1. DC if I try to connect to Lordaeron

    Happening again today. Anyone else? Any word?

  2. yes it just happened to me now! my friend next to me plays we use same network

    edit: and it wasnt only for lordaeron when I try to connect deathwing too same thing happened. insta dc

  3. You are not alone. I too cannot connect.

  4. Same, from deathwing and ragnaros.

  5. Random DC players wich means,that DDOS come back again.GG !

  6. omg I was killing my first rare on outlands when it happened

  7. Happened to me too, can't connect to either of those realms.

  8. Last time it was the anti-DDOS program accidentally turning on. They'll reset it shortly I hope.

  9. is there any way around this instant disconnect?

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