1. Gearing up in PvE

    How to: Gearing up In PvE

    Requirements for this guide:

    - Level 90
    - Flying or all Flight Paths
    - A brain
    - Ability to farm
    - Time

    Fresh to 90?

    Assuming you are new to 90, you are probably running around with simple gear from questing. You have 2 options here;

    - Buy Contenders + Gear off AH
    - Buy full greens

    There is another option, to buy either 476 or 498 item level items. These are from Professions.

    Contenders + Auction House Gear

    If you're buying items off the Auction House, you might want around 20k *thousand* gold, perhaps more. Your main goal for the Auction house is to buy 450 Item Level items, or higher, due note, the higher the item level, the more expensive.

    Full greens

    If you're not willing to spend a ton of gold on 450 item level items, you can go to Len At Arms. However, his gear is so terrible, no one likes him.


    Much like the Contender/450 items, you can make other items that is higher quality, such as 496 item levels. However, you can not make these things without a few items. Recipe, Blood Spirits, Spirit of Harmony, normal Mats. These items are a lot more expensive than others, around 30k+ gold for one item. Blood spirits are from Raids, and the recipe's are as well. These items are also limited to Gloves, and Chests.

    Justice Farm!

    We all dread that word, farm. But, sadly we have to if you want decent gear. Justice points can buy you 2 different item levels. Blue gear (I don't know the iLvl of them), or 489 Purples.

    Clearly you want the 489 item levels. These items are equivalent to the Mogushan Vault Items. You can obtain the following item slots with Justice Points; Note: I am only listing 489 items.

    - Helm *2250 JP
    - Neck *1250 JP
    - Shoulder *1750 JP
    - Back *1250 JP
    - Chest *2250 JP
    - Wrist *1250 JP
    - Hands *1750 JP
    - Waist *1750 JP
    - Legs *2250 JP
    - Feet *1750 JP
    - 1 Ring *1250 JP
    - 1 Trinket (2 if you want to be stupid with stats and get Strength on a Rogue). *1750 JP

    RAID TIME!!!!!!

    Even though you can possibly clear MSV with 460(give or take an item level or so), you can also easily clear it with full JP gear (489 item level). Below I will list all the MoP raids and what item level they give. I will include SoO, however, it is locked.

    - Mogushan Vaults; 489 item level normal, 502 Heroic, 476 Raid Finder (closed)
    - Terrace of Endless Springs; 496 Normal (503 elite), 509 Heroic (closed), 483 Raid Finder
    - Heart of Fear; 496 Normal, 509 heroic (closed), 483 Raid Finder
    - Throne of Thunder; 522 Normal, 535 Heroic (closed), 503 Raid Finder
    - Siege of Orgrimmar; 540 Normal (semi-opened, no loot), 553 Heroic (closed), 528 Raid Finder (closed)

    For a full list refer to: http://wow.gamepedia.com/Item_level

    Timeline of how to gear

    Hit 90 > Contenders(or 450/green gear) Could also buy Profession items > JP gear > MSV for weps, trinket and ring > ToES/HoF for better gear > ToT Normal at 495+ item level.

    Filler Raids: All Raid finders also "boost" gearing process, do a few raids if you feel you need to DPS test, get a specific item, or just want to do it.

    Suggestions and feedback are welcome, grammar mistakes are expected, if you feel I need to add more to the guide, please let me know.

  2. Thanks a ton for the guide, definitely worth a share to my buddies! :)
    Also maybe a stupid question, but is Timeless Isle also an option? Or is it still rather buggy and not worth the hustle?

  3. i got question how u can raid if all ppl ask achievement in 10nm and 25man?

  4. Are Tot and Soo working full normal/heroic?

  5. I would like to add that timeless isle gives easy 496 epics. They can be looted from chests around the isle or obtained from killing the mobs there. You can also upgrade those items to 535 with a burden of eternity.

  6. May 9, 2017  
    I killed the rare and dropped 2 burdens of eternity
    Edited: May 9, 2017

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