1. Do you guys have the correct realmlists, double check your config files.

    I really can't think of more reasons, this topic was made when mop was released quite a while ago, and I haven't played MoP ever since the meltdown. You can always try to download a fresh copy of config files, you can delete everything except the core files which don't change, and download only small files like configs, settings and such.

    Also never use email to login to the server, if you perhaps used email, you will have to get a new client again.
    Edited: December 6, 2016

  2. none of this works for me guys, any other ideas? :\
    make sure you don't use a long password since i think it would only fit for 12-13 character

  3. I have tried everything mentioned within this forum to try to get this working and have had no luck. I admit I have not tried redownloading anything, though that is because the download of this took me a WEEK since utorrent and Bittorrent are bugged now. I am not sure what is supposed to be in the config files exactly, though there isn't much. There are only these 2 lines:
    SET locale "enGB"
    SET installLocale "enUS"
    plus the 2 lines we are told to add in (one of which being a repeat of the first line).
    Adding those, running as admin, changing password, restarting computer.
    Even adding rules to the firewall pertaining to the game, even disabling firewall and anti-virus (which shouldn't be an issue considering I connect to warmane no problem through CMD and even the WotLK server.
    Please help. I like and play live wow, I play Wrath with a friend cause he likes it, but MoP was my favorite xpac and would love to be able to play it again

  4. I know it's a semi-dead thread, but I just wanted to confirm the first solution has worked for me today.

  5. gracias amigo ya pude entrar a pandaria ........ ahora voy a disfrutar jugando XD

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