1. When i try and download it just says " connecting to peers 0.0 " and I've tried everything to try and stop but nothing works. Can anyone help?

  2. My client doesnt open as i click on wow icon to launch the game. it asks me if i want to run the program and i press OK than nothing happened. I got the game on Hard disk pluged in my computer, but my TBC and vanila wows works fine. any help please :)? and also... as i clicked on wow.exe it took 15 mins than game started but frezed before loading screen (17.333 in process)

    i also tried it on other computer, same stuff. and i followed the rules i got on forum, to uncheck Read only, restart computer etc...
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  3. Hello, been trying to download WOTLK the last few days. The result is always the same, the download finishes and it gets stuck on seeding for awhile so I stop the seeding and open WoW. However when I did it flashes black and minimizes and I cant open it, it just starts the cinematic everytime, what could be the problem?

  4. Can some1 pls put a download link for a wotlk TORRENT becouse when i try to download here via this site, nothing happens. I dont know, bit it looks like it's not working... :D

  5. Can some1 pls put a download link for a wotlk TORRENT becouse when i try to download here via this site, nothing happens. I dont know, bit it looks like it's not working... :D
    try a different browser.

    Anyway here is the magnet:
    Spoiler: Show

  6. hey i download the new Wotlk but the game dosent save my grafik and sound setups!

    wath can i do ?

  7. my game says connected once i log in and pick a realm. It says connected but just stays that way.

  8. Hello, i can't use Torrent where I am, you would not have a DDL link plz ?

  9. I'm having an issue at the part where microTorrent is downloading the game files. After about 5-10 seconds or so, an error pops up saying "Element not found"

    How do I fix this?

  10. Hi my friend for some reason opened the launcher instead of WoW.exe, now he's unable to log in.

    Please help. Thanks.

  11. Hi there, Is it actually possible to set the game in french once installed like explained ?

  12. i've downloaded the launcher and it works up until i get to the login. It gives the account info is wrong stuff and tells to go to the blizzardsite even when i use my warmane account info. I don't know if im doing something wrong or missed a step (even though i've checked an don't think i have. Anyone know what the problem is, with my knowledge or the install info?

  13. did you download it from here? https://www.warmane.com/download

    If not be sure realmlist is setted correctly:
    set realmlist logon.warmane.com

    Be sure to log-in by using warmane account name + pssw

  14. Hello my brother is having issues and i probably will as well. we downloaded the wotlk option from the download (not old) it downloaded a file called Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a (wod models)

    it was in his download folder and he couldnt launch from WoW.exe it flashed a black screen and briefly showed the agree / decline menu.

    i had him put it in program 86 and i set security to full control as read only never wouild go away i even ran the proper command in CMD he now gets sound but black screen.

    anyone know what to do? I had him delete interface and wtf folder but nothing changed

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