [Add] Download menu
    - [Add] Cancel and Apply button now close Settings
    - [Add] Settings - Warmane Settings label
    - [Fix] Fade In effect on start
    - [Fix] Clear Cache button, Clear Cache on Startup and SystemTray Clear Cache - few corrections
    - [Fix] SystemTray: AddOns Manager click does not open AddOns Manager
    - More work on World of Warcraft Installer
    - More work on News, Devlog and Changelog using Warmane API (Thanks to Edifice for an API)
    - Code cleanup
    ver. 3.0
    - Public Release
    - Fixed few UI elements
    - Code cleanup
    ver. 2.7 Beta
    - [Fix] Settings Form - Cancel and Apply button hide when About tab is activated
    - [Fix] AllowWebBrowserDrop show exception (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException)
    - [Add] Minimize Launcher button
    - [Add] AddOns Manager
    - [Fix] AddOns Manager - wrong SQL statement
    - [Fix] AddOns Manager - Categories Dropdown sometimes throw error
    - [Fix] AddOns Manager - InstallButton prompt installation message even AddOn is not selected
    - [Fix] Save realmlist message doesn't appear for itIT, frFR, esES and esMX
    - [Add] Save realmlist will now set file Read-Only properties to false (no more manual check and change)
    - [Add] 17 Error checking
    - [Add] Base code for News and Devlog using Warmane API (Thank you Edifice for an API)
    - [Change] Theme ComboBox style
    - [Change] SystemTray Icon - Single left mouse click show launcher (it was a double click)
    - Code cleanup
    - [WIP] World of Warcraft Installer (not yet implemented)
    ver. 2.6 Beta
    - [Change] Warmane Launcher is now Warmane Launcher
    - [Change] Complete new UI
    - [Change] News and realm stats are now loading directly from the Warmane webiste (faster loading and less memory usage)
    - [Add] After update settings will not be reseted
    - [Add] Warmane Stream
    - [Change] New code for changelog
    - [Add] Devlog news
    - [Add] Launcher Themes
    - [Change] New download section
    - [Fix] Cataclysm realmlist is not showing
    - [Add] Warlords of Draenor support
    - [Add] Realmlist read support for Wrath of the Lich King languages (ptPT, ptBR, koKR, enTW, enCN, zhCN, zhTW)
    - [Fix] Sometimes launcher is not responding on load heavy content. Now every module is using BackgroundWorker
    - [Change] New update code
    - [Change] 90% of code is written from scratch
    - [Fix] Faster loading
    - [Add] FadeIn and FadeOut animation on load and close launcher
    - Code cleanup
    - Major code changes
    ver. 2.5
    - [Fix] SystemTrayText showing wrong version of Warmane Launcher
    - [Add] Blackrock and Warsong realm stats
    ver. 2.4
    - [Add] Memory clear (now memory usage should be reduced ~70% less then before)
    - [Fix] Background realm stats loading
    - [Change] Enabled only active realms
    - [Fix] Changelog loading should be now much faster then before (more tweaks)
    - [Fix] News loading now faster (more tweaks)
    - [Fix] Bottom news bar sometimes doesn't show
    - [Remove] Launcher website link from "About" and system tray
    - [Change] Changelog scrollbar color
    - [Change] Warmane Facebook URL
    - Code cleanup
    - Minor code changes
    ver. 2.3
    - [Change] New changelog code
    - [Fix] Changelog loading should be now much faster then before
    - [Fix] Changelog sometimes doesn't load
    - [Fix] News loading should be now faster
    - [WIP] Base code for AddOns filter (work in progress)
    - Code cleanup
    - Minor code changes
    ver. 2.2
    - [Add] System Tray icon
    - System Tray Icon: Play, Clear Cache, Realmlist, AddOns Manager etc...
    - [Add] Database update check on startup
    - [Change] Sync Database button now is visible when database update is available for download
    - [Add] Warmane Launcher website link (About Window)
    - [Change] Completely rewritten realm status code
    - [Change] Realm status: que color is now yellow colored
    - [Fix] About form name was Warmane Settings
    - [Change] Warmane Settings: Realmlist save message color
    - [Change] About: Changelog text focus
    - [Add] Settings icon is now changed on hover
    - [Change] Warmane Settings: Mists of Pandaria Realmlist label changed to Config
    - News scrollbar arrow color should be now green (all launcher versions)
    - Code clean up
    ver. 2.1
    - [Fix] AddOns Extracting
    - [Change] New extracting function
    ver. 2.0
    - [Add] AddOns Warmane Manager *New feature
    - [Add] Direct play button options (community request)
    - [Add] New update function with auto-update* feature
    (* Launcher will be closed during update and reopened when update is finished)
    - [Edit] Corrected 13 message box captions
    - [Add] 29 error messages
    - [Add] Settings - new buttons look
    - Massive code clean up
    - Major code improvements for update, play and clear cache functions
    - [Remove] Unused part of code
    ver 1.2 Beta
    - [Fix] Auto-update feature fixed
    - [Add] Base code for Warmane AddOns Manager
    - [Add] Base GUI for Warmane AddOns Manager
    - [Add] Base code for Warmane Armory (not implemented yet)
    - [Add] Error checks
    - Minor code improvements
    - Code clean up
    ver 1.1 Beta
    - [Fix] Settings form Typo
    - Code clean up
    ver 1.0
    - Public Release
    Edited: March 31, 2017

  2. Hi all,
    wasn't online here some time and I can see that all forum posts are deleted. Don't know if someone is still using this. If there will be more interest, I can make a new launcher but this time Wrath of the Lich King themed and add more changes and options.

    Regards, Nightheal

  3. Make it Nightheal, your launcher is awesome! Good job!

  4. I've been using this launcher since you first released it. Its the best I've seen.
    Edited: December 21, 2016

  5. Is this still alive and does it works good?

  6. It should work. I tested few days ago and everything works as it should. I am trying to get more free time to update it. I'll do my best to make some progress on the new launcher.

  7. Launcher is great and stable, use it all the time. Thanks for making it available to us

  8. Problem is with the host. If you guys want I can fix it and export all to the new host. If you still guys use it, I am glad to again work on this project.

    EDIT: I am currently working on the new version to fix all those errors. ;)
    Soon I'll post download link.
    Edited: March 31, 2017

  9. New update!

    Hi all,
    I fixed all errors and launcher should work now without an error.

    Old updater is not going to work. Please go to your My Documents and Delete Warmane Launcher folder, then download new version and run it. After that, all new versions will be shown on startup.


    - Mirror 1

    - Google Drive

  10. Warmane announced The Burning Crusade realm, will you add it on your Launcher?

  11. Warmane announced The Burning Crusade realm, will you add it on your Launcher?
    Yes I will. When everything is ready to launch, I'll update it.

  12. Hi everyone!
    How's launcher working for you? Is it everything ok?
    I am working on completely new design for the TBC expansion. Before whole application change look, I'll push one update which add option for TBC realm.
    Currently I am working on few projects for my job and when I get some free time, I work on the launcher.

  13. This launcher should be made official, by Warmane staff, and you should be put as Launcher Developer (something like that). It should be available for download at the main page. Imagine if you can download a whole game client from it. It'll be awesome.

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