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    Skada link is broken for Pandaria, it's through Mediafire. However, this here is from dev site for Skada; From their project site. The lower download button (greyish in my browser, the one next to 1.4.19) will get that copy of Skada.


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    Hey o, thanks so much for creating this list!

    I was wondering if you might be able to suggest anything for me to try, because for some reason the 3.3.5 Atlasloot and 3.3.5 Deadly Boss Mods are currently not showing up on my addons list when I first log in to wow.
    I am using other addons from this very list (mapcoords, autorepair, omen threat meter, and a couple of others) for 3.3.5 and they are working fine...
    I am confident I am going through the process correctly of unzipping the folders, placing the contents in Interface > Addons folder and making sure to check the box "load out of date addons" once I reach my character list and the addons menu. For some reason, neither Atlasloot nor DBM are showing up on this list at all. Do you have any idea what I may be doing wrong, or what I might be able to fix it and get these addons? (I have even tried other sources than this list and those did not appear either). Thank you again for your help and making this list.

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    Good afternoon by the way, someone would know the name of the addon that spame: Meteor strike in 7 sec run the other side!
    Raid: Ruby Of Sanction...


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