1. Leveling Guide for 1-90 (Alliance Only)

    *Still work in progress!*
    Side notes:
    //Note#1: If you have quests who are like 0/1 slain and etc... and make sure you remember this, you'll find this helpful at the future. So if you got quests who are asking you for like a 0/1, and the mob ain't there, just wait a little, or wait for a person to come, wait a little, see if he spawns. Do not give up instantly.

    Human's Beginning
    As a human first thing you're gonna do is of course do your starter quests, slowly but surely to level 10, as a human there's really nothing complicated at the beginning so lets advance onward!
    >Your starter area here<
    Using Human starter area as an example here.
    Elwynn forest until level 10 where you should move on to -


    two choices
    Dungeons are still efficient but sadly doesn't work properly, tho enough in terms of progress at this point, but if you want to shake things up, you should go Duskwood and level there until 25

    Stonetalon Mountains
    Personally I always head to Stonetalon Mountains at this point, fairly easy leveling and easy quests.

    Cape of Stranglehorn

    Here is the place you'll have to use for leveling unfortunately the plaguelands flight path is closed as I was informed so try getting to here and leveling, easy quests nothing too complicated and all of em' work.


    Burning Steppes
    Enter Burning steppes from Redridge Mountains

    Swamp of Sorrows
    Enter from Burning Steppes

    Blasted Lands

    Zangarmarsh or Terokkar Forest, depending on your mood you can choose from either one of these!

    You'll need to stay here up to 68, make sure you do the nagrand arena because a few of the quests over there are auto complete and it is certainly worth going for!

    Howling Fjord/Borean Tundra
    Either one works, it is entirely up to you!

    You should be able to reach 76 here, and again if you burn out on questing for too long in the same zone you have multiple choices such as Grizzly hills, but once more I should remind you of the amount of time you'll be wasting in sheer travelling.

    Sholazar Basin
    An alternative for easy and extra gold on the way I'd recommend going for icecrown and argent tournament you'll get 4 of the same quest, and there's 2 of em that you can 4 of the same copies so that makes it 8, each one gives a 1 mil of exp, on a side note make sure you're a geared person because the mobs are owning easily.

    Storm Peaks
    Once you reach 80, I'd recommend going for storm peaks for at least another level so you'll have some easy life at Mount Hyjal.

    Mount Hyjal

    Deepholm (With also a tip of Uldum)
    If you're going to try Uldum, take some side notes, the map will never tell you where is the correct location, just take the headstart quest and make sure once you take the quest from the girl. Head over to the Tol'Vir City and fly over the entrance till you spot cages and quests.

    Twilight Highlands 84-85
    At level 84 you'll go and level at Twilight Highlands, you will skip the beginning quest from Stormwind since It's bugged, you'll just use the portal and start the quest chains.

    Pandaria (And etc+..) Levels 85-90
    When you're 85 of course you want to go to Pandaria, the portal is located in Stormwind The areas you'll quest in are.
    Jade Forest
    Kun-Lai Summit
    Townlong Steppes
    Dread Wastes

    Adventure Gear while Leveling.
    - Credits to Blazemourne for the time.
    Silkweaver rui 85 starting gear in jinyu vilage
    The metal paw Kun-Lai Summit. (87)
    Suplier xin Townlong Steppes. (88)
    Weapons along the way while you level.

    Reputation's you'll get along the way:
    If you have a 90 Character, you may farm a rare spawn dropping this item.
    Easy as hell to level with this thing around.

    No way of contacting me ingame currently unless you make a level 2 Horde so you can whisper.

    More to be added soon!

  2. How do I start at level 1? I made a toon and it started me at 80

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