1. Hello guys. I have downloaded WotLK 3.3.5a (wod models). After painfully resolusion config (was't able to change anything) when I log in to the game after 30-40 seconds I get DCed, everytime. When I use another WoW client everything is fine.

    Where should I look for solution?

  2. hi i just got notification that my account has been banned??? how . it says i should visit the wow website for further information

  3. hey i download the new Wotlk but the game dosent save my grafik and sound setups!

    wath can i do ?
    some issue here. Someone a clue?

  4. Hi i can't log in it shows me to try again later :|

  5. hi there i downloaded it and i have noticed there is no addon option and i cant play without my addons like recount gs and gear helper how can i fix this problem ??

  6. when its finished downloading its been saying "seeding" for hours now

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